excuse me while I love this blog

wish-list-smores So, I found Sara Cornelius' illustrated food blog awhile ago. Then completely forgot about it. Not her though, I've keep tabs on instagram, but somehow missed most of her feed?!

Whatever, we all know I'm a mess when it comes to organizing social media. Anywho, when she posted a beautiful illustration yesterday, I was reminded of her great blog. After reading an fantastic post of podcast recommendations, right when I'm needing new podcasts, I knew I had to do a post on her blog, Cake over Steak. 


It's unique, beautiful, and aligned directly with my tastes. I feel like a total goober for forgetting about it!

Please forgive me Sara, you are awesome and I've added you to my Feedly. I await more posts...eagerly.


my tips for a new blogger


I really don't feel qualified to give any advice about blogging. I talked a bit about it in this post a few months ago, but I'm really not in this blog game full force. I don't make any money from it and don't feel any need to move in that direction. I still use Wordpress.com rather than .org.

My advice if you want to start a blog? Make sure you like doing it. I've always told myself that I will continue writing this blog as long as I enjoy doing it. The minute it becomes a chore--I'm done. It's that simple.

Also, fully understand why you want to start a blog. I started mine and am still blogging because I wanted an online scrapbook for myself of things that "make daily life better." I try to work every post from that angle.

Please let me know if you start a blog. I'd love to subscribe and maybe work together! Stay tuned for details on the November 30 for 30 Blogging Challenge I have planned. It's going to be fun!


some real words about blogging + some summer items

2014-06-16 13.01.23Before I get to my list of summer items, a few words about blogging.

After chatting with my dear friend Lydia yesterday, I feel inspired to say a few things.

I love blogs...I love reading the super fancy, glossy ones like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Oh Joy! After discovering Jess Lively's blogging podcast and listening to all the back episodes on my last trip to Asheville, I almost let myself feel like I'm losing at this game. After listening to interview after interview of ladies my age talk about how they monetized their blog and are now living it up fancy style, I almost felt a little down.

Don't get me wrong, I love the podcast and will continue to listen. I have so much in common with these gals, it's like talking with friends. I've already learned so much from listening to these bloggers talk about how they work. But I am grateful because it made me realize something very important.

I've been blogging for almost three years.

Do I make money from this blog? No.

Do I have a custom website designed and hosted elsewhere? No.

I am still using Wordpress.com with a standard theme with custom design that I barely make work. 

I started blogging because I was inspired to share things I like. Because I admired (and still do) bloggers like Joy the Baker, Shutterbean, and Allie Lehman.

I run a small business in a small town and this is a great way to stay in touch with students near and friends far away. I never intended to make money here. I never intended to get massive sponsorships and present my life as picture perfect. So I'm going to stop feeling bad about myself that I'm not. I wanted a digital scrapbook of my daily life and that's what I have, in addition to the many great friendships I've made and skills I've acquired.

I thank you for reading. Because I still use Wordpress.com and their analytics are not the best, I'm not really sure how many people read. And you know what? I think I like it that way. I still love posting and will continue to do so until I find it's become a chore.

Ok. Rant over. Regarding summer, I share Katie's sentiments exactly (another amazing blogger btw. She's probably one of my favorite people on the internet...truly). This summer has been fantastic so far. No I am not receiving any money or free stuff for saying I love this stuff...it's that simple, I just really like all this. Here ya go!


Franco Sarto Gia sandal in Chocolate. Crazy comfortable and that perfect combination of casual, but nice looking.

gia Thai Coconut Curry hummus from Roots Asheville, "The Microbrew of Hummus."  This stuff is insanely good. Kinda hard to get outside the Midwest and Southeast. Many stores in California do carry it though. Get it if you can.

IMGP1042 Gilligan & O'Malley lounge pants from Target. Yeah, you might not know this, but I kinda hate Target. (!!!!!!!!!!) Blasphemy I know. Sorry, but I think it's overpriced and not any better in quality than ahem...(cover your ears people)...Wal-Mart. However, every once in a while I go...usually when I need a new pair of sunglasses. I also found these lounge pants on sale.  I don't like wearing shorts inside at night while lounging around...weird? I don't know, I just get chilly with my legs exposed I guess. They're super soft and cool, perfect for summer.

2014-07-04 17.36.57

Prana Women's swimwear. This is the first summer in years I've regularly gone to the pool. I'm still not crazy about it, but the swimsuit I have this year makes it slightly more enjoyable. I actually don't hate this suit I got from Prana.with these bottoms...and that's truly saying something! landingPage_2

I did end up making Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. It's GOOD.

2014-06-06_1402083655 Deep Steep Rosemary Mint lotion. This is the first lotion I've bought in a long time. It smells so good! Like old school Aveda.

Deep Steep  Body Butter - Rosemary Mint



And then I have my top five songs of summer (so far). Keep in mind these are my favorite "songs of summer," not songs in general...thus, they are a little silly...

Boom Clap // Charlie XCX

[spotify id="spotify:track:63bniwRWWFGoasyhX2eQHJ" width="300" height="380" /]

Am I Wrong // Nico & Vinz

[spotify id="spotify:track:2wqaekenSQZm7hxQOYt8oE" width="300" height="380" /]

Rude // Magic!

[spotify id="spotify:track:3tCwjWLicbjsMCvXhN0WOE" width="300" height="380" /]

Don't // Ed Sheeran

[spotify id="spotify:track:1huvTbEYtgltjQRXzrNKGi" width="300" height="380" /]

She Get Me High // Luke Bryan

[spotify id="spotify:track:08zqxRvGo8zwPuTQZXp42S" width="300" height="380" /]

And there you go. If you've made down this far, I thank you again for reading. Hope you're summer is full of fun!





Resolutions 2014

photo 2If you read this blog, you know I love resolutions. I explained why last year in this post. So, I'm doing it again...I completed all five in 2013, let's see if I got it in me for these five: 1. You know how you buy books and then they sit on shelves unread? In 2014, I will read all of those. I went through and rounded them up and was relieved there aren't too many: 2013-12-25 13.15.13 Because this is a really obtainable goal, I would also love to get at least 40 books read.

2. Keep a clean car. No more banana peels, scarves, books, fruit leather wrappers, dog hair (yeah right) and crusty coffee mugs. This is going to be HARD. Photo Jan 21, 7 23 01 PMI have also decided to extend this to my closet...as in, keep an organized and clean closet. I did a purge/reorganize yesterday so I'm starting from scratch...I'm willing to say that this will most likely NEVER happen, but I have to put it on here so I'm accountable.

3. Handstand...get comfortable kicking up to wall. Also, continue to work on getting headstand away from wall.

4. Paint. No specific goal except that I need to get my stuff out and paint more than I have in the past couple years. Also, this includes artwork using the iPad...I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities there.

5. Blog project: 52 Poses in 2014...stay tuned for more on this.

I'm also switching the blog up a bit just like I did last year. No more Camera Workout posts, but will still sprinkle about my "life is better with" posts along with monthly Instagram wrap-ups. However, I'm very excited about the new things I have planned for this little internet space. Do I dare try my hand at regularly sharing recipes?! By no means will this turn into another food blog (not needed in life), but I do cook a ton and usually make up my recipes...seems like a natural space to share them. And my new camera lens might make photographing easier for that kind of thing.

Also, stay tuned for the first post in my "52 Poses in 2014" series. This is going to be fun!

I thought I would a button of one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Melyssa, from The Nectar Collective. I love her idea for monthly, first Monday link-ups related to wishes for the year!

The Nectar Collective

My internet...blogs I've been reading for awhile

2013-03-24_1364143985 I've been reading blogs for quite some time. Way, way back before I started one. I have a few that I've been reading since the beginning, but I also continue to find many new ones that I'll read for awhile then forget about and then go back and find again, etc, etc.

Here are those I've been reading for awhile:

Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman  Duh...she's perfect in every way...those bassets, that ranch, her love of movie quizzes!

Gabrielle Blair: Design Mom The name of this blog is deceiving. Yes, she's a mother to six children and writes about that frequently, but she also has wonderful suggestions for websites, books, clothes, shopping...basically sharing beautiful stuff. I particularly enjoyed this blog while they were living in a country house in rural France (!). They've recently moved back to the states. Will be interesting to see where it goes...

NPR Monkeysee Linda Holmes and company write this pop culture blog space for NPR. Always a wonderful source of content that is well-written and well considered.

Tracy Benjamin: Shutterbean Great recipes from cookbooks, original, or derived from other bloggers. They ALWAYS turn out great.

Joy Wilson: Joy the Baker I'm challenged in the baking department so I love living vicariously through Joy. She also shares a lot of the same sensibilities that I do...refreshing to read a beautifully styled blog that is baby free...sorry...just being honest.

This is Colossal Mind blowing art shared daily. My favorite place to look at amazing stuff.

There are two blogs that I've been reading forever....BUT they come with a caveat. Do you ever feel like you've been taken hostage by something? That's how I feel about Rockstar Diaries or lovetaza.com as it's now called and Bleubird Vintage. I've never seen more beautiful people take more beautiful photos of their beautiful homes and beautiful babies. I love their writing because I find myself reading it. However, I've noticed that lately there are a LOT of sponsored posts here and not a ton of other content. I understand that people are trying to make a living with their blog...but suggesting that I buy a $60 candle in order to have a proper "date night in" with my husband? NO. Or just casually ignoring the fact that in order to have this most beautiful life, an investment banker husband might help? I'm not annoyed with them for the life they have, I'm annoyed because of their lack of honesty and self-awareness. Look at Pioneer Woman! She has a pretty insane life, that is completely different from mine, but manages to come across as 100% down-to-earth. Sorry, I apologize, rant over....I just often find myself frustrated for the lack of reality in these blogs, but I can't really say anything because I. keep. dang. on. reading. them...I need. to. stop. So, long story short, if you want to see beautiful people taking beautifully over-saturated photos of beautiful places, products, and babies...these blogs are for you.

Happy Birthday Blog!

2011-10-30_1319987439This picture was taken the week I started my blog--two years ago exactly! We were in the middle of moving from a house that my in-laws were renting to us, to the house we currently live in, which my parents rent to us! So. Grown. Up.

Can't believe I'm still going with this dang thing. When I was looking back at those first few or maybe ten months, I was appalled! This thing looked kinda bad. But that's ok! I was learning. If anyone is still reading--lord love ya! THANKS! I really enjoy blogging, mostly for myself more than anything else. It's a scrapbook I'll always have, but won't take up space on my bookshelves.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

Power Shoulders A Wonderful Christmas Dancers Among Us My Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Playlist....so good! A few of my favorite photos...Norway A Fair Parade Some photos of good old Asheville My Own Boss This Year My Life was Better with... Orbis Yoga -- One of the best


I'm sure there are more, but those are what pop out at me right now.

Thanks much for reading!

less is more

downloadYou might have noticed that I’ve made a few little changes around here. I had a blog epiphany several days ago. I realized that less is more. I have streamlined my post categories, pages, etc. I want to focus on quality over quantity and get organized in the new year. I still hope to bring you podcast recs, fictional characters, and nifty art, but will do so under the series “Life is Better With…” I hope to post more about yoga and news on the studio on Capitol Avenue. And lastly, I want to use this space as a motivator to paint more! (Etsy shop, Etsy shop, Etsy shop) I will also continue to obnoxiously celebrate Fridays and share my Instagram photos.

And tomorrow I will start a new series: Camera Workout 2013. I am doing a weekly photo project that will FORCE me to use the Pentax more and more. Week one will be up tomorrow!

Meanwhile, if you read this blog, I would LOVE to hear from you. What do you like? What would you like to see? Would you be interested in sharing some of your favorites things?

Get in touch with me in the comments section here, or email: yepindeedblog@gmail.com or on twitter: graylinsample

guest post: yoga, yoga, and more yoga

I am so excited to have a guest poster today! Carolyn Fallon writes a health and wellness blog and is passionate about...what else? Yoga! She's sharing her thoughts on the benefits of my most favorite thing here:

Yoga: A Life-Changing Practice

The American Yoga Association defines yoga as a practice dating back more than 5,000 years to ancient India. It revolves around postures to increase flexibility in the body and breathing and meditating exercises to exercise the mind.  Exercise, breathing and meditation work together to put pressure on the body’s glandular system and to improve overall health for people of all kinds.  

Today, there are more than 100 schools of yoga practices.  The most popular school is that of Hatha Yoga, which is based on physical movements or postures and on breathing exercises.  Another well-known school is Raja Yoga, which combines the postures and breathing exercises with meditation and study.  Tantra Yoga, another school, focuses on expanding all levels of consciousness.  

Physical Benefits The regular practice of yoga provides the practitioner with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Physically, yoga helps practitioners improve overall flexibility and balance. It can also help them increase strength and build muscle tone.  For those practitioners suffering from pain, yoga can aid with pain management and even preventing pain, particularly for back pain sufferers.  Another physical benefit of practicing yoga is better, deeper breathing since the breathing technique and exercises in yoga teach practitioners how to better use their lungs.  Due to it’s many physical benefits, and the fact that it greatly increases joint health at every age, Dr. Glen Axelrod of St. Joseph’s Hospital Center for Orthopedics explains that many professional sports teams are now using yoga as a regular part of team training.

Mental Benefits Mentally, yoga can also be very beneficial.  Yoga provides stress relief for practitioners since the practice demands that people are “in the moment” while completing their exercises, which leads them to momentarily forget the stressors and provides the mind with a calming, relaxing break.  Yoga also helps practitioners become more in-tune with their own bodies since they are required to be aware of their body as they adjust their exercises through the practice.  This allows practitioners to become more comfortable with their bodies, thus building self-confidence and helping them achieve better posture.  

Emotional Benefits Finally, a regular yoga practice also has emotional benefits since it can enhance a person’s understanding of life.  The internal well-being that yoga practitioners develop allows them to be calmer about every day situations, to have overall peace of mind, and to get to know themselves better.  Yoga practitioners tend to see the world differently – in a more positive way -- and to feel more harmony with the world around them.  

The physical, mental and emotional benefits that the practice of Yoga offers people can truly make an impact in the way they see, understand, and live their lives.  With so many types of yoga available, and the ability for anyone to participate, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t practicing it and reaping the abundance of benefits that it truly does offer.

Carolyn is a 20-something year old with a passion for life, fitness and overall well-being. She is an avid cycler, golfer and has known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor.

Check out Carolyn’s blog at http://fullonfit.blogspot.com/


today marks the one year anniversary of this little blog! Yeeeeee! I cannot believe I've kept this up for a year. 343 posts, a lot of "amazing" things, photos of hound dogs, asheville, and my boring life. I know that I am beyond late to the blogging party, but I've found that I really enjoy it--I've made tons of new internet "friends" and I'm so glad that I will have this digital record of daily life to look back on in the future.

I want to say a big, big thank you to anyone who reads this little blog. Also, if I don't "know" you already, come say hi! Follow me on twitter: @graylinsample instagram: @graylinsample or email me at yepindeedblog@gmail.com

Also, you can always come say hi on my Facebook page...even though that's become my last stop for internet fun...rant for another day...ha!

Here's to more posts to come! Thanks to all--hope to hear from you soon!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables...


Like the title of post says, don't get me wrong I love Anne of Green Gables just as much as the next gal, but HOLY...

One of my fave bloggers tweeted this link yesterday and I found it so absurdly crazypants that I had to share. Also, I want to see how many repins it gets, all of which will most likely be in earnest....face palm.

I didn't have a wedding when I got married, not my thing and I can honestly say I think since Facebook and Pinterest the whole thing is getting out of hand, but these folks take it to a whole new level. Bravo!

Ridiculous commitment to theme aside, I do think these are some nice photos, taken by Jessica Zais Photography.

Listen to this!

my five favorites of the week! It was a stellar week for life in general and audio listening....really hard to pick only five.

"'Call Me Maybe': Behind the Song of the Summer" All Things Considered --  June 9, 2012 Hilarious examination of the "weapons grade earworm" that is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Also, a short interview where they mention this:


"Joan Rivers hates You, Herself, and Everything Else" Fresh Air with Terry Gross -- June 11, 2012

"Favorite Music of 2012 (So Far)" All Songs Considered -- June 12, 2012 Every year I look forward to both this show and the year end's discussion. I love the dynamic between the hosts and always discover a bunch of music!

My favorite discovery:


Also...some more heated debate over Carly Rae Jepsen.

"Great Summer Reads" On Point with Tom Ashbrook -- June 13, 2012

"Camp Awkward" Joy the Baker podcast with Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean -- June 14, 2012 OMG -- a verbal mention of this blog that you are like totally reading RIGHT NOW on one of my FAVORITE podcasts! hashtag omgdying.

I've been listening to lots of new music. At the beginning of every season, I make a new playlist on Spotify and just dump everything I like into it. Here's what I'm listening to for Summer 2012.