IMGP5066 A couple blogs I read do link round-ups on Friday. I love it!

I don't plan to add more noise, but thought it would be nice to link up to their link ups!

Shutterbean's I Love List Fridays

Friday Finds on I am a Food Blog


I am excited for National Readathon Day tomorrow! I'm headed to Lucky's this afternoon to get treats to get us through...also having people for dinner tonight so have to get some wine. I'm still going strong with that secret resolution! It's been fun picking out new things each weekend and actually drinking something halfway decent.

If you're reading tomorrow, be in touch on twitter or instagram!


My internets...Google's 2013 and a favorite blog

[youtube=] I always enjoy Google's Zeitgeist video at the end of the year. This year is no exception.

Also, one of my favorite blogs, Be Up and Doing, from twitter gal pal Allie Lehman, had a brilliant idea for a post this week. She went back through her search history and the last 21 things she's googled...brave and so funny. Read the list favorite is #9!

I love Allie's blog. She's relatively close in Columbus, Ohio and it's so fun to read a great blog that is based in the Midwest! She is also in her late twenties, married without kids, and has a dog..., so I can relate. Beautiful photos and creative posts. Love it.


My internet...blogs I've been reading for awhile

2013-03-24_1364143985 I've been reading blogs for quite some time. Way, way back before I started one. I have a few that I've been reading since the beginning, but I also continue to find many new ones that I'll read for awhile then forget about and then go back and find again, etc, etc.

Here are those I've been reading for awhile:

Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman  Duh...she's perfect in every way...those bassets, that ranch, her love of movie quizzes!

Gabrielle Blair: Design Mom The name of this blog is deceiving. Yes, she's a mother to six children and writes about that frequently, but she also has wonderful suggestions for websites, books, clothes, shopping...basically sharing beautiful stuff. I particularly enjoyed this blog while they were living in a country house in rural France (!). They've recently moved back to the states. Will be interesting to see where it goes...

NPR Monkeysee Linda Holmes and company write this pop culture blog space for NPR. Always a wonderful source of content that is well-written and well considered.

Tracy Benjamin: Shutterbean Great recipes from cookbooks, original, or derived from other bloggers. They ALWAYS turn out great.

Joy Wilson: Joy the Baker I'm challenged in the baking department so I love living vicariously through Joy. She also shares a lot of the same sensibilities that I do...refreshing to read a beautifully styled blog that is baby free...sorry...just being honest.

This is Colossal Mind blowing art shared daily. My favorite place to look at amazing stuff.

There are two blogs that I've been reading forever....BUT they come with a caveat. Do you ever feel like you've been taken hostage by something? That's how I feel about Rockstar Diaries or as it's now called and Bleubird Vintage. I've never seen more beautiful people take more beautiful photos of their beautiful homes and beautiful babies. I love their writing because I find myself reading it. However, I've noticed that lately there are a LOT of sponsored posts here and not a ton of other content. I understand that people are trying to make a living with their blog...but suggesting that I buy a $60 candle in order to have a proper "date night in" with my husband? NO. Or just casually ignoring the fact that in order to have this most beautiful life, an investment banker husband might help? I'm not annoyed with them for the life they have, I'm annoyed because of their lack of honesty and self-awareness. Look at Pioneer Woman! She has a pretty insane life, that is completely different from mine, but manages to come across as 100% down-to-earth. Sorry, I apologize, rant over....I just often find myself frustrated for the lack of reality in these blogs, but I can't really say anything because I. keep. dang. on. reading. them...I need. to. stop. So, long story short, if you want to see beautiful people taking beautifully over-saturated photos of beautiful places, products, and babies...these blogs are for you.

life is better with...I'm Google

I can't really explain why Dina Kelberman's tumblr, I'm Google, is so amazing. It's kinda something you just have to go check out for yourself. Go to the link or any of these photos, then immediately start slowly scrolling down and taking in the photos.

Don't worry, it's not a prank or nsfw, it's just inexplicably cool in the way that art on that internet usually is. People are so dang creative and I love it.

a little colossal collection


Do you read Colossal?!

It's by far my favorite art and design blog..completely love almost everything on there! I haven't been sharing cool finds for a little bit, so here's some selections from just the past few days??! This gives you an idea of the overwhelming amazing-ness that is posted over there.

Artists featured above: Thomas Quinn, Gregor Gaida, Christopher Boffoli, Mademoiselle Maurice, Ran Hwang.


Erin Wasson + Fred Meylan = beeeyoootiful fashion photos

although I don't post about it much, I LOVE fashion photography. I couldn't help but share these photos of Erin Wasson from Elle France. I found them via one of my "favorites" : Design Love Fest.

Really love these photos from Fred Meylan.

most of my artwork originates from fashion photography such as this and I think these would make some fabulous new pieces!

Happy Friday Y'all ::: February 3, 2012

It's Friday again! This was a super busy week--lots of yoga, including some teaching! Yay!

Things are going to be pretty busy this weekend. Birthday celebrations to attend tonight and tomorrow night and I guess I should get something planned for the Super Bowl? I didn't realize it was this Sunday until a few days ago....pretty ridiculous given that I live in Indiana...

However, I did get a little more excited about it when I read this on one of my most favorite blogs.

Andrew brought this back from Australia, hoping to make use of it this weekend! Edible 23 carat gold leaf? PERFECT for the Super Bowl!