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Today we have a guest post from Laura in Lou!

Laura Olinger is a fellow yoga instructor, nanny, and runner blogging in Louisville. 

She's about the sweetest person ever.

Go check out her blog: Laura in Lou.

You can also find her on twitter and instagram.

Roosters don’t crow when the sun comes up; they crow whenever the heck they want to. So, when my alarm goes off just after dawn, I’ve already been half awake for an hour. I throw on some clothes, put my hair in a pony tail, and meet my friends outside. We joke as we run out to the dirt road, and coast through the next village over, before ascending a hill, which is really more like a mountain, so maybe it should be called a mill or a hountain. Regardless, all I can think about as I climb to the top is breakfast. The exhilaration upon racing back down to the valley speeds me home and to the morning’s first cup of coffee.

This isn’t just a regular cup of joe. This is Honduran coffee. The beans are grown locally, in a country whose climate is ideal for its production. It’s ground and brewed in a way that makes it thicker, almost like an espresso but less concentrated. When I’ve got a long day ahead of me, it’s like my life blood.

That’s true no matter whether I’m doing volunteer work in Honduras, or stuck inside on a snowy day in Kentuckiana. I might be a little biased because after my recent trip to Honduras, my third, I’m more in love with the country than ever, but coffee there is just good. Along with sugar, which I’ve tasted straight in the cane, it’s the country’s top export. 

After my first trip to Honduras, I brought back coffee beans for my family, and they have requested it again each visit. Here in the U.S. it’s difficult but not impossible to find a good Honduran bean. Trader Joe’s offers a decent organic, fair trade option, but I’ve also seen it at Costco, in a Costco-size bag.

I am a firm believer in the Proustian idea that the taste of food conjures memory, so until the next time I’m enjoying my cafecito at a Honduran breakfast table, I’ll be savoring the beans I brought back and smiling over fond memories. 

¡Buen provecho!

how is it Thursday already?

How is it already Thursday!?! HOW!?

It's been a coffee filled week. Work at school has been rough...the kids are bonkers because we haven't been in school full days for a full week since before Christmas break! Eek! Have been bopping around doing lots of yoga, taking in two classes at 502 Power Yoga. If you missed my write up on this new studio in Louisville, check it out right here. 

Don't have much else to share today, just thought I'd check in...isn't this cinemagraph great? I found it in a list of 60 different ones on Buzzfeed...having trouble locating its creator other than his deviantArt site, which can be found here. 

Happy Friday the 13th Y'all!

January 13, 2012

don't forget your booties 'cuz it's coooold out there! We had about an inch of snow yesterday and everybody is freaking out. I need to put my car in the garage...

Also, the true consumer came out in me today as I woke up, poured myself some coffee, opened up twitter, and discovered that Louisville will be getting an Anthropologie in the near future. HOLY MACKEREL. I am in so much trouble...In honor of this glorious news, here's a photo of some measuring cups from Anthropologie that I have converted in votive holders...I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE.

i'm so excited for a cozy three day weekend. Andrew has been out of town for work, so I think we are going to just hibernate--watch tv, cook, etc.  What are your plans?

A quiet birthday

 Pretty gloomy day for my birthday---major rain and dark, dark clouds. Plus I had to work all day--in a very quiet office with a very slow-moving clock. However, I still managed to find a few ways to brighten up the day:

New birthday socks----thanks Mom!

One more day of work, then playtime for an entire week! Let's hope that we can get internet in the new house before then...

Coffee, doggies, and Fall

Enjoying a cozy day inside today...AM playdate for Forrest and my brother's dog Kyle. Humans enjoyed cinnamon rolls and coffee while the pups frolicked in all the leaves that Andrew and I can't seem to get picked up...obviously we're not used to having a yard that needs maintaining. We're moving to a different house in town on Tuesday (can't will be our fifth move in the past three years...hopefully our last for awhile).

So beautiful outside, I know it's cliché by now, but I just love Fall.

Forrest and Kyle had a ball playing together--we gotta get them together more often!

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