Moving on...for the last time

IMGP0858 As I write this post, sitting in the office/yoga room, I can see a large trailer across the street being loaded with furniture as the owner moves out of our new house. We closed on Wednesday, so it's officially ours--we actually have a key!

This will definitely be the easiest, yet weirdest move. Since age eighteen, I've moved 14 times (I know...omg), so I have it pretty much down. The last time I moved was just a month after I started this I dare link to that early of a post?!?! Well, I just did so there. Usually I'm completely packed and ready to go weeks in advance. We're not really sure when we'll be able to get into the house and it's just across the street so....there's really no need to pack anything. We're just going to make a Bloody Mary bar and start making trips. It's so strange because, unless something unforeseen happens, this will be our last move...ever maybe?

I decided to go back through my photo collection and share a bunch of our little rental house. I LOVE this house. My parents own it and were fantastic landlords. It was in pretty bad shape when they bought it several years ago and Dad completely renovated it, changed the floorplan a bit, and did all the interiors. It has been wonderful. I will it miss it...especially the massive kitchen island.

My main thought on it now? Just hoping that Alex and Kayla might one day find their way to neighbors ever!

2014-05-26 10.51.40IMGP0985IMGP09782014-05-26 10.55.212014-05-04 14.58.372014-05-04 15.06.042014-03-28 16.29.13

2014-02-03 13.18.26 2014-02-03 13.19.032014-02-03 13.19.292014-02-03 13.20.23IMGP03992014-01-12 15.42.02IMGP00532014-01-07 09.53.522014-01-07 14.15.112014-01-07 14.16.462014-01-07 14.21.36IMGP01342014-01-07 14.23.35IMGP0144IMGP01502014-01-06 17.48.232013-11-23 14.41.40photo-apr-01-8-54-28-pmphoto-apr-01-8-54-57-pmphoto-apr-01-9-06-30-pmphoto-mar-04-8-25-21-pm2013-08-19-16-45-56imgp9003IMGP09872014-05-10 15.52.06 Can't wait to share photos of the new place, it's a little crazy!



headed out!

Tomorrow morning we're headed to the airport bright and early. NYC + Boston! So excited. Never been to Boston before! Can't wait to see friends and visit a new city.

Blogging might be a little sporadic on here the next week or so. But I'm pretty sure I'll be blowing up twitter and instagram so feel free to catch up on there!


How awesome is this cityscape illustration? Love Laurie Milden Hall....especially since her about page has a tree pose in it:

some rando photos for a Happy Friday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday y'all! I am so so so so so ready for this weekend. Life has been a little exhausting lately. I have been feeling pretty terrible all week with a nasty head entire workplace is overrun with it right now. I'm on the mend--felt pretty normal today.

These are some rando photos of daily life lately:

1. is that not the cutest boy you've ever seen!?!? 2. that cutest big boy dragging out ever one of my shoes and threatening to chew while I'm at work...including my Danskos, Jessica Simpson patent leather flats, Chacos, and various mary janes?!? That means shoes are being put up in strange places. 3. sick in bed w/ the Bagel Boys 4. my dishtowels are disgusting. 5. dogs and computers 6. menu planning for the week 7. not letting me make the bed...again 8. THE BAGEL BOYS 9.  the second wireless mouse Reuben has destroyed...he is the cutest boy right?!? At least that's what I told myself as I swiped my card, purchasing another new mouse this afternoon. 10. EarthFare Louisville is now open! It is SOO nice! Great beer section, AMAZING bulk department...ahhh it was amazing. Too bad it's so far from my house, I doubt I'll regularly get over there.

No plans whatsoever for the weekend. THANK. GOD.

Madewell to Perfection

So...I try not to get too obsessed with shopping and thanks to the best little place, I find most of my clothes on consignment. However, there is one store/website that KILLS ME. Is it possible for one place to produce basically every piece of clothing I would ever want need like LOVE?!?

Latest looks I am loving from Madewell....le sigh....

All I can say is...THANK GOD we don't have one of these in Louisville...I would be completely broke/even more tortured.

Find all these looks here. 

Props Madewell....well played.

5 Favorite Things: an assignment from Tracy and Joy

this week I'm taking on an assignment from Joy and Tracy of one of my favorite podcasts, Joy the Baker on HomeFries.  they challenged listeners/readers to blog their favorite things this week. I always love taking about my "favorites" and will never pass up an opportunity.

Here are five of my favorite things this week:


Many thanks to Siggi's for the awesome yogurt! I'm officially addicted now...

Many thanks to Sassy Fox Consignment in Louisville for my awesome Gianni Bini sandals.

and so more thank yous to my husband for my awesome back scratcher from Los Alamos.


Erin Wasson + Fred Meylan = beeeyoootiful fashion photos

although I don't post about it much, I LOVE fashion photography. I couldn't help but share these photos of Erin Wasson from Elle France. I found them via one of my "favorites" : Design Love Fest.

Really love these photos from Fred Meylan.

most of my artwork originates from fashion photography such as this and I think these would make some fabulous new pieces!

Happy Friday Y'all ::: February 10, 2012

Wow, this week went by quick! I can't believe we are here again. Lots of little odds & ends to catch up on at work today, also going to bop over to my new favorite yoga studio for a lunchtime class.

Book club tomorrow, then Sunday I'm heading up to Indy to go see The Vow with my aunt and cousin - is it sad that I am super excited to see this movie? I'll answer that....yes.

I'll also be keeping tabs on fashion week, which started yesterday.

Enjoyed watching the full BCBG MaxAzria runway show this morning: [youtube=]

The Animal Print Shop from Sharon Montrose

I love love love Sharon Montrose and her perfectly simple animal photography. She is wildly popular with books and calendars gracing the shelves of Anthropologie and the like, which are all fine, but what I love most is her  The Animal Print Shop.

I would kill for a massive one of these to hang in our bedroom (which currently has three big empty red walls, which drives me CRAZY. I need something on them!). Too bad the largest prints have such a hefty price tag...EEK!

Eating and moving around the globe

Boy, I'm definitely starting to feel the travel bug biting again. Andrew is in Melbourne enjoying some summer right now....definitely a little jealous...

I recently found these short films by Rick Mereki. Funnily enough, they were picked up by STA Travel Australia for promotional purposes.





While the thought of 16+ hour flights, long waits in train stations, and sleepless nights all kinda make me want to throw away my passport, I know that all the logistical nightmares are totally worth it when it comes to travel.

My top five wish list destinations/countries:

1.  Brazil 2. Argentina 3. India 4. Northern California 5. Istanbul, Turkey

Art that is nifty on a Sunday morning

Happy Sunday morning! I was drinking my coffee, reading my sites/blogs when I found this--had to put  on the blog immediately!

Um yeah, how amazing are these illustrations from Glasgow-based artist Lesley Barnes?

"I Didn't See it Coming" - Belle and Sebastian [youtube=]

Alright, I MUST go read now...I have been such a slacker in that department.