Too many podcasts, too little time...

I've been addicted to podcasts for the past few years. It all started when I moved to Europe in 2008, did not have a car, and found myself reliant on public transportation and my own two feet. I was also working full-time as an Au Pair for an adorable little one who was not yet capable of conversation. With days full of lengthy walks and bus rides, I quickly realized that I should make the most of it. I started obsessively perusing iTunes. Three years later (with a lot of trial and error) I've emerged with a stable slate of programs and I cannot imagine my life without them!

From listening to these voices (I refer to them as my virtual imaginary friends) I have discovered more than I will ever have time to read, listen, watch, see, etc:

The Diane Rehm Show

2 hrs everyday of the most objective voice of reason on NPR.


Weekly film reviews from Adam Kempenaar and guests. Based out of Chicago--incredibly comprehensive and fun! Fair warning: for the serious movie buffs...they really know their stuff!

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

By far the funniest, most reliable source of pop culture commentary on radio, tv, or elsewhere. Thanks to @nprmonkeysee@ghweldon @treygraham and @idislikestephen

Double X Gabfest at Slate Magazine

Ladies talking intelligently about ladies.

The Culture Gabfest at Slate Magazine

Beware: this takes me straight back to graduate school (University of Edinburgh, UK MSc. Modern Literature).  In other words, if you care passionately about issues that really have no effect on 99% of the population, this podcast is for you.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Hopefully this needs no explanation.

Two Gomers Run for Their Lives

One of my absolute favorites. Like they say, this podcast comes from "two regular guys:" @gomer1 and @gomer2. Full of relatable chatter on movies, tv, food, daily life, or yeah, and sometimes running.

And sadly, many more...just ask if you need more recommendations!

Fall TV Winners

I tried to make an effort this year and try a lot of the new shows...perhaps it is a bad year, but my god what a disappointing lot! However, I do have two shows that have me pretty excited to keep watching!

American Horror Story (Wednesdays, 10pm FX)

Homeland (Sundays, 10pm Showtime)

Check them out!

And whenever I talk TV, I can't help but recommend David Bianculli's awesome website TV Worth Watching. Always helps me navigate the onslaught of Fall TV.