GRP is 1!

10520337_294337867393421_1836202186_nMy nephew, Graham is one today! Cannot believe! Happy birthday happy boy!

You've probably read about Alex & Kayla (Kaylex) and Graham before on this blog, but those who don't know, Alex is my older brother and Kayla is his wife. Graham is about the sweetest baby ever. I still have never seen him cry full out crazy hard. It's insane! He's always smiling. I unfortunately can't make the trip to Cinci with Mom to see them today, but will hopefully get up there soon. Given that we'll be moving, I'm assuming I'll need to do an IKEA run! Ha!

Can't believe this kid's already one, it's sounds silly to type this, but seriously, where does the time go!?!


Happy Birthday Big Brother!

BabyAlex Happy Birthday Alex! My big brother turns 31 today. And because he's going to have a bitty baby of his own in only 7-8 weeks, I simply had to put up my favorite baby pic of him ever...I have never seen a baby with a larger head.

Super excited for Baby Porter to arrive...also excited for upcoming partay/baby shower next weekend.

Have a great birthday Alex!


Camera Workout: Week 11

Photo Mar 16, 8 16 55 PMThis is what happens when Andrew and I try to take a photo together these of us just won't let it be nice. Photo Mar 16, 8 14 24 PM First photo of me, Kayla, and baby Graham Cracker (it's a boy! Nephew with an excellent name due to arrive in August!) Photo Mar 16, 8 17 52 PM

Old books of my grandmother's. All these photos are from an art opening featuring her work. The Artisan Center in downtown Corydon is exhibiting Rosamond Sample's work for the next few weeks. My mom's mom was a wonderful artist, amazing reader, hilarious, and my favorite kind of grandmother ever. I miss her.  Photo Mar 18, 10 11 47 PM More books...a bit ahead of the curve on the whole Kabbalah thing... Photo Mar 18, 10 14 53 PM

Again, more books. Photo Mar 18, 10 14 25 PM

Her tools set up and on display. Photo Mar 18, 10 15 42 PM

Love this one. Photo Mar 18, 10 16 37 PM that vest! Photo Mar 18, 10 17 24 PM

Mingling. Photo Mar 18, 10 18 26 PM

Discussing something... Photo Mar 18, 10 19 39 PM

Work. Photo Mar 18, 10 17 58 PM

Yes, I do realize that all my weeks photos are from one day this time. Sorry...I simply did not get out the camera any other day!

I wanted to find time to snap a few photos of my new favorite toy...suppose those can wait until next week. It is truly a sad day when you are this excited over a new vacuum cleaner...ahh I'm getting old.

Happy Father's Day!

Love this photo of my Dad--not sure exactly when it was taken....I think when I was in my tween years.

Happy Father's Day! I hope my Dad has a good one--about to walk across the backyard to bring him his presents. HA!

Also, I should totally submit this to one of my favorite tumblrs, Dads are the Original Hipsters.

That's not me on his shoulders, it's my brother.  What a magnificent beard!

Happy Friday! Happy Birthday Big Bro! Happy 250th Post!

Happy Friday everyone! Loving life today!

A big Happy Birthday to my older brother--he turns 30 today!

Whoa...can't believe that...I have a couple more to go, but it makes me feel old weird.

Great weekend ahead. Going to see Prometheus tonight, teaching some yoga tomorrow morning, birthday dinner, and absolutely nothing planned for Sunday. Perfect.

Also....this is my 250th post! I love keeping this blog and appreciate all who take the time to check it out. THANK YOU!