Movies I'll Watch a Million Times

I'm in love with this series of audio clips from NPR featuring filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, etc talking about those movies they will watch again and again.

Of course, I'll never pass up the opportunity to offer my two cents. This list is the official "You've Got Mail" memorial list:

When Harry Met Sally...                                 Anne of Green Gables    Speed                                                                     Only You   

And NO, of course I could never pick just one. I could barely narrow it down to these!

Favorites: cheap trick facial moisturizer

I don't really bother with fancy skincare products and I don't really own any makeup. However, I did recently buy some tinted lip balm --- a huge step for me!

I'm basically too lazy & cheap to bother with it all. I love looking at it all...beautifully displayed, fancy colors, and glossy packaging. I simply don't understand why these products are so expensive. I once worked at a spa that sold a  30ml bottle of face serum for over $100...say what?!?!?

I have finally found a facial moisturizer that not only works famously, but is also only $4.49! Totally one of my favorite things right now and of course, it can be found at Trader Joes:

love love love it!