back to work tomorrow


Unfortunately, we watched the RNC on PBS. What a trainwreck.


New song from Regina Spektor. Everyone on high alert! Rest of the album on September 30th. Can't come soon enough.

And Mr. Robot has me listening to Phil Collins "Take Me Home." Great song.


We went over to the Harrison County Fair this week. It's across the street and we always get a kick out of fair week. However, this year it is FABULOUS. New midway company and wow, it was so much nicer than usual. 

Got some photos of the baby inside my body! HA!


The longest 7 minutes of your life. Damn you Tracy Anderson!

This has definitely been the hardest area to keep going during the first trimester. The fatigue leaves me incapable of practicing much yoga, but I've still been going for it when I can. Teaching 8 classes a week throughout helped me stay moving too.


Homemade pesto with fresh basil from the garden. So good.

Lemon Shakeups from the Lion's Club over at the Fair. WHY are they so good?!


Skimmed a few books for school:

Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes
I had high hopes for this middle grade novel about the aftermath of 9/11, but am not impressed with the first 50 or so pages. Writing is poor and lacks any kind of nuance at all. I hate it because I have a feeling this is going to be very popular and I think I'm already in the minority here.

Tru and Nelle by G. Neri
Sweet middle grade novel that is a fictionalized account of the childhood friendship between Truman Capote and Harper Lee that went on to inspire Lee to write Jem, Dill, and Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

What is...the Summer Olympics?
Super silly biography of the Olympics. Will probably read the highlights aloud the first few weeks of school.

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner
Fun adventure in the sci-fi, dystopic fashion. Nothing groundbreaking, but fun.

Also devoured You'll Grow Out of It by Jessi Klein, the book of essays I mentioned last week. Hilarious.


Intrigued by these milkshakes and want to make them with Cap N Crunch.


a master list of flawless stuff

A list of 32 items that are perfect. Literally...they have no downside whatsoever.

1. Driving with music blasting and the windows down

2. Laura Dern

3. Reading

4. Samoas (GS cookie...Caramel Delites for some of y'all...wha!?)

5. Ian McEwan

6. Exercising

7. Sassy Fox Upscale Consignment in Louisville, KY

8. Ed Sheeran

9. These glasses that are typically sold in art museum gift shops

10. Single malt scotch whiskey

11. Toy Story 3

12. Taking a bath...combine this was #3 and #10 and you've got perfection

13. Crayola crayons

14. The Cheesy Grill and Tomato Soup at Tupelo Honey Cafe

15. Survivor. Yeah, like, the reality show. Yes, I am serious.

16. Smartwool socks

17. Jeffrey Eugenides

18. Black and white photography

19. Tom Haverford's food language:

20. Pinot grigio

21. Hugging a pile of clean laundry right after it comes out of the dryer

22. Familia Camarena Resposado tequila

23. Leaving work on a Friday

24. Bookstores

25. Breaking Bad

26. Stockard Channing audiobook performance on all of Beverly Clearly's Ramona series. Listen to a preview here.

27. Coffee

28. Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

29. Black leggings

30. Nora Ephron

31. A good pixie haircut

32. Picture books



IMGP5066 A couple blogs I read do link round-ups on Friday. I love it!

I don't plan to add more noise, but thought it would be nice to link up to their link ups!

Shutterbean's I Love List Fridays

Friday Finds on I am a Food Blog


I am excited for National Readathon Day tomorrow! I'm headed to Lucky's this afternoon to get treats to get us through...also having people for dinner tonight so have to get some wine. I'm still going strong with that secret resolution! It's been fun picking out new things each weekend and actually drinking something halfway decent.

If you're reading tomorrow, be in touch on twitter or instagram!


excuse me while I love this blog

wish-list-smores So, I found Sara Cornelius' illustrated food blog awhile ago. Then completely forgot about it. Not her though, I've keep tabs on instagram, but somehow missed most of her feed?!

Whatever, we all know I'm a mess when it comes to organizing social media. Anywho, when she posted a beautiful illustration yesterday, I was reminded of her great blog. After reading an fantastic post of podcast recommendations, right when I'm needing new podcasts, I knew I had to do a post on her blog, Cake over Steak. 


It's unique, beautiful, and aligned directly with my tastes. I feel like a total goober for forgetting about it!

Please forgive me Sara, you are awesome and I've added you to my Feedly. I await more posts...eagerly.


Intentions: 2015

IMGP0854 These are not resolutions, but attempts to get my crap together.

Let me be real, I'm not in trouble on any of these fronts, I just need to REEL IT IN a bit.

Let's talk about grocery shopping

Ah god. Groceries are expensive is what I'm learning. However, I'm not doing anything to be more organized on this front. I simply decide what I want to make, go out and buy the stuff. NO. NO. NO.

That is never good for budgeting.

Because I love to organize, I love making lists, and grocery shopping, this shouldn't be hard for me to maintain. I have even made my own meal planning/grocery list printable. I tried to find one online and didn't like anything I saw. If you want to use mine you're welcome to it, a free PDF link is available under the photo.

Screenshot 2014-12-31 08.18.58

FREE printable: yepindeedgrocerylist

Do you all out there have any tips and tricks? It seems like this kind of plagues everyone I know...


I've been wanting to get into Evernote for awhile. I think I might actually stick with it this time. I am in desperate need of one central note-taking spot. I think this is it. 


For example: send more snail mail to those I love.


Because it's not New Year's resolution time without me saying it. Will it happen? Hell no, but I'm going to throw it out there again.

Well. That's all I can commit to at this point.

My NYE plans consist of supper at home: salmon burgers, roasted potatoes from my new cookbooks, and a bottle of champs. Andrew and plan to stay in and watch movies. My kind of night.

favorite thanksgiving dish


The traditional Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals ever. It's insanely hard for me to pick just one dish as a favorite because, in my opinion, it's the combination of everything together that makes it so wonderful.

However, dressing is by far at the top of my list. Bread, salt, and fat? Yes...

I about died the other day when I watched The Pioneer Woman make this panini with Thanksgiving dream come true

1 photo

2014-11-17 20.55.45 Have I ever mentioned that Andrew gives the best gifts ever? Oh, dang, I have...oh well, it's totally true!

I convinced him to let me open my present early the other night and this was it! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I started off simple and made roasted red pepper and tomato soup last night. Insanely good and easy. If you have a Vitamix out there, how do you like to use it? I need ideas asap! Homemade nut butter here I come!

how I'm dealing with the heat this weekend


It's haaaaaaaaaawt this weekend.

How I'm beating the heat:

1. I'm making a ton of my homemade skinny girl margaritas...adding fresh herbs and cucumber for extra crispness.

2. Dipping into my stash of ice cold lavender towels for the studio. Nothing feels better.

3. Wearing tank tops that are extremely baggy with my favorite sports bra ever underneath. Can't believe my luck from last weekend when I found two brand new ones in my size at Sassy Fox. That place makes my life so much better.

4. Making spring rolls in a bowl...probably my favorite thing ever. Hope to post the recipe soon, but until then, this one is pretty dang close to what I do.

5. Having extremely short hair. It's pretty amazing in temps like these.


Trader Joe's: Favorites

2012-11-09_1352490754 There have been several great "what to buy at Trader Joe's" blog posts. Some good ones:

Why I Love Trader Joes // Shutterbean

My Favorite Trader Joes Pantry Items // Shutterbean

Trader Joes Survival Guide

So, naturally, I want to do my own. I think that it's a really fun thing for some reason. you have it, my favorite items (right now) at Trader Joe's:

Some old standbys-staples...i.e, I buy these every time I go:

Charles Shaw white wine Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio...Sauvignon Blanc sometimes as well. YEEEEEEE

Wild Arugula or the organic arugula Crazy price ($1.99) for a big bag of only arugula. Yum. However, one thing: some bags tend to go bad quicker than others. You gotta keep an eye on it and make pesto the second you see it going!

Frozen Wild Boreal Blueberries These are teeny tiny and so good for smoothies.

Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Wake Up blend coffee  Big canister of whole beans. Perfect everyday coffee.

Frozen French Green Beans Throw these frozen into a bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a ton of chopped garlic. Then dump onto cookie sheet and roast according to this recipe. Amazing.

All their canned beans, raw nuts, boxed broths, oils, etc. They are amazing for that kind of thing.


New favorites. There are some products at TJ's that I'll give a whirl, then become obsessed with and burn myself out. Here are some past and present obsessions:

Speculoos Cookie Butter Of course. It wouldn't be a TJ's round up without it. I went hard on this stuff for awhile and now hardly ever buy it. Thank god.

Chile Spiced Mango I still love this stuff.

Triple Ginger Snaps Actually, this should be probably just be "entire cookie aisle." Andrew and I will latch onto one type of cookie and then switch it up.

Dried Flattened Banana I ate so much for this last year, I can barely look at the package right now.

Currently, I am insane over these Roasted Coconut Chips and these Roasted Plaintain ChipsOMG. Ahhhhhh.

Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. Whoa. They're so tiny, but so delectable.

That's all I got right now...other than a sad collection of TJ's inspired photos from my instagram archive. Ridiculous. I need help.


2012-06-28_1340898828 2012-09-07_1347017166 2012-09-07_1347046248 2012-10-16_1350421253 2012-10-22_1350936515 2012-10-22_1350942246 2012-11-26_1353973533 2013-03-01_1362177459 2013-05-30_1369955910 2013-12-20_1387571500

IMG_20140204_134233 IMG_20140120_150219 2014-01-12_1389551130 2014-01-12_1389559913 2014-01-15_1389804930


Green Gazpacho

2014-06-25 11.07.12 I love love love love love gazpacho.

While studying abroad in Granada, Spain, my host family made the traditional tomato variety all the time. It was so refreshing. Which was good because there were several occasions I might have been sitting on a street corner, slightly under the weather due to too many in this photo I unearthed while packing yesterday: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


While eating at Curate during my last trip to Asheville, I ordered their Ajo Blanco, or White Gazpacho, which was insane--chilled almond and garlic soup with cucumber.

I recently threw together a green gazpacho here at home. I've seen similar recipes around, but I made this one up. So easy. All the ingredients are to taste and texture, so just keep adding until it's just right for you.

Green Gazpacho


ripe avocado cucumber, seeds removed baby spinach leaves chopped fresh basil, dill, mint, and cilantro couple heaping spoonfuls of greek yogurt (2% fat or full fat) clove or two of garlic kosher salt + coarsely ground black pepper splash(es) of red wine or sherry vinegar extra virgin olive oil ice cold water

Throw all ingredients except for the oil into a blender or food processor. Be conservative on the amount of water you add in at first. You can always add more if needed. Blend. It should have the consistency similar to a smoothie. With blender or food processor running, begin to slowly drizzle in olive oil. This adds richness. I suggest maybe 1/4 cup for a blender full of soup. If the soup is still too thick for your liking, add more water.

Refrigerate for a few hours, season to taste, and then garnish with more fresh herbs.