old-historic-photos-58__605 thank goodness.

yeah, that's people painting the Eiffel Tower. WHHHAAA? Found it in this amazing post of 40 rare, historical photos.

It's been a long crazy week. Ready to relax. We're getting all holiday this weekend...I'm making glogg, Andrew's making caramels, and we're going to do a purging of stuff at the house.

Was so happy to see All Songs Considered's Year in Music discussion up in my podcast feed this morning. Listen now!

Happy Friday!

[youtube] Yeah, I'm more than a little excited to see Aziz Ansari tonight. This is one of my favorite little bits of his. And I'm super excited to see Kaylex and baby Graham. And to eat here. It's going to be a good weekend.

In other stuff, I'm loving the idea behind this new book of photography by Dinah Fried, Fictitious Dishes. Photographs of literature's famous meals. Awesome! fictitious_dishes_kill_mockingbird_dinahfried_1348fictitious_dishes_catcher_dinahfried_1348

Thanks Kayla for sharing!

friday. yay..oops yay saturday

Thank god. seriously.

I was totally charmed by this photograph that popped up at the top of my pinterest feed this afternoon. Pinned from National Geographic's tumblr, Found, it was taken in Amana, Iowa in 1938. These gals are holding up bunches of American Lotus. Amazing!

That of course sent me down a rabbit hole...looking through the rest of the tumblr. So good...On the top page today? A photo of Bergen, Norway from 1971 Happy to have a weekend of nothing planned ahead. Next week is busy (book fair...bah), so I'll savor it. After work I popped in our local wine shop and purchased two bottles of....wait for that is NOT Charles Shaw! This is big. It means I'm in serious "treat yo self" mode.

Speaking of rabbit holes, last night I descended down one that got me thinking. After reading this hilarious piece from Vanity Fair on Gwyneth's high school days (thanks Double X gabfest for sharing), I was intrigued to do some Googling on this all-girls private school on the Upper East Side of New York. I come to find that their kindergarten tuition is $41,000+ a year. Yes, that's right. This might sound harsh or might ruffle feathers of those reading (I doubt it), but I just flat out DO NOT understand this. If I were ever in the position to be able to afford such ridiculousness, how would I ever be able to admit it to anyone OR not feel like the worst person in the entire world? Needless to say, this made me throw my hands up at the world, grab another handful of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from TJ's and go to bed.

Anyways, that was a tangent....if can't tell by the title of this post, I forgot to publish last night and am finishing up now, on Saturday morning. Off to make a playlist for this morning's class. Cheers!


happy friday!

[youtube=] It's Friday...but I've only worked one full day this week...two half days, two days off. As of right now, I'm loving it...things like this can happen: 2014-01-21 11.56.16

I got to hang with Grahamster a bit, do a ton of yoga, and catch up on blog work.

And how can you be down when Jenny Lewis releases her first single in four years!?! Link up top.

happy friday!

[youtube=] 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds. Love this!

Sitting enjoying my coffee is cozy pajamas. We have a two hour delay at work...planning on doing a little bit of yoga, doing some reading, then heading out. Another big weekend at the studio full of class + workshop. I still cannot believe all the new faces I've seen this month---big thank you to all!

**just got a call that school is now cancelled....snow day it is!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE!

happy friday

[youtube=] A snow day for me! Woop! Already almost 9:30am and I'm still in my to spend this unexpected day of NOTHING?! Really glad I made a Meijer run yesterday--they have a Scandinavian aisle and I picked up some mint chocolate wafer cookies and other various supplies. Given that everything outside is covered in a thin sheet of solid ice, I doubt I'll make it out today.

Oh and this holiday medley from Taystee and Crazy Eyes made me them and can't wait for OITNB season 2...

Congratulations Meg and Matt! Oh, and seriously, TGIF

Today our dear friends Meg and Matt are tying the knot! Unfortunately because Andrew's job is newish, he doesn't have vacation days so we were unable to make the trip up to New England...which is a total shame because I know it's going to be a fabulously fun wedding! We met at the University of Edinburgh, Meg was in my master's program. They are awesome. Period.

I'll be thinking of you guys today! Have a blast! IMGP1120 Oh and can we please talk about how happy I am that it is finally Friday? This week was rough. Ready for two days of nothing...other than book club tomorrow. I woke up at 4:00am this morning unable to go back to sleep so decided to power through and finish our selection...whoa, 100% bizarre and I kinda loved it.