more Adam Kissick GIFs

More GIFs from Adam Kissick...seriously, I love these! Also, couldn't help but post when I saw where they were all taken...Asheville of course! Asheville, you are always getting more and more hip by the day...these are from the first ever Mountain Oasis Music Festival. There are also more on the NPR website...including some from the 2013 Newport Jazz festival Please keep this up Mr. Kissick---they make me so happy!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Hello there! Another nature gif from Head Like An Orange. Love them!

Ready to Kaylex and Baby Graham tomorrow! Birthday dinner for Dad...Not much else on the schedule. I'm going to actually try and finish a book...would appreciate any harassment to do so via twitter. Speaking of, I always forget to mention that you can keep up with me on twitter and instagram @graylinsample

I love both services and have pretty much given up on Facebook (except for the studio), so come find me and say hi!

Have a great weekend!

my year in GIFs: not working, TV, dancing, & cookie butter edition

Summing up the year with some GIFs I've made. 2012 was good. Real are a couple highlights.

Having May, June, and July off, knowing I had found a job that wouldn't start until August:

Watching the entire series of Breaking Bad in six weeks:

Cookie butter:

Watching Homeland's much anticipated second season:

Every time I heard "Call Me Maybe"

watching Jef with 1 F win The Bachelorette after calling him as the winner on Episode 1.

Hoping to be back in a little bit with some more. Did you know the GIF turned 25? Check out this awesome animation to celebrate.


Happy Friday and November Y'all!

It's November....which means it now officially the holiday season plus my birthday plus my wedding anniversary.

Bring it on.

I know it's been about quite awhile since I had podcast recs--I'm getting together a master list for tomorrow...we only have a few more days until NPR returns to normal...

monday, monday, monday

blargity blargh...that weekend was too short! Back to the monotonous.

I've given myself a challenge--to try and not live for the weekend. It's hard for me. Even though I love the week & enjoy what I do throughout, I LOVE the weekends so much.

Happy Friday and first day of June!

Yay for June! Summer time... so I thought I would give a little update on the job hunt. I am still looking, but have some good leads and have had a couple interviews. I'm trying to stay positive and also looking at maybe taking the plunge and jumping into yoga as much as possible.

I did come across two funny gifs yesterday that perfectly illustrate my current mental state.

Most of my days I alternate between feeling like this:

and like this:

I'm still happy with my decision to leave my former job. I have been keeping in touch with former coworkers and things seem to be getting worse around those parts...phew.