Two snacks, one good, one....good?

Yeah, so I don't have a recipe today...just two different snacks that I've made lately.One is super healthy, tasty, and has some sort of nutritional value:

And one is just plain comforting:

I just finished reading the best little bookWhat We Eat When We Eat Alone" by Deborah Madison. After reading it, I didn't feel quite as bad about my ultimate guilty pleasure snack: butter on saltines (I know, I know...). When I was little, my grandmother would "make" this snack for me. Whenever I'm feeling melancholy or when I want something undoubtedly satisfying, I make myself a plate of these.

Bonus: this week I found the most perfect accompanying beverage: a bloody mary sans that weird?

Also, if you notice, I tried to health it up a bit--Earth Balance and whole wheat Zestas do the trick, right? Ha!

beautiful weather weekend

Saturday and Sunday both started out dark & gloomy, but cleared up into BEAUTIFUL days.

did a ton of yoga, watched basketball, and broke my cardinal rule of grocery shopping:

bc I eat it like it is my job, I have only bought Nutella on my birthday for the past few years...but WHATEVER, I just felt like it.

 lots of walks:

Bagel Dog didn't care much for the game:

and finished the weekend with a long country drive at of my all-time favorites things to do...especially when a trip to Polly's makes it in.

this is why I live in Corydon:

after our drive, we got home and started watching Frozen Planet. Still on the fence regarding the Alec Baldwin narration...I have a hard separating him from Jack Donaghy...HA

Happy Friday Y'all ::: February 10, 2012

Wow, this week went by quick! I can't believe we are here again. Lots of little odds & ends to catch up on at work today, also going to bop over to my new favorite yoga studio for a lunchtime class.

Book club tomorrow, then Sunday I'm heading up to Indy to go see The Vow with my aunt and cousin - is it sad that I am super excited to see this movie? I'll answer that....yes.

I'll also be keeping tabs on fashion week, which started yesterday.

Enjoyed watching the full BCBG MaxAzria runway show this morning: [youtube=]

Who watched The Bachelor last night?

Um, Is it wrong to already have a guilty pleasure for 2012 three days in?!?! Yikes, I need help.

My face was completely exhausted by the end of the night from all the crazy disgusted faces it was making...this show is CRAZY. What I find fascinating is how it takes itself so seriously, yet at the same time it is winks at the audience by exploiting complete crazyheads who are starved for media attention.

I need to get a grip and read a book. Damn.