Merry Christmas


Hope you have a great one! Going to take the rest of this week off from blogging. After consistent (pretty much daily) posting since the beginning of October, I'm feeling the need for a breather. Let us eat, drink, and be merry!

We've got three Christmases to attend in the next two days--should be fun!




OH and whichever wonderful person posted this perfect 12 second clip on YouTube, thank you:



Today's the last day of work for a couple weeks. Ready to get cozy and get into full holiday mode. Also, the holidays bring on the return of Kaylex + Baby Graham to Kentuckiana! We are more than excited that they are moving back. Proud of my bro!

And even better, they are most likely moving into a house just behind and down from ours! We are truly making the Porter compound happen.


gift guide: books

2013-09-20 15.30.04Christmas is a week out. WHAT!?

Luckily I do have most of my shopping done...just stocking stuffers to pick up at this point. I love giving books as gifts. I especially suggest it if you live in the Louisville area because Carmichael's gift wraps for free with amazing paper selections!

While I might not read as many titles as I'd like each year (52, I will get there one day!), I am a total book news geek. I love to listen to podcasts, read articles and suggestions. This is one of my favorite times of the year for reading because of all the Best of the Year lists.

If you're a sucker for this kind of thing and need new book ideas, immediately click here. The NPR Book Concierge is fantastic.

Here are some books that I think make great gifts.



The Paying Guests  Oh this book. You will not be able to stop. Post WWI, murder, illicit affairs, and excellent writing.

All The Light We Cannot See: A Novel  Again, I couldn't stop. Even though it's ANOTHER WWII story...Seriously, I've had enough!

Euphoria  My favorite book of the year. Short and sweet, but so vivid. Again, affairs abound, only this time throw in 1930s Papua New Guinea. Yep. This is for the adventurous reader.

The Children Act  This is a tentative suggestion. Do not give this to a casual reader, but someone who knows their stuff. It's typical McEwan--full of obsession, moral conflict, and weirdness. Serious readers will appreciate this short novel.

  Some of the funniest, weirdest little stories I've ever read. The one about heaven is worth it alone.


  I confess that I haven't actually read this, but for the technical/science-minded person in your life, this is good. I heard it discussed on NPR...that counts for something right?

Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir  A hilarious take on taking care of your dying parents. I know, doesn't sound like a good gift. But it is. SO wonderful.

  For the foodies. Fabulously detailed description of working in contemporary fine dining.

  Because it's impossible to not love her. Especially if you live in Indiana #ParksAndRecForever


Quest Another beautiful, wordless picture book from Aaron Becker. I gushed about Journey last year. This one is equally fabulous.

Aviary Wonders Inc. Spring Catalog And Instruction Manual Weird, Weird, Weird. And really good.

  Surprisingly deep. Leaves kids puzzled, but has a lot of playful suspense. Fun to read aloud for sure.

  I love me some Chris Van Allsburg. However, this one will rip your heart out. Tread carefully.

  Because you have to include it. It's hype is out of control I know, but it's good.

  Herve Tullet's follow up to Press Here. Not nearly as good, but still fun. Much prettier too.

  You can never go wrong with Kadir Nelson. This is about the sweetest book ever.

  Like a coffee table book for kids. So funny and clever.

There you have it. Happy Holidays!









Processed with VSCOcam Oh....that thing when you find ridiculously gorgeous photos of where you used to live...Norway, you'll always be Christmas for me. That was a tough Christmas away from home--Andrew and I's first together--all alone in a country where we knew no one, didn't speak the language, and it was only light out for a few hours a day. Yeah, that's a beautiful 2:00pm! Busy weekend ahead. I still have some shopping to do, teaching, book club on Saturday, and then a fun morning at lululemon on Sunday. If you're into yoga and a local reader, I encourage you to check out this event! Hope to see you there! Have a good one.

some favorite thiiiiiiings

i feel it all Some of my favorite things today.

I pulled up last year's favorite things post and I'm pretty much still loving all of those items. No repeats today, these are all in addition to that list.




If you've got #shorthairdontcare, it's the best out there. I've also been using this product from LUSH, which is a totally weird consistency, but works well.

empty glass roll-on bottles // here's an Amazon link


I found mine at Whole Foods. So easy to fill with any neutral oil like jojoba, vitamin e, or argan, then add a few drops of essential oil. Boom. You got fragrance.

PocketCasts // Google Play store


Most definitely the best podcast app I've found for Android phones.

IKEA// STÖPEN LED block candles


Not only do these give off the softest, flickering light, but they come on and off with a simple shake of the hand. So fun.

lululemon // ebb to street pant


Treated myself to these for my birthday and now I want them in every single color. A lot thicker than most leggings, warmer, and more substantial. They're worth it.

Bose // SoundLink Mini bluetooth speaker


Upgraded from the JBL Flip to the Bose this year. Crazy good.

 Waxelene // petroleum jelly alternative



I don't know if you remember the Windex fascination from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but that was my grandmother with Vaseline. It cures everything right!? Of course, it's also straight up petroleum. I was excited to find this at Whole Foods while browsing the beauty section. I also found a little empty screw top pot to put some in on the go....along with my empty roller for essential oils. Buh bye chapped lips!



Yeah, I've only had this for a couple weeks, but OH MY GOD. Life changer. Never ever thought I'd actually get one. I've been playing around with it--my smoothie game is on point!

Oh and this GIF, always and forever


let's december

10809703_1513038418965800_370963157_nAh. It's Monday. Thanksgiving is over. Got to see lots of family, friends, little nieces and nephews, cocktails, great food, and a lot of candy cane Joe-Joes.

For the past two months I've been doing blogging challenges, posting every single day. Part of me isn't sure how to go about things without making time for the blogging. December is going to be free form on here...especially since I pulled the plug on my 52 poses early.

Found a couple fun things going on around the internet this morning. Katie Levans has got 25 Days of Yoga for us on Honeystuck, Slate's kicking us off with the Best of Year lists, and Danielle at Lou What Wear breaks down Cyber Monday.

Let's do it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

10261305_1532908340288359_1728712633_nHappy Thanksgiving all!

Let me just say thank you to everyone reading this little blog. It's been a jam packed couple of months with all these challenges! I'm ready to go with the flow in December!

Our Thanksgiving is actually going until Sunday--Andrew's family on Saturday, my family on Sunday, and today is just the two of us at Proof on Main! So excited. I'll be making this cranberry sauce recipe yet again. It's just delicious.

Have a good one!


Frivolous and Indulgent Christmas List

The prices of most of these items...see above. Hey, one can dream huh?

brisky biker jacket // lululemon


a print from Gray Malin


these Steve Madden "shooties" 




some hand woven Turkish towels, like these from Loomed Nola


 Pikolinos Lagos Bootie



Deborah Ehrlich Pewter Hurricane lanterns // found at March SF



custom Jane Mount bookshelf painting



I'm not a fan of the current ceiling fans in this house. Of course they are fine, but I would love to have something crazy fancy like this one from Minka Aire


my favorite things about the holidays

2013-11-24_1385306203 So this is not hard at all. I love the holidays and have some definite most favorite things about them. Let's do this.



We had a version of this every year when I was a kid without the red wine that we called "hot punch." When we lived in Norway and I discovered that people love it there too only they add copious amounts of red wine, I about had a heart attack. It's drinking potpourri. I don't make mine like most of the online recipes, but this seems to be a good one. I plan to post my recipe in November.

Harry Belafonte // To Wish You A Merry Christmas


In my family, it is NOT Christmas without this album. Everyone got their copy upon turning 18. Like, an actual CD with a booklet. It's that serious.

Caramel making...not that I actually make them...2013-12-10-10-36-41

My Mom's side of the family have been making these homemade caramels for generations. They are much coveted around town. Mom has to make several batches each year and those who receive them squirrel them away. Various aunts and cousins all make them and a few years back, my brother started making them. Well, of course I'm supposed to make them. However, they take almost three hours...of CONSTANT STIRRING. It's crazy. I will say since iPads and Netflix came along, things have been easier. Each person who makes caramels has their own Sandy Softball. The official family mascot of caramel making


It's ridiculous and wonderful. When my grandmother died in 2005, there was an extra Sandy. Last year she was given to Andrew who has proudly taken up the torch of caramel making for me!

These. Boxes and boxes of them.


Barbra Streisand's version of Jingle Bells. Two minutes of spastic goodness.


There is so much more. There are only a few things about the holidays that I dislike.

I can't believe October is almost over. It flew by and this challenge has been so fun. I'm thinking about making my own for November. Thirty posts for thirty days in celebration of my thirtieth birthday on the 22nd. Who's game!? Let's do it!



Camera Workout: Week 51 and Happy Christmas!

IMGP9791 Andrew decided to have a photo session with our new favorite ornament...I kinda love it.

Mom's arm?!? What the heck...


That drool is real 2013-12-22 15.38.57 Was cleaning out old photos and found this...real, live documentation of what my bedroom looked like in high school...oh boy 2013-12-15 15.45.49

Bracelet bowl gets a freshening up too 2013-12-22 12.29.00 Andrew caught me headstanding...working on not using the's getting there!

IMGP9774 Dog mania again.

2013-12-22 15.38.07

One of our favorite Christmas decorations...a Purdue Santa...ha! IMGP9824 Finally, how could I not include a photo with baby Graham!? unnamed

Only one week left--lots more holiday snaps to come next week. Happy Christmas all! I need to jump off here now so I can walk across the street to the parents for PRESENT OPENING!





my favorite things I love this time of year on the many gift guides and best of lists. But also, I'm a big fan of Oprah's favorite things. Ahhhh....the audience reactions never get old...they're just the best. I always loved Oprah's favorite things show come Christmas and I'm so glad she still does it. Here's her 2013 list.

I decided I would do my own list this year. These are my favorite things...I love them and use them pretty much every single day.


1. Smartwool socks Can you ever have enough of these? I love the colors and whenever I put them on, I immediately feel better about everything. Also, they are really wonderful for sliding on hardwood yoga studio floors

2. Glass water bottle by Life Factory Easy to keep clean, water tastes better, and it's pretty!

3. Spotify Do you really need me to say more than I already have about this service? Don't waste any time, just go and subscribe

4.Davines Hair Oi/Oil A little bit of a splurge, but it lasts forever so it's really not that bad. Smells crazy good and makes your hair feel wonderful

5. Smartwool Beignet Booties Again, another splurge, this time a major one. I was able to find these on clearance last year, but oh my I think they might be worth the full price. Warmest ever and they are durable enough to be worn out and about..slipper shoes...done and done.

6. Manduka eKO mat Yes of course I still love love love my Manduka Pro...but this purchase was an experiment that worked out pretty well. I keep it in my little yoga room here at the house (for when I'm too lazy to walk across the yard to the studio...shhh I know that sounds crazy!) and it is really nice. It gives a great spring/support and is very anti-grip. I also love the colors they have for this mat. 

7. Apple TV Best little box ever. Who needs cable when you've got Netflix,HBO, iTunes, and the internet? Speaking of, we started Orphan Black last night...whoa, crazypants. photo 2

8. Silpat Most of the time I see people using this for baking cookies, but I love it for anything roasted in the oven. Nothing sticks or burns and it's a dream to clean.

9. American Apparel long legwarmer These babies are super warm and very long. Great for under boots too.

10.YogaGlo Again, like Spotify, do I need to say anymore?

11. White truffle oil I don't cook with any butter, milk, or cream so my soups can sometimes lack richness.  A few drops of white truffle oil and you're good to go. Also, amazing with popcorn. Basically, it's a luxurious ingredient that is used in very small lasts awhile. I use this brand....but I'm getting a little nervous because the bottle is almost empty and Andrew isn't planning any more trips to Australia anytime soon that's for sure...Ha!

12. Keen Bern Baby Bern boots Tall leather boots that feel snazzy enough to be stylish, but are durable and feel like tennis shoes? Yes.

13. Hugo & Debra Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner I tried this for the first time recently and I doubt I'll ever go back. I often don't see a lot of difference in hair depending upon the shampoo and conditioner, but this was kind of crazy. However, they did just discontinue the shampoo I'm The orange + vanilla volumizing conditioner smells like orange danish rolls and it's still available though so I'm good.

photo 3

14. Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand Blender Yeah of course I want a Vitamix. But I'm not ready to drop $400+ on a blender...especially when I'm the only one around the house that drinks smoothies. My solution? I simply put all my frozen smoothie ingredients in the tall measuring cup that comes with this hand blender & microwave for 39 seconds (why 39? Don't ask, I don't know either). Blends everything to perfect smoothie consistency and then the clean up takes less than 10 seconds. Also, you can't beat this thing for pureed soups.

15. Woodwick candles Remember back in April 2013 when I bought this candle in Tabac? Yeah, it still has about 1/4 left!!?!?!?! It's STILL GOING?!?!?! They last a lifetime and that annoying crackling sound gets less annoying as the months go by that it's still burning strong.

16. JBL Flip bluetooth speaker Super light, holds a decent charge, great sound quality, and connects to iPad & smartphone through Bluetooth. Makes DJing around the house even easier.

17. Familia Camarena Tequila Reposado My favorite tequila and maybe my favorite liquor. Ridiculously reasonably priced at just $15.99. Makes the best homemade Skinnygirl margaritas. Here's my recipe.

18. Better Homes and Gardens Flip-Tite Storage containers My Mom converted me to these. Yeah I still use my glass jars, but these are unbelievable. Creative sizes and the lids keep everything fresh, fresh, fresh.

19. PageKeeper I've been using this since I started reading chapter books when I was kid. I can remember my grandmother and mom buying up all of the stock at Hawley-Cooke (awwwww....remember Hawley-Cooke Kentuckiana natives!?!?) for stocking stuffers. I forgot about them for a long, long time until we found them again at a general store in Austin. And yes, I did buy up all their stock. The flat metal rectangle clamps onto the back of your book and the wire hooks on to the page that you're reading. As you turn the page, it automatically moves the wire...doesn't matter if you abruptly toss the book aside, you'll know where to start again.

20. Miele Onyx canister vacuum Yes, this is a major item. Big splurge, but not really. I know I've said this before, but I'm serious: MY DOGS SHED. It's one really believes me until they see it, then they look at me with a sad and confused "how do you deal with this?!?" face. When we decided to buy a "real" vacuum, I knew I wanted a Miele. I first used one when I lived with Lis and then again when living in Norway. They are amazing...blowing Dysons out of the water in my opinion. I cannot recommend this product enough if you're willing to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.


happy friday

[youtube=] A snow day for me! Woop! Already almost 9:30am and I'm still in my to spend this unexpected day of NOTHING?! Really glad I made a Meijer run yesterday--they have a Scandinavian aisle and I picked up some mint chocolate wafer cookies and other various supplies. Given that everything outside is covered in a thin sheet of solid ice, I doubt I'll make it out today.

Oh and this holiday medley from Taystee and Crazy Eyes made me them and can't wait for OITNB season 2...

Camera Workout: Week 48

2013-11-24 09.23.23a little yoga inspiration in the mudroom cranberries are so pretty! 2013-11-27 15.33.39 Lis brought me this calendar and I think I died and went to heaven 2013-11-28 09.00.01 Kerrygold butter showing itself 2013-11-28 11.18.41 Again, Kerrygold on display 2013-11-28 11.18.10 That's Thanksgiving 2013-11-28 13.26.24 Made a dent in this while trimming the tree 2013-11-28 12.15.17 Love the bathroom at Frankfort Avenue Carmichael's 2013-11-29 10.22.56

Just Creations - Louisville 2013-11-29 10.45.22 That's a crazy wall at Butchertown Market 2013-11-29 11.49.29

Just wear your husband's Under Armour and trim a'll feel better about life 2013-11-29 15.37.44

My collection of Hallmark house ornaments...have them all and would kill for them...posting on them soon 2013-11-29 18.32.45 Whoa lots of photos...Hope your holiday was great....and that you're listening to One Direction right this second, which I might have chair-danced to while posting this...

november for 2013

2013-11-07_1383852023 Things I learned in November: 1. It's easy to get things in perspective...just read City of Thieves and Matterhorn back to back...things could always be could be in besieged Leningrad or the Vietnam War 2. New light fixtures can transform a space 3. Davines This is a Sea Salt spray for hair...omg...instant fabulousness 4. Months go by really fast now 5. Beta Love by Ra Ra Riot 6. Andrew and I don't have any shows right now other than Top Chef and Survivor...this is not right 7. 40 minutes of yin yoga every night can work wonders... #gamechanger 8. I really do love Butchertown Market 9. My Christmas ornaments are pretty much my most prized possessions. 10. Yuna is winning out over Christmas music

2013-11-01_1383342509 2013-11-02_1383404075 2013-11-02_1383407956 2013-11-02_1383418750 2013-11-02_1383420912 2013-11-02_1383423965 2013-11-02_1383426658 2013-11-03_1383486787 2013-11-03_1383508828 2013-11-03_1383516275 2013-11-03_1383516351 2013-11-08_1383873667 2013-11-08_1383879816 2013-11-08_1383944764 2013-11-10_1384095355 2013-11-10_1384101753 2013-11-10_1384104318 2013-11-10_1384110377 2013-11-10_1384113147 2013-11-10_1384113304 2013-11-12_1384293071 2013-11-14_1384436759 2013-11-16_1384633796 2013-11-16_1384634505 2013-11-16_1384642880 2013-11-17_1384705451 2013-11-17_1384705967 2013-11-17_1384718261 2013-11-18_1384809259 2013-11-19_1384904734 2013-11-20_1384976977 2013-11-23_1385167688 2013-11-23_1385234802 2013-11-23_1385235784 2013-11-24_1385306203 2013-11-24_1385327441 2013-11-24_1385332391 2013-11-25_1385414910 2013-11-25_1385418340 2013-11-25_1385419309 2013-11-26_1385435557 2013-11-27_1385558643 2013-11-27_1385558745 2013-11-27_1385562352 2013-11-27_1385563552 2013-11-27_1385573183 2013-11-27_1385584465 2013-11-28_1385645986 2013-11-28_1385655579 2013-11-28_1385655829 2013-11-28_1385659406 2013-11-28_1385659573 2013-11-28_1385664882 2013-11-28_1385666295 2013-11-28_1385666878 2013-11-28_1385667039 2013-11-29_1385735447 2013-11-29_1385738748 2013-11-29_1385743978 2013-11-29_1385746459 2013-11-29_1385752295 2013-11-29_1385758069 2013-11-29_1385768037 2013-11-30_1385770192 2013-11-30_1385773352



2013-11-28 11.18.41 Well I'm so exhausted I can barely type this...we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family today. My parents hosted across the street...couldn't get any better. Food was phenomenal, tables were beautiful with my great grandmother's china on one, my grandmother's on the other.

Andrew's passed out with the dogs on the couch, I'm staring blankly watching Harry Potter movies (with commercials!?!) on ABC Family...I think this is a sign that I need to go to bed. Family still in town for a couple days and we have another Tgives to attend on Saturday! All I know is that I'm headed downstairs to do some seriously needed yin yoga and then it's sleepy time.

Feeling grateful for pretty everything right is really good, I can't complain. Many thanks to you for reading.