Moving on...for the last time

IMGP0858 As I write this post, sitting in the office/yoga room, I can see a large trailer across the street being loaded with furniture as the owner moves out of our new house. We closed on Wednesday, so it's officially ours--we actually have a key!

This will definitely be the easiest, yet weirdest move. Since age eighteen, I've moved 14 times (I know...omg), so I have it pretty much down. The last time I moved was just a month after I started this I dare link to that early of a post?!?! Well, I just did so there. Usually I'm completely packed and ready to go weeks in advance. We're not really sure when we'll be able to get into the house and it's just across the street so....there's really no need to pack anything. We're just going to make a Bloody Mary bar and start making trips. It's so strange because, unless something unforeseen happens, this will be our last move...ever maybe?

I decided to go back through my photo collection and share a bunch of our little rental house. I LOVE this house. My parents own it and were fantastic landlords. It was in pretty bad shape when they bought it several years ago and Dad completely renovated it, changed the floorplan a bit, and did all the interiors. It has been wonderful. I will it miss it...especially the massive kitchen island.

My main thought on it now? Just hoping that Alex and Kayla might one day find their way to neighbors ever!

2014-05-26 10.51.40IMGP0985IMGP09782014-05-26 10.55.212014-05-04 14.58.372014-05-04 15.06.042014-03-28 16.29.13

2014-02-03 13.18.26 2014-02-03 13.19.032014-02-03 13.19.292014-02-03 13.20.23IMGP03992014-01-12 15.42.02IMGP00532014-01-07 09.53.522014-01-07 14.15.112014-01-07 14.16.462014-01-07 14.21.36IMGP01342014-01-07 14.23.35IMGP0144IMGP01502014-01-06 17.48.232013-11-23 14.41.40photo-apr-01-8-54-28-pmphoto-apr-01-8-54-57-pmphoto-apr-01-9-06-30-pmphoto-mar-04-8-25-21-pm2013-08-19-16-45-56imgp9003IMGP09872014-05-10 15.52.06 Can't wait to share photos of the new place, it's a little crazy!




So...we bought this.

OH MY GOD! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you've been reading this blog for a little bit, you might remember when we bought land in October. We did that because we found the perfect location and there were no houses we wanted to buy in Corydon. Also, the big plan is to one day build a bigger yoga studio too. Well, that all changed the second we realized that the house above was a possibility. The house is directly across the street from our house, literally across the street. See here an instagram snap, taken from my front porch in May 2013: 2013-05-31_1369999077

For the past three years, Andrew and I have stared out our living room windows, admiring this house. And now, on July 8th, it will be OURS.


As for the issue of where to put the studio? That problem is also solved because the house came with an empty lot across the street, perfect for a yoga studio. Of course that's years down the road, but it's so fun to think about. IMGP1039

Unbelievable. It's so crazy how things work out. We still can't believe it's real. I can't wait to share more photos of the moving process. While it's not very big, this house is still almost twice the size of our house's going to be so fun to furnish and decorate. It seems like just yesterday that Andrew and I were first married, sharing a 322 sq ft. apartment in Norway, where we knew no one and couldn't speak the language.

Good times.

Happy Holidays from Printcopia!

Photo Dec 07, 8 19 55 PMI am so pleased to give a huge shout out to They contacted me to try out their photo to canvas printing and it was great! I have wanted to get one of our photos printed to canvas forever, so it kind of worked out perfectly.

I chose this photo of Andrew and I in the Highlands of Scotland. It was COLD.


The process of ordering this photo was ridiculously simple. And it arrived just a few days later.

Photo Dec 07, 8 20 41 PM

Photo Dec 07, 8 19 17 PM I need to actually hang it up now...

Photo Dec 07, 8 17 54 PM

A photo print would make  a wonderful holiday gift and given how quick and easy it is, the hardest part is choosing which photo!

Many thanks Printcopia! Happy Holidays!

November 2012

2013-11-24_1385327441 These photos highlight the complete transition of weather and festivity within the past couple weeks. The Thanksgiving break was exactly what I needed...feeling tons better and ready to get my Christmas on!

Three things making me super happy right now: glögg (recipe to come!), Candy Cane Joe-Joes, and new clothes.

2012-11-02_1351851066 2012-11-03_1351966278 2012-11-03_1351976850 2012-11-04_1351995668 2012-11-04_1352038709 2012-11-04_1352052320 2012-11-04_1352057853 2012-11-04_1352073219 2012-11-05_1352154112 2012-11-07_1352248741 2012-11-07_1352248851 2012-11-07_1352263088 2012-11-08_1352338435 2012-11-09_1352490754 2012-11-10_1352579921 2012-11-11_1352642735 2012-11-11_1352646734 2012-11-11_1352656045 2012-11-11_1352677091 2012-11-11_1352677438 2012-11-12_1352722774 2012-11-13_1352766445 2012-11-13_1352837981 2012-11-15_1352995539 2012-11-15_1352995640 2012-11-15_1353010682 2012-11-15_1353019049 2012-11-16_1353094893 2012-11-16_1353103932 2012-11-17_1353184161 2012-11-17_1353188978 2012-11-18_1353203206 2012-11-18_1353253433 2012-11-18_1353255820 2012-11-18_1353260214 2012-11-18_1353264009 2012-11-20_1353443953 2012-11-21_1353530359 2012-11-21_1353530453 2012-11-21_1353531471 2012-11-22_1353591641 2012-11-22_1353610624 2012-11-23_1353629927 2012-11-23_1353680370 2012-11-23_1353681187 2012-11-23_1353695827 2012-11-23_1353708280 2012-11-23_1353713022 2012-11-24_1353779377 2012-11-24_1353781952 2012-11-25_1353848469 2012-11-25_1353854847 2012-11-25_1353867501 2012-11-26_1353895331 2012-11-26_1353970104 2012-11-26_1353973533 2012-11-27_1354048157 2012-11-29_1354220129 2012-11-29_1354226075 2012-11-30_1354310504

oh what a wonderful weekend

wow--I know it's already Tuesday, but I just have to talk about my wonderful weekend. The weather was beyond beyond beyond--had the windows open all weekend. Nothing particularly crazy happened but oh it was wonderful.


Saturday: teaching some great yoga classes, walking dogs, bookclub outside with wine, having my parents over for lasagna, then we worked on our jigsaw puzzle while drinking and playing cards--so fun!

Sunday: big yoga practice, cleaning and laundry while watching Real Housewives of New York (Aviva be crazy!! And I'm worshiping Carole this season), porch sitting at Rach's with loads of spinach dip + big slices of chocolate cake, reading, meatloaf dinner at the parents w/ Kaylex, followed by an evening sitting out by the fire pit.

Ahhhh it was so great! Evidence here in instagram photos:


some rando photos for a Happy Friday!

Happy Happy Happy Happy Friday y'all! I am so so so so so ready for this weekend. Life has been a little exhausting lately. I have been feeling pretty terrible all week with a nasty head entire workplace is overrun with it right now. I'm on the mend--felt pretty normal today.

These are some rando photos of daily life lately:

1. is that not the cutest boy you've ever seen!?!? 2. that cutest big boy dragging out ever one of my shoes and threatening to chew while I'm at work...including my Danskos, Jessica Simpson patent leather flats, Chacos, and various mary janes?!? That means shoes are being put up in strange places. 3. sick in bed w/ the Bagel Boys 4. my dishtowels are disgusting. 5. dogs and computers 6. menu planning for the week 7. not letting me make the bed...again 8. THE BAGEL BOYS 9.  the second wireless mouse Reuben has destroyed...he is the cutest boy right?!? At least that's what I told myself as I swiped my card, purchasing another new mouse this afternoon. 10. EarthFare Louisville is now open! It is SOO nice! Great beer section, AMAZING bulk department...ahhh it was amazing. Too bad it's so far from my house, I doubt I'll regularly get over there.

No plans whatsoever for the weekend. THANK. GOD.

some summer essentials

In my opinion, every season requires a few special things in order to fully enjoy it. Such as pumpkin-spiced  flavored candles and coffee drinks in the fall and gløgg in the winter. Here are a random eight of my summer must-haves:

Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper -- discovered this last year. I know it's sacrilege around these parts to eat off the cob, but I'm sorry, this just makes it too easy.

The true test of a great summer? The intensity of your Chaco tanlines. Needless to say, Andrew and I don't need more pairs, but how amazing are these?!?!?!

Fruit. The more the better.

Books. But for me, it must be a certain kind of book. Well-written and preferably literary fiction, but still entertaining enough that it works at the pool or while swinging on the porch. These are some good examples...except for the Gilman's probably just pure entertainment.

Avocado. And I just discovered this, which I need in my house right now.


Crisp and cold white wine. Thank god I really like the Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc so I can have a little bit every night!

A stoop/porch for some quality sittin' and drinking the above.

Ready for summer! Things I could do without? The dreaded high temps, the possibility of wearing a swimsuit, and mosquito bites.

how to teach an egg to fly

Wow, so I finished An Everlasting Meal last night. Because I loved it so much, I started Googling Tamar E. Adler. I am officially obsessed. Not only has she written one of the most entertaining, simple, and reasonable food books I've read in awhile, but she also has a wonderful website full of wonderful little videos that illustrate each chapter of the book.




ahhhhhhhhhhhhh love her. love these videos. love the book.

If you like food and like to cook, go get it and read it now!

cookbook review....a guilty pleasure for sure

I love checking out cookbooks from the library. Especially the big, hardcover, beautiful ones that are typically a bajillion dollars to buy. I checked this out a couple weeks ago:

I love to hate Gwyneth...whenever I'm feeling a little down, I always jump over to GOOP for a chuckle. However, I can't deny that she seems to infiltrate a lot of my interests: cooking, yoga, etc.

Well--I'm afraid to admit it, but I really liked this cookbook! Beautiful photos, pretty easy/delicious recipes, and a wonderful balance of the healthy and the indulgent.

really liked her pantry-stocking section....only encourages my ridiculous grocery shopping obsession.

so, even though I hate to admit it, this is one celebrity cookbook I can get behind. Lots of great vegetarian recipes, nice layout and directions, and nice photos. Bravo Gwyneth!

Favorites: cheap trick facial moisturizer

I don't really bother with fancy skincare products and I don't really own any makeup. However, I did recently buy some tinted lip balm --- a huge step for me!

I'm basically too lazy & cheap to bother with it all. I love looking at it all...beautifully displayed, fancy colors, and glossy packaging. I simply don't understand why these products are so expensive. I once worked at a spa that sold a  30ml bottle of face serum for over $100...say what?!?!?

I have finally found a facial moisturizer that not only works famously, but is also only $4.49! Totally one of my favorite things right now and of course, it can be found at Trader Joes:

love love love it!

5 Favorite Things: an assignment from Tracy and Joy

this week I'm taking on an assignment from Joy and Tracy of one of my favorite podcasts, Joy the Baker on HomeFries.  they challenged listeners/readers to blog their favorite things this week. I always love taking about my "favorites" and will never pass up an opportunity.

Here are five of my favorite things this week:


Many thanks to Siggi's for the awesome yogurt! I'm officially addicted now...

Many thanks to Sassy Fox Consignment in Louisville for my awesome Gianni Bini sandals.

and so more thank yous to my husband for my awesome back scratcher from Los Alamos.


Weekend was amazing because...

wow, this weekend was the best in a long while. the weather was BEAUTIFUL and we didn't do much of anything.

it was an amazing weekend because I...

attended a bookclub meeting full of excellent food, lovely ladies, & great discussion made cupcakes for a work event tomorrow...dropped an egg...was so pretty though!

had the windows open throughout the house while blasting Lykke Li

yoga'd for almost four hours

made kale pesto (over half of which I had to throw out...turns out there is such a thing as waaaay too much garlic)

got to break out some Chaco's

had Sunday birthday brunch with Andrew's family.

ate some excellent white lasagna, courtesy of @leahslag

updated to IOS 5.1...they say that the Instagram Android app is "coming soon" !!!! Does that mean I can stop taking terrible Instagram photos on my iPad...please???

Back to work tomorrow...


only a 3 day work week for this gal...heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend! Woop!

Happy Birthday(s)

Okay, so I'm totally three days late, but whatevs, it's fine. Andrew's birthday was on Sunday...we didn't do much...he's not too big on birthdays anyways. It's also Mr. Forrest's birthday sometime in the spring (I'm not sure when, I need to get birthday organized!).

He will be 8 years old!

We'll probably do something fun this weekend to celebrate, like maybe sofa bed shopping? Ha!

My girl Tate is visiting in a couple weeks and for once I don't want her to sleep on an air mattress!

I've made a huge mistake...

Things I initially got wrong.

[youtube=] Boy, Fox sure got it wrong with one of the best shows ever.

By this I mean I was annoyingly contrary for a little while, but after more contemplation, I am now annoyingly in favor!

Honestly, I don't often admit I am wrong (ask my husband), but here I am, saying it out loud:

I WAS WRONG about...

 Twitter iPad cowboy boots french door freezers -- I want one! (current state of my freezer...jam packed and an unorganized mess!)

What are things that you have initially disliked?


Chalkboard jars....meh

this week I finished a wickedly popular DIY project from Pinterest. I have long been addicted to buying things in the bulk section --- boy do I miss those Austin grocery stores! The bulk sections at Central Market and the flagship Whole Foods were TO DIE FOR.

The paint is super cheap and the whole project fairly easy if you already have a bunch of jars. I'm liking it, but overall think it might be overrated. Let's be honest, I just wanted to get my hands on some chalkboard paint!

As I write this, I'm sitting here catching up on episodes of Homeland -- so good!