Happy Friday Indeed!

photo (1) Oh boy. Yes. Yes. Yes. It is Friday and next week is SPRRRRRING BREAK! It's so funny to be back on a school schedule again. I have the next nine days off from librarian work, but I'm still teaching the yoga.

What do I have planned?


I plan to do a crap ton of yoga classes with this fine lady (20 minute per side pose flows!??! YES!), get all my knives sharpened, take a lot of dog walks, watch Enlightened...WHICH GOT CANCELLED?!?!?!? HBO: You're treading on thin ice...

Also want to try and actually read some stuff as well as run around doing some super professional errands...you know, business like business stuff!

In the meantime, just enjoy some photos from my new favorite tumblr, Thumbs and Ammo...so good:

Whoever thought of this is pure genius.

Happy Friday Y'all!

20130308-063912.jpg20130308-064119.jpg20130308-064143.jpg20130308-064157.jpg I think these GIRLS paper dolls from Vulture are amazing. I loved paper dolls as a kid and Vulture never disappoints:

However, I am happy to announce that I have stopped watching HBO's GIRLS. I realized that the anger it incites in me is not healthy and all the elements I enjoyed last season have virtually disappeared this season. In short....Enlightened > GIRLS.

Ready for the weekend...like, whoa. It was a tough week at work full of standardized testing...kids stressed, staff stressed.

Family from out of town arriving on Sunday. Can't wait!

my year in GIFs: not working, TV, dancing, & cookie butter edition

Summing up the year with some GIFs I've made. 2012 was good. Real good....here are a couple highlights.

Having May, June, and July off, knowing I had found a job that wouldn't start until August:


Watching the entire series of Breaking Bad in six weeks:


Cookie butter:


Watching Homeland's much anticipated second season:


Every time I heard "Call Me Maybe"


watching Jef with 1 F win The Bachelorette after calling him as the winner on Episode 1.


Hoping to be back in a little bit with some more. Did you know the GIF turned 25? Check out this awesome animation to celebrate.


Happy Friday and November Y'all!

It's November....which means it now officially the holiday season plus my birthday plus my wedding anniversary.

Bring it on.

I know it's been about quite awhile since I had podcast recs--I'm getting together a master list for tomorrow...we only have a few more days until NPR returns to normal...

monday, monday, monday

blargity blargh...that weekend was too short! Back to the grind...so monotonous.

I've given myself a challenge--to try and not live for the weekend. It's hard for me. Even though I love the week & enjoy what I do throughout, I LOVE the weekends so much.

how old is this person?

OK...so that sheet of photos right there? Yeah, that's me....like right now.

Several weeks ago at work I had to take a photo on picture day for the yearbook. Of course I did not know this until about two minutes before said photo was taken and I completely forgot about said photo two minutes after it was taken. That is, until I check my mailbox this morning and find this.


Seriously y'all...this is is just getting crazy. The older I get, the YOUNGER and YOUNGER I appear. Seriously--how old is the person in this photo? 12? Maybe pushing 13 or 14?

Real answer? I'm turning 28 next month. Like, as in two years away from 30.

Is it that I do not wear makeup? Is it all the yoga? Is it that I refuse to smile like a normal person and more like an unsettled elf? I'm sure I'll appreciate this youthful look one day, but when you're accused of being undercover by the Trader Joe's wine cashiers, it's a little more than annoying.


Growing Younger by the Minute

Happy Friday Y'all! Listen to This!

"Dr. Nora Volkow" The Diane Rehm Show -- July 9, 2012 This lady has a crazeballs accent and the show was very interesting.

"Summer Strut 2012" Slate Culture Gabfest - July 11, 2012 Loved this episode last summer. Here is the link to their massive Summer Strut playlist---it's amazing!

"'Margaret:' Inside the 'Fall' Of a Teenager" Fresh Air - July 11, 2012

"Exploited Labor in the USA" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - July 10, 2012 Just listen to this if you think your job is bad.

"Spiders and Kittens and Lots of Gratitude" NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - July 13, 2012 Only because of the mutual, "OMG I'm finally watching Breaking Bad too!" feeling.

Happy Friday everyone! In a few weeks, I'll be back to having true Happy Fridays (with the start of my new job!) for myself. The past few months it has been just another day for me. I've had a wonderful time being off, but am very much looking forward to getting back to work.

We had a wonderful first week at the studio! Many thanks to all who attended class--can't wait to keep going!

Heading to Forecastle tomorrow. The company Andrew works for has a tent, that's where we'll be most of the day....except when Girl Talk comes on...at that point I imagine we'll look something like this:

Haha, just kidding...Andrew likes to dance, but hates live music...does an engineer with a laptop count though?

Happy Friday and some life in an instagram

It's so hot here. baaaaaaaahhhhhhh. It's making me a little loopy.

Andrew has been working from home all week, it's been nice. After finishing this, we are now officially addicted to this. We love to watch one show a night with dinner and because summer is a bit of a TV desert, it has been a lot of fun to have new series.

OH and guess what local readers?!? We officially open for students here at Yoga on Capitol Avenue tomorrow!! WOOHOO! Please contact me if you have questions. All info is available here. 

In other news, I went a little instagram crazy this week. Follow me @graylinsample


Listen to This!

This week I enjoyed...

"Is the Coconut Water Craze All It's Cracked up to Be? Morning Edition - June 18, 2012 Have been waiting for this...so tired of this stuff!

"Inside Mexico's Drug Trade" On Point with Tom Ashbrook --June 19, 2012 Bonkers.

"The Bumper Sticker Debate" Two Gomers Run for Their Lives -- June 19, 2012 The Gomers are back--one of my favorite non-NPR podcasts for sure.

"Jeff Daniels: Ancoring the Cast of the 'Newsroom'" Fresh Air -- June 20, 2012 I always like Terry Gross' interviews with Jeff Daniels!

The Culture Gabfest: "Curb Appeal" Edition Slate Magazine -- June 20, 2012 Discussion including two of my favorite topics: songs of summer and HGTV's House Hunters!



Happy Friday Y'all! June 22, 2012

Yo everybody! I got a new job! I'm so excited! Great hours that will allow me to teach plenty of yoga, but also a job doing work that I'm really excited/passionate about! YAY.

Also doing some freelance social media work---boom.

Will be back later with Listen to This...but then you might not see a new post from me until after the weekend. Lots of family from out of town coming in today for my Mom's art exhibit and a massive 30th birthday for brother/sister-in-law. So excited! Lots of fun stuff in store...will have lots of photos to share next week.

Happy Friday Y'all! June 15, 2012

hey hey hey all! Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day outside.

To be honest, I've had a pretty amazing week. Lots of exciting news on the job front, great weather, podcast blog shout outs, and tomorrow? A trip to Ikea and a foodie's paradise.

I hope everyone has great plans for the weekend! I'll be back later with some more "Listen to This!"

OH and this week some genius decided to invent a Lisa Frank photo sharing app....bless them

Happy Friday and first day of June!

Yay for June! Summer time... so I thought I would give a little update on the job hunt. I am still looking, but have some good leads and have had a couple interviews. I'm trying to stay positive and also looking at maybe taking the plunge and jumping into yoga as much as possible.

I did come across two funny gifs yesterday that perfectly illustrate my current mental state.

Most of my days I alternate between feeling like this:

and like this:

I'm still happy with my decision to leave my former job. I have been keeping in touch with former coworkers and things seem to be getting worse around those parts...phew.

a shower dancing playlist

yep, that's right. this is my shower dancing playlist. dancing in the shower (preferably with a beverage) is essential and having an iPad has made it so much more fun -- put on early 90s pop or Jackie Wilson radio on Pandora and you're all set! Or you can queue up this playlist...hopefully your shower doesn't last longer than 9 minutes...haha

"Call Me Maybe" -- Carly Rae Jepsen


"Settle Down" -- Kimbra


 "Take It Out On Me" -- Chairlift


on Spotify