life is better with...this interview

I already loved Neil Gaiman. I love his books, his speeches, everything. Seriously, he's just perfect. I'm reading aloud his latest silly children's book, Fortunately, The Milk to fourth graders right now and they are loving it.

So naturally I was thrilled to wake up this morning, check my podcast feeds, and see that he was on On Point yesterday. Listened to this hour of radio while getting ready for work ...fantastic. What a great way to start my day!

Here's a link to the interview...I highly recommend:

Happy Friday y'all!

It's Friday! I've been off all week and I have all next off as well, but Friday is still Friday!

Fresh Air with Terry Gross has been really great lately...thought I'd share some of my favorite shows of late:

How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle to Stay Healthy in Modern Times Breaking Bad Writers: This is It, There's No More Tom Hanks is Captain Phillips in High Seas Hostage Drama From Child Actor to Artist: Radcliffe Reflects on Post-Potter Life Big Pharma and Meth Cooks Agree: Keep Cold Meds Over the Counter



Happy Friiiiiiday! And some something...

How is it already Friday again...HOW?!?! Not that I'm complaining--I'm mostly just giggling in excitement. Potluck with my lovely yoga dears from OYTT tonight--it's been too long, can't wait to see you!

oh deeeeeeeear. I know I'm not going to get any relief until after November 6th, but NPR, PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU! Please cover something without somehow tying it back to the presidential election!?!?! PLEASE?!?!!?

In the past two weeks, I've managed to find a little something via podcast, but also have been on a bit of a Spotify binge in protest, here's what I've been listening to...

"What the 'Influencing Machine' teaches College Kids" Talk of the Nation -- September 17, 2012 Had to drive straight to the library and check out this book while listening to this discussion.

since when do I listen to Maroon 5? And like it?!?! [youtube=]

As usual Fresh Air is one of the only shows that keeps it up with great interviews lately: Andrew Rannells, W. Kamau Bell, and Michael Shannon

I'm going to try and go through the archives and catch up on the rest...will maybe throw out some more selections over the weekend.


Listen to This!

I started "running" and spinning again this week. I'll be honest, podcasts are not necessarily the best thing to listen to while sweating buckets on a spin bike, but I gotta multi-task people! It's time to break out that little shuffle!

"Summer Music Preview: Premieres from Cat Power, Avett Brothers, The Antlers, and More" NPR All Songs Considered -- June 26, 2012

"Alec Baldwin: A 'Rock' throughout the Ages" Fresh Air - June 25, 2012

"Ephron: From 'Silkwood' to 'Sally,' a Singular Voice" Morning Edition - June 27, 2012

"Political Implications of Today's Generation Gap" The Diane Rehm Show -- June 27, 2012 I love discussions and examinations of generations. This is a great--listened in the car and there was lots of looking at the radio and saying "YES!"

"Marcus Samuelsson: On Becoming a Top Chef" Fresh Air - June 28, 2012 Love this guy, but also just love anytime one of the superstar chefs is interviewed. When is Top Chef coming back!?!?