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Chapter books. Y'all know that I really enjoy my day job as an elementary school librarian. However, I am a huge picture book fanatic. I'm not as keen on chapter books....I love them of course, but if I had my druthers, we'd be picture booking it all year long.

I especially enjoy working at school after the holidays. I find that after we get through the onslaught of Halloween through New Year's, the kids and staff come back ready to settle into a routine.

Thus, I always start chapter books with classes in January. Now, inevitably we'll get messed up with snow days, but so far, so good.

Earlier this week I was trying to decide what to read with second grade. I always read a different book to each grade, but  this year I'm reading different books with different classes. I find that each and every class has a personality of its own and I have tried to select books that are tailored to the individual classes.

Here's a quick look at some of the books we're reading right now. I'm still working on picking the others. Any ideas out there?

Screenshot 2015-01-15 05.33.00

Happy reading!

this week at the elementary library...

otto-the-book-bear-by-katie-cleminson-10433-p Such a sweet book this week. This week I'm reading (among other bear books, Corduroy and Baby Bear) Otto the Book Bear to kindergarten.

It's a wonderful celebration of books and libraries in general. Otto is a little bear who "lives in a book on shelf in a house." He gets left behind and has to find a new home in the big city library. It's just sweet and lovely.ottothebookbear Ottoblogottobook2ottothebookbearotto-the-book-bear3otto-the-book-bear6

This week at the elementary library...

2013-08-02_1375466491As I've said before, I really love my day job as an elementary school librarian. We started back school on Thursday. Yes, I'm fully aware that's still in July. We are on "year-round" school, which I'm pretty excited about. Two week break in October!

This year I want to share more about my job,, including weekly posts featuring authors, illustrators, or books that I have read to kids in the library that week. Since I've been at this school for a couple years now and know most the kids, the first few days were a lot of fun.



This week I'm reading Library Lion to all the first grade classes. I love love love this book. Wonderful illustrations by Kevin Hawkes and a charming story from Michelle Knudsen. I like to read it at the beginning of the year because it's about breaking rules in the library...and how that can be a good thing sometimes?!? Some people may think that's a little nuts to read it to kids on the first few days of school, but whatever, it works for me.

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Can't wait to share more fun things from the library. Happy reading!