it was a good weekend

2014-05-04 15.06.04 I never in my life thought I would say this...but I think I might be more into summer than winter. Sorry, but warm weather weekends are just too much fun around here to feel otherwise. For the past two weekends, I've spent multiple hours in the studio, music blasting, windows open...popping out occasionally to chat w/ Mom while she gardens, Andrew and Dad while they work on motorcycles.

Big homemade breakfast lunches complete with Blood Marys, dinners out, viewings of Splash...Andrew had never seen it!? (somehow we've been married 5 and a half years and I never knew this!??!) Baking, cooking, even enjoying cleaning as usual.

Also, this has started happening on the regular:

How far I've come! Compared to here.

I feel very lucky to have it so good. Things are pretty great. Yeah, I'd like a fenced in yard for the dogs, or maybe a nicer car, or maybe to travel more often. But honestly, I can't say those things bother me all that much. I know that times like this inevitably end with something happening or someone falling ill, etc, etc. I want to make sure to stop and realize how wonderful my life is. Big thank you to all who read this blog--I still enjoy it and hope to bring new and better content this summer when I have more time to blog.

Love, graysig


October 2013

2013-10-30_1383160084 Things I learned in October:

1. 16 year olds are capable making great music. 2. zero Gravity would suuuuuck 3. Thomas Keller makes some sweet treats 4. 12 hours of Iyengar workshop + six hour drive home = pulled lower back muscles. 5. A cast iron skillet is a great purchase 6. Jen Kirkman...she's a breath of fresh fo sho. 7. We paid off grad school this, as in we no longer have any graduate school loans to pay. AHHHHHHHHHHHH 8. And two days later, our offer on 8 acres of woods was accepted and paperwork has been signed, turned into the bank! After six months of tedious considering, it's done! Let's get to pinning the house ideas shall we?!?! 9. I didn't just learn this in October, but I realized it even more: I LOVE teaching yoga. 10.nail polish does not need to be in my house...went on a purge--tossed it all.

2013-10-01_1380662218 2013-10-02_1380677774 2013-10-05_1381011956 2013-10-05_1381012085 2013-10-06_1381024627 2013-10-07_1381153451 2013-10-08_1381235350 2013-10-08_1381251889 2013-10-09_1381335346 2013-10-11_1381450101 2013-10-11_1381495969 2013-10-11_1381524361 2013-10-11_1381524473 2013-10-11_1381526587 2013-10-12_1381593758 2013-10-12_1381594623 2013-10-12_1381596904 2013-10-13_1381680690 2013-10-13_1381681192 2013-10-13_1381681806 2013-10-13_1381700532 2013-10-13_1381700622 2013-10-14_1381710800 2013-10-14_1381760256 2013-10-14_1381774813 2013-10-14_1381779932 2013-10-14_1381780868 2013-10-15_1381844473 2013-10-15_1381848351 2013-10-15_1381858218 2013-10-16_1381958994 2013-10-17_1382021824 2013-10-18_1382055022 2013-10-18_1382100817 2013-10-18_1382124633 2013-10-18_1382124894 2013-10-18_1382132469 2013-10-18_1382134290 2013-10-19_1382198997 2013-10-19_1382215276 2013-10-19_1382217747 2013-10-20_1382291379 2013-10-20_1382293225 2013-10-20_1382293390 2013-10-20_1382299421 2013-10-22_1382482188 2013-10-23_1382572441 2013-10-26_1382806090 2013-10-26_1382809439 2013-10-26_1382811750 2013-10-26_1382818448 2013-10-26_1382827062 2013-10-28_1382991695 2013-10-30_1383099078 2013-10-30_1383159346 2013-10-30_1383174010

Well, I guess it's all holidays from here...hence the gin


Camera Workout: Week 37

2013-09-11 15.17.09Had to break out the long yoga pants to hide my chigger bites...ugh So jealous of Bagel's hip flexibility 2013-09-11 15.18.16

Failed attempt at a night photo of Bageldog 2013-09-11 21.02.16

This candle makes your house smell like fall exploded...and I love it 2013-09-13 17.39.58 These shoes are probably responsible for why the kids at school think I'm one of them... 2013-09-13 17.51.39

Oh and probably these red ones too. 2013-09-13 17.52.24

Biggie 2013-09-13 17.52.32New cork blocks in the legit 2013-09-14 09.15.58

I ate a decent amount of baked goods this week 2013-09-14 17.09.58

And a lot of trail mix 2013-09-14 17.10.14

Cool enough to wear boots out to dinner Saturday night! 2013-09-14 17.28.25

Cuties 2013-09-14 17.48.58

Andrew ordered these and set them up while he was off work...!??!!? That's true love. 2013-09-17 15.28.10

Streeeeeeeetch IMG_3924 Decided to end this week with getting poison ivy all over my face and neck!??!?! Only me....dang dogs... 2013-09-18 18.05.29Headed off to Asheville for a long weekend full of weddings, dinner out, and shopping! Weeeeeeee!


monday, monday, monday

blargity blargh...that weekend was too short! Back to the monotonous.

I've given myself a challenge--to try and not live for the weekend. It's hard for me. Even though I love the week & enjoy what I do throughout, I LOVE the weekends so much.

how old is this person? that sheet of photos right there? Yeah, that's right now.

Several weeks ago at work I had to take a photo on picture day for the yearbook. Of course I did not know this until about two minutes before said photo was taken and I completely forgot about said photo two minutes after it was taken. That is, until I check my mailbox this morning and find this.


Seriously y'all...this is is just getting crazy. The older I get, the YOUNGER and YOUNGER I appear. Seriously--how old is the person in this photo? 12? Maybe pushing 13 or 14?

Real answer? I'm turning 28 next month. Like, as in two years away from 30.

Is it that I do not wear makeup? Is it all the yoga? Is it that I refuse to smile like a normal person and more like an unsettled elf? I'm sure I'll appreciate this youthful look one day, but when you're accused of being undercover by the Trader Joe's wine cashiers, it's a little more than annoying.


Growing Younger by the Minute

oh what a wonderful weekend

wow--I know it's already Tuesday, but I just have to talk about my wonderful weekend. The weather was beyond beyond beyond--had the windows open all weekend. Nothing particularly crazy happened but oh it was wonderful.


Saturday: teaching some great yoga classes, walking dogs, bookclub outside with wine, having my parents over for lasagna, then we worked on our jigsaw puzzle while drinking and playing cards--so fun!

Sunday: big yoga practice, cleaning and laundry while watching Real Housewives of New York (Aviva be crazy!! And I'm worshiping Carole this season), porch sitting at Rach's with loads of spinach dip + big slices of chocolate cake, reading, meatloaf dinner at the parents w/ Kaylex, followed by an evening sitting out by the fire pit.

Ahhhh it was so great! Evidence here in instagram photos:


Whoa, tired...

Falling asleep typing this...long, but such a fun holiday weekend. Tons of food, drink, and laughs with great friends and family, including two Thanksgiving dinners, "light up" festival downtown, and the putting up of two Christmas trees!

Tonight was some much needed relaxation with homemade pizza, tomato soup, and SkinnyGirl margarita. Now getting in bed to start a new book. Looking forward to three days of work until Thursday!

Best $5.00 I've spent in a loooong time:

Officially the Christmas Season

Feeling very contented today. Not only did we finally get internet in the new house, but digital cable and DVR too! I know this might sound silly to most, but for us this is BIG. We haven't had channels on our TV in three years...we are still in shock.

Now that it is officially the Christmas season, I can start playing carols and decorating! This morning I am cooking for Andrew's family Thanksgiving, which is later this afternoon.

Bourbon cranberry sauce, baked spinach & Gruyere, and maple whipped sweet potatoes.

A quiet birthday

 Pretty gloomy day for my birthday---major rain and dark, dark clouds. Plus I had to work all day--in a very quiet office with a very slow-moving clock. However, I still managed to find a few ways to brighten up the day:

New birthday socks----thanks Mom!

One more day of work, then playtime for an entire week! Let's hope that we can get internet in the new house before then...

Why Literature Majors love moving...

A couple weeks ago I mentioned why readers hate to move...Now that we are finally settled into the new house, I realize I kind of love moving because I get to put the books back on the shelves. I'm sure all readers can identify with me right? I mean, how satisfying is it to arrange and rearrange your treasures until they are "just so" on those bookshelves?

Ideally this is done while drinking a fancy beverage and listening to some fabulous music. For this particular move, I enjoyed wine and my Best of 2011 playlist, which includes some Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bon Iver, and many more...but just wait, I'll get more into that in a future post.

I always feel more settled when my books are in their rightful places. Speaking of, I think I will go read right now.

Museum of Natural History after hours...

I love love love this slideshow on NYTimes' Photography Blog, Lens. German photographer Klaus Pichler had the fabulous idea of photographing the Museum of Natural History in Vienna after hours.

Pretty cute shark, but after watching American Horror Story I wouldn't want to be here after dark.

Thanks to Nikole Herriott,  of 46thatgrace, for tweeting this.

Favorites: Kirtsy...

I want to share one of my favorite places on the internet.  Founded by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso, and Laurie Smithwick of Upside Up, Kirtsy takes a unique approach to sharing pretty pictures on the internet.

Each day there is a new slideshow "curated" by a different individual. They are beautiful and inspiring and perfect with your morning coffee.

Some collections that have recently caught my eye:

Edgar Allan Poe, Curated by Laura Sweet of If It's Hip, It's Here

A Haunted Dollhouse, Curated by Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess

Rain, Curated by Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso

Hop over to sure to allow an extra bit of can get lost real quick. Enjoy.

My life until July...

About a month ago I started my yoga teacher training at Orbis Yoga in the Clifton Center in Louisville. Since 2008, I've been regularly practicing various types of yoga and I am so excited to be learning more about the discipline.

I don't plan on blogging about yoga too much (the last thing anyone needs is another "yoga journey" blog), but I might be posting some things once in awhile throughout the year.

If you have any interest in yoga, here are some links that I use to support my practice:

Yoga Journal

Ashtanga Yoga

Live Love Teach 

Baptiste Power Yoga with Sean and Karen Conley

Yoga Anatomy

Teachers that have helped me along the way:

Kim Esteran

Jenny Wicke

Selena Pang Minissi

Gioconda Parker

Dido Nydick