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Simon is two months old today. Crazy!

He's doing fabulous - we've really hit our stride enjoying long walks in the stroller, eating lunch with Andrew at work one day a week, and constantly visiting with grandparents, aunts/uncles, and cousins.

He's also already sleeping through the night...he loves his crib and loves going to bed?!? Is this normal?! Whatever, I'll take it.

I'm not excited about his two month doctor appointment on Friday...first shots! Ugh, I am dreading it, but he'll fine...surely...ha ha

Lots of great stuff happening right now so I thought I'd throw in a weekly report...


So much! Better Call Saul and Fargo both started back and are as good as ever. Silicon Valley started last night, which we'll watch tonight along with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The Handmaid's Tale starts this week on Hulu, which I'm super excited might be a little too timely right now, but I'm still watching. I watched the series finale of GIRLS and hated it...haha. So glad that show is over!

LISTEN much. New albums everywhere! But honestly, is there anything else but Lady Gaga's new single, The Cure? No. It's all there is right now.

I've also fully committed to listening to both episodes of Pod Save America per week. I love their frank attitude, but supported with major insider knowledge. 


We are gearing up for summer/spring gardening. Have I mentioned yet that I'm embracing yardwork this year? I am doing flower pots again this year, but we also have installed twelve wrought iron hooks on the house for hanging flower baskets...a lot to water, but I WILL do it...I WILL!

Oh and last week we went to see Bernie Sanders in Louisville. He says everything you want to hear and is so awesome...inspiring and also incredibly depressing because he's not in charge and the Orange Windsock baby-president is.

Trump's latest insanity from last night is baffling...bragging that he got higher ratings than 9/11 coverage on television....disgusting. He's disgusting and I am still in despair at what is happening in this country in case you're wondering.


I've been back at it for about two weeks now and it gets easier every day. In addition to yoga practice, I'm walking with the stroller (making myself attack hills around town), dancing my butt off in the studio (no shame, flailing for 45 minutes results in some serious sweat!), and on Saturday Kayla and I tried out the new indoor cycling studio in Louisville, Cyclebar. Tons of fun, I hope to go again this coming weekend.


Enjoying the ridiculous wine memoir, Cork Dork, from Bianca Bosker. The wine world is so weird. 

life is better with...honduran coffee

Today we have a guest post from Laura in Lou!

Laura Olinger is a fellow yoga instructor, nanny, and runner blogging in Louisville. 

She's about the sweetest person ever.

Go check out her blog: Laura in Lou.

You can also find her on twitter and instagram.

Roosters don’t crow when the sun comes up; they crow whenever the heck they want to. So, when my alarm goes off just after dawn, I’ve already been half awake for an hour. I throw on some clothes, put my hair in a pony tail, and meet my friends outside. We joke as we run out to the dirt road, and coast through the next village over, before ascending a hill, which is really more like a mountain, so maybe it should be called a mill or a hountain. Regardless, all I can think about as I climb to the top is breakfast. The exhilaration upon racing back down to the valley speeds me home and to the morning’s first cup of coffee.

This isn’t just a regular cup of joe. This is Honduran coffee. The beans are grown locally, in a country whose climate is ideal for its production. It’s ground and brewed in a way that makes it thicker, almost like an espresso but less concentrated. When I’ve got a long day ahead of me, it’s like my life blood.

That’s true no matter whether I’m doing volunteer work in Honduras, or stuck inside on a snowy day in Kentuckiana. I might be a little biased because after my recent trip to Honduras, my third, I’m more in love with the country than ever, but coffee there is just good. Along with sugar, which I’ve tasted straight in the cane, it’s the country’s top export. 

After my first trip to Honduras, I brought back coffee beans for my family, and they have requested it again each visit. Here in the U.S. it’s difficult but not impossible to find a good Honduran bean. Trader Joe’s offers a decent organic, fair trade option, but I’ve also seen it at Costco, in a Costco-size bag.

I am a firm believer in the Proustian idea that the taste of food conjures memory, so until the next time I’m enjoying my cafecito at a Honduran breakfast table, I’ll be savoring the beans I brought back and smiling over fond memories. 

¡Buen provecho!

life is better with...Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

sous-chef-2 I'm really enjoying this book. I was in a bit of slump between books...couldn't decide what to start next and then remembered I had this sitting on the shelf. Published in March, Michael Gibney's book is a minute by minute description of a typical day working in the restaurant industry.

Food books tend to be hit or miss for me. However, Gibney has an MFA in writing and it shows. So entertaining! I highly recommend! If you're interested in food that it is....also he's pretty young and it's nice to have  a different take on things....I'm a little tired of reading food books by curmudgeonly types a la Anthony Bourdain or Alice Waters...sorry.



life is better with...James Beck and Kevin Burg

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are at it again with their beautiful cinemagraphs. I will always love these subtle, moving photographs. They are one of my favorite things from the internet ever. It's like I'm reading a newspaper out of Harry Potter!

See more here. Thanks to Kayla for giving me the heads up with this one! So good.

life is better with...stickygrams

I have been in love with Stickygram for a long time. Do I love them so so much? Yes. Do I want a ton more? Yes. IMGP9760 For Instagram addicts, they are fabulous! So easy...Since I now have two giant magnetic strips of metal hanging in my kitchen, they fit in perfect around here. IMGP9754 And as a reader you can get $4 off a set of nine, or $10 off a case! Just type in promo code: FRIEND28QT. Free shipping all the way from London! These guys are too clever.

life is better with...katie rodgers

Katie Rodgers is a fashion I Love her. I'm a sucker for fashion illustration in general, but holy cow these are great. I absolutely love this print: And this one: I'm also in love with her Instagram account. She posts a ton of pictures of illustration and her creative process.

And how adorable is this?

life is better with...marcello barenghi

[youtube=] [youtube=]


I just have one question...HOW?!?!?!

I'm amazed by Marcello Barenghi and these videos.  They're kinda long. If you get bored at the beginning zuke it forward a minute or so and see the magic.

life is better with...this audiobook

After finishing Patti Smith's Just Kids halfway down to Asheville last weekend, I switched over to Kate Atkinson's Life After Life. This one has been on my list to read for awhile, but I am so glad I decided to listen to it instead. Narrated by British actress Fenella Woolgar, this audiobook sucks you in immediately. Creepy, funny, mysterious, fantastic.

I'm not sure why it has taken me this long to discover audiobooks via Overdrive at my local library, but I'm loving them! However, this book is loooooong and because I had my default circulation period set to just seven days, it disappeared off my phone and I'm only halfway finished. I'm second on a wait list to check it back out...good thing, because I wasn't getting anything done!

life (in kentuckiana) is better with...

Last night we went out to celebrate Andrew's mom's birthday at  The Exchange Pub + Kitchen in New Albany.

O.M.G. So wonderful! There have been several new restaurants opening in New Albany lately and I've  enjoyed most of them, but this is by far my favorite so far.

Located downtown in the Shrader's Stable building, this new gastropub is brilliantly styled with great food and a phenomenal cocktail-beer-wine list. 

Let's face it, you give me a fantastic cheese plate, a pint of IPA, and amazing creme brulee, I'm in.

With places like this, us Hoosiers have no need to cross the river for dinner...Love it.