february 2014


February taught me a few things...

1) Jury duty is for real...and can be incredibly depressing

2) A movie about LEGO can be "awesome!"

3) I need to get out and engage with the local yoga community MORE. It's great I'm able to practice consistently on my own, but getting out and practicing with other teachers this month has been so fun!

4) It's possible to wish for 30 degree weather...as in, that's really warm.

5) A Bose bluetooth speaker makes life better...and makes kitchen dancing even easier! Thanks to Andrew's surprise Valentine's present!

6) Tripod headstand is possible...and maybe even Crow pose to tripod then back to Crow! EEEEK! http://distilleryimage0.s3.amazonaws.com/6c23fda69a9211e38be512bcfd5e32a4_101.mp4

I have also decided to go forward and earn my 500 hr certification for yoga instruction (pretty much like getting a master's degree in the yoga world). So excited to be officially accepted into Asheville Yoga Center's 500 hr completion program...more on this later.

7) It's possible to find nonstop flights to NYC for a decent price on a random Thursday afternoon.

8) Being spontaneous is good...like buying tickets to see Aziz Ansari in April! Woohoo! Can't wait.

9) Matthew McConaughey knows what he's doing...you're watching True Detective right?!

10) Same sex marriage now recognized in Kentucky....AMAZING...Saw this infographic yesterday and just felt happy inside: Here's the rest of my month in photos:

IMG_20140223_083351 IMG_20140223_150657 IMG_20140225_204459 IMG_20140227_140421 IMG_20140227_171136 IMG_20140222_075639 IMG_20140222_125555 IMG_20140222_142702 IMG_20140222_144403 IMG_20140221_121753 IMG_20140218_152319 IMG_20140219_135508 IMG_20140215_134525 IMG_20140215_175705 IMG_20140216_101533 IMG_20140217_174002 IMG_20140214_104940 IMG_20140214_131314 IMG_20140214_155055 IMG_20140206_220925 IMG_20140208_124851 IMG_20140208_165251 IMG_20140208_174029 IMG_20140209_090508 IMG_20140209_121927 IMG_20140209_132004 IMG_20140209_145959 IMG_20140209_165514 IMG_20140210_145613 IMG_20140210_164257 IMG_20140211_145359 IMG_20140213_080853 IMG_20140213_153943 IMG_20140202_160649 IMG_20140202_181845 IMG_20140204_134233 IMG_20140204_140936 IMG_20140205_124401 IMG_20140205_124501 IMG_20140205_153912 IMG_20140206_115723 IMG_20140206_120232 IMG_20140207_145951 IMG_20140201_142635

jan 2014

IMG_20140129_185659 Things I learned this January:

1. IKEA can be even more fun than usual when you go on a weekday with a baby that never stops smiling.

2. I can fit twelve students in the studio...if we have to. So exciting! I am still so humbled by the number of people that have supported me in this little venture! Thanks all!

3. Kids are really funny and are noticeably less crazy after Christmas.

4. New Year's is great time to be in the yoga business---thank you to all the new students at the studio...you're awesome!

5. I can love snowy weather...if I'm working for a school...

6. ...but enough with the winter...my first real one in 10 years and it's -6 outside while I write this...yeah, that's right. BARF

7. Nothing makes your life brighter more than watching 2+ episodes of Parks & Recreation every night...working our way through season three now

8. We will go see Book of Mormon in Louisville on May 31st. Yessssssssss

9. I might have finally started making myself get up at 5am to do yoga a couple days a week...it's hard.

10. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated...sorry.

IMG_20140129_184834 IMG_20140126_100431 IMG_20140126_152854 IMG_20140127_153808 IMG_20140125_072803 IMG_20140123_154521 IMG_20140123_170643 IMG_20140124_163900 IMG_20140119_184714 IMG_20140120_150219 IMG_20140120_162011 IMG_20140121_120016 IMG_20140121_123334 IMG_20140121_133611 IMG_20140121_184832 IMG_20140122_113007 IMG_20140122_125004 IMG_20140122_150436 IMG_20140117_125446 IMG_20140118_142840 IMG_20140119_133114 IMG_20140119_135805 IMG_20140119_164915 2014-01-10_1389369165 2014-01-10_1389374098 2014-01-10_1389397792 2014-01-12_1389537692 2014-01-12_1389551130 2014-01-12_1389559913 2014-01-14_1389709418 2014-01-14_1389731582 2014-01-14_1389731690 2014-01-14_1389734215 2014-01-15_1389801706 2014-01-15_1389804930 2014-01-15_1389815981 2014-01-16_1389834493 2014-01-06_1389043190 2014-01-09_1389305325 2014-01-05_1388885764 2014-01-05_1388941239 2014-01-05_1388960854 2014-01-05_1388961020 2014-01-06_1389018413 2014-01-06_1389031101 2014-01-07_1389054433 2014-01-07_1389054650 2014-01-07_1389106708 2014-01-07_1389110728 2014-01-07_1389116827 2014-01-07_1389124354 2014-01-07_1389129323 2014-01-08_1389146444 2014-01-08_1389211714 2014-01-10_1389316261 2013-12-29_1388334214 2013-12-31_1388502918 2013-12-31_1388520601 2014-01-01_1388591559 2014-01-01_1388600362 2014-01-01_1388601183 2014-01-02_1388688082 2014-01-03_1388710533 2014-01-03_1388761954 2014-01-03_1388767511 2014-01-03_1388782363 2014-01-04_1388867933

this guy

2014-01-06 19.03.52 It's already Friday...yay.

Due to crazy cold temps around here (and nearly everywhere else in the US) I didn't have to work Monday or Tuesday...had a two hr delay on Wednesday. Talk about easing back into school! It was fabulous! 2014-01-07 14.19.44

We are little worried about Mr. Bageldog. He's been kinda limping since Christmas, which isn't totally abnormal since he has carpal tunnel in his legs (I know...ridiculous). This time it's one of his back legs and it's not really getting any better. Poor boy is 10 years old and starting to show it I'm afraid. He's so sweet.

My news lens arrived this week too. I have been having a blast playing around with it...Still trying to figure it out, but omg so good.

2014-01-07 14.17.492014-01-07 14.30.55 Why I'm headed to TJs and Whole Foods today after work  2014-01-07 09.40.35 Flip top storage! 2014-01-07 14.13.57 My definition of weeknight supper 2014-01-07 14.11.242014-01-07 14.43.09

And these were all taken with manual focus...I didn't realize until the end of the day that with the lens, automatic focus is possible! HA! Can't wait to see what I can do when things aren't blurry...what a goober

Have a great weekend!



Camera Workout: Week 52!! 52!!

2013-12-25 10.30.54New camera lens surprise Christmas present from Andrew...can't wait until it gets here!

Andrew's parents completely overwhelmed me with a print from Katie Rodgers, a fashion illustrator I gushed about on this very blog! 2013-12-25 13.27.49

Yay yay yay 2013-12-25 08.39.53 Wrapping paper...fascinating. 2013-12-25 10.01.11 I spy Smartwools... 2013-12-25 10.02.44 I've got a long way to go 2013-12-25 10.14.11 Dad made us a kitchen table for Christmas. So MAJOR! 2013-12-25 13.16.51 SALAD 2013-12-25 14.27.26 Andrew decides to play with some funky filters on the Pentax...EYEBALL! 2013-12-25 14.09.34 At-home dry cleaning for a bajillion stuffed animals from work...living the dream 2013-12-27 15.58.29

We're a little worried about this guy...his back legs have been hurting him this week...afraid arthritis might be setting in... 2013-12-24 11.10.13

Well, I did it! I cannot believe I made it all 52 weeks. I'll be back tomorrow with my December wrap-up and a year wrap up! Busy time here on the blog!

Camera Workout: Week 51 and Happy Christmas!

IMGP9791 Andrew decided to have a photo session with our new favorite ornament...I kinda love it.

Mom's face...my face...my arm?!? What the heck...


That drool is real 2013-12-22 15.38.57 Was cleaning out old photos and found this...real, live documentation of what my bedroom looked like in high school...oh boy 2013-12-15 15.45.49

Bracelet bowl gets a freshening up too 2013-12-22 12.29.00 Andrew caught me headstanding...working on not using the wall...it's getting there!

IMGP9774 Dog mania again.

2013-12-22 15.38.07

One of our favorite Christmas decorations...a Purdue Santa...ha! IMGP9824 Finally, how could I not include a photo with baby Graham!? unnamed

Only one week left--lots more holiday snaps to come next week. Happy Christmas all! I need to jump off here now so I can walk across the street to the parents for PRESENT OPENING!





Camera Workout: Week 49

2013-12-01 14.46.13Yep, still haven't cleaned that spice drawer.

This goat milk caramel from Looking Glass Creamery in Asheville is serious...and traditional. 2013-12-01 15.07.51 GLOGG! Made my first batch way too strong on the spice end...need to dial it back a bit 2013-12-01 15.08.20 Attempt at a bundled up photo. 2013-12-06 15.28.49 Cold...cold, cold, cold, cold 2013-12-06 15.39.26 Garage death trap 2013-12-07 13.27.38 A little crazy 2013-12-07 13.27.54 This guy is not a fan of the snow 2013-12-07 13.34.10 Andrew takes up the caramel making torch...in the guild now 2013-12-08 14.40.05 Big thanks to Mom for deep cleaning our sink during caramel making...Josh Groban carols facilitated this 2013-12-08 14.38.51 This book is massive and just as good as everyone says 2013-12-09 08.29.21

Camera Workout: Week 47

2013-11-23 14.41.40finally found a place for some empty Asheville and New Albany growlers french toast working 2013-11-24 08.52.53 Can't wait to put our ornaments on 2013-11-24 09.51.56 Art time 2013-11-24 16.09.20 bouncy balls > tennis balls for myofascial release 2013-11-24 09.22.23 Holiday time in the studio 2013-11-25 17.40.02 Oh to be Reuben 2013-11-25 22.11.33 Short on photos this week, but given the holiday, next week's should be big. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!



Camera Workout: Week 45

2013-11-10 09.55.24Breakfast burritos on Sunday. So good. 2013-11-10 09.59.40 Oh to be this relaxed... 2013-11-10 11.39.45 Lasagna prep...I spent all day Sunday in the kitchen making meals for the week...lasagna, soups, enchildadas, etc. Makes a huge mess & takes awhile, but come Thursday, you're grateful! 2013-11-10 13.23.21 Scaffolding means you mean business...and I totally just had to Google how to spell scaffolding. 2013-11-10 14.04.20 Trying to sneak in a picture of the new light! Dad and Andrew made this in about two weeks...cannot believe it...it's so beautiful! 2013-11-10 14.37.41 Woohoo! Photos really don't capture it...so great when it's dark outside 2013-11-10 14.54.06 Finally, had to include a photo of....OUR LAND!?!? We closed on the land on Tuesday, so it's official! Excited to start thinking about house/studio plans...yeeeeeee IMGP9182

Camera Workout: Week 44

2013-10-30 14.35.12ring bling in traffic zero trick or treaters meant we ate this...all except for the whoppers and jolly ranchers of course 2013-10-30 14.54.40 Bageldog shoulder 2013-10-30 15.10.07 If you're in a store, see this, get incredibly disgusted, and then curious to see what it smells like, DON'T do it. I'm still recovering. Gross.2013-11-02 11.26.01 This Japanese maple looks amazing out the studio windows...perfect focal point for classes 2013-11-02 14.11.04

Leavenworth, Indiana 2013-11-02 11.35.25 It's kitty girl! Oh, and Hammy 20131102_162419_1 Gift cards for classes now available at the studio 2013-11-03 13.34.12 the start of some Pioneer Woman baked fudge...I use Earth Balance instead of butter, can't tell a difference at all--100% decadent chocolate dessert with almost no effort at all. 2013-11-03 14.49.08 And it's even better when you have pretty new ramekins 2013-11-03 14.49.47 There was a lot of this last weekend 2013-11-03 16.55.20 Lots of family portraits at the park...pretty sure we might have walked through the background of at least one 2013-11-03 16.59.19 BASIL 2013-11-03 17.24.53 I'm in the middle of book fair and yoga has been exploding (in a good way). Things are going quick!

Camera Workout: Week 42

2013-10-17 10.50.06This won't lastHow many shoe pictures can I take? 2013-10-18 15.29.07 So pretty 2013-10-18 15.31.05 Hot air balloon goes by the house! 2013-10-18 17.39.01 Ok, done with watching the balloon 2013-10-18 17.39.45 grocery run which resulted in stuffing our faces with cheddar bunnies and looking around at the rest of it like...dang 2013-10-20 13.48.50 I made those! After a few failed attempts, I'm happy about that...all thanks to the Pioneer Woman of course. 2013-10-20 16.02.44 Fierce kitty 2013-10-20 14.18.57 I love it when the landlords come and install a big piece of metal for me...more space for pretty things! 2013-10-20 16.28.02

See...I told ya. 2013-10-21 16.14.46

a good feeling

2013-10-16_1381958994Yesterday, we made the final payment on our graduate school loans. Ahhhhhhhhh....that's me breathing a sigh of relief. We didn't have an insurmountable amount, but it was something for sure. Both Andrew and I absolutely hate having any debt, so it was tough to borrow the money in the first place. While it has been a great thing professionally for Andrew, I have yet to reap any financial benefits from my master's in modern & contemporary literature...who knew?!?! Haha, just kidding.

However, when we initially took out out loans, I knew it was just as much for the experience of living in Edinburgh, Scotland than for the education. It was a wonderful year for us. I value my education very much, but if we hadn't lived there, who knows if I would have found yoga. It was in Edinburgh that I started practicing seriously and discovered ashtanga. Big, big thank you to Bristo Yoga Studio, now Meadowlark Yoga for giving me a fantastic start in the practice.

Andrew and I made a promise to one another...that we would do everything in our power to have it paid off before we turned thirty. Well, I turn 29 next month--finished a whole year early! Woohoo! We've made many conscious decisions, big and small, that made it possible: no car payments, no cell phone contracts (plug for Virgin Mobile...prepaid smartphones rock my world), renting a small house instead of buying, shopping consignment and IKEA for clothes, furniture, etc, and going vegetarian at home has made a bit of a difference too. Things are good and I'm proud of us.

Also, I want to share this wonderful time-lapse tour of Louisville from Eric Stemen of videobred.  [vimeo http://vimeo.com/76161556]

This video makes me so glad to live back in Kentuckiana during this exciting time for Louisville. Each year we've been back, it gets more and more vibrant.



Camera Workout: Week 41

IMGP9507I apologize for the number of dogs photos in this post. Sometimes you just have to...I promise, I interact with humans...sometimes. IMGP9483 Tis the season 2013-10-11 17.21.46 Macaroons all the way from Thomas Keller's bakery at Bouchon. 2013-10-12 12.53.58 Pre-walk excitement...i.e...losing their minds IMGP9517 Because we had a baby and a baby sized armchair nearby... IMGP9557 Stop it. IMGP9554 Love this picture! IMGP9609

This is a funny looking dog 2013-10-13 12.13.06 So happy to have a resource for Lone Star...Texas Forever...Ah, I miss Friday Night Lights 2013-10-13 17.37.11 Is it just me or should this cat be bigger by now? 2013-10-12 15.10.47 That's jalapeno cheddar cornbread bubbling. 2013-10-14 15.38.08 Watching Giada while cooking...please try to ignore the horrible smudges on my iPad screen...gross 2013-10-14 15.44.41 Boot season baby! 2013-10-15 15.07.18

I'm still on fall break. Headed back to work on Monday. Have been doing nothing cooking and reading really. Took all last week off yoga due to a pulled muscle, it's crazy how much different a week makes...I feel stiff as a board in there!

Happy Birthday Blog!

2011-10-30_1319987439This picture was taken the week I started my blog--two years ago exactly! We were in the middle of moving from a house that my in-laws were renting to us, to the house we currently live in, which my parents rent to us! So. Grown. Up.

Can't believe I'm still going with this dang thing. When I was looking back at those first few or maybe ten months, I was appalled! This thing looked kinda bad. But that's ok! I was learning. If anyone is still reading--lord love ya! THANKS! I really enjoy blogging, mostly for myself more than anything else. It's a scrapbook I'll always have, but won't take up space on my bookshelves.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

Power Shoulders A Wonderful Christmas Dancers Among Us My Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Playlist....so good! A few of my favorite photos...Norway A Fair Parade Some photos of good old Asheville My Own Boss This Year My Life was Better with... Orbis Yoga -- One of the best


I'm sure there are more, but those are what pop out at me right now.

Thanks much for reading!

Camera Workout: Week 39

2013-09-26 16.31.47This spice drawer is in desperate need of organization. a sunny table at Havana Rumba 2013-09-28 18.05.16

Found this photo on my phone...Andrew tried to fix my car iPod adapter...needed a photo for internet research...too bad he couldn't fix before my trip this weekend... 2013-09-29 10.12.49

Reuben is not amused by Breaking Bad marathons 2013-09-29 11.43.45

Scottish beer + vegan peanut butter oreo crust pie is necessary for a Breaking Bad finale 2013-09-29 20.55.38

Needless to say my photos this week are lackluster at best...haven't used my SLR in weeks...I'm taking it with me to Asheville on Friday...hopefully will get some decent shots in.


Camera Workout: Week 38

2013-09-20 09.12.51Walking in AshevilleUNCA! 2013-09-20 09.36.52

Shoe heaven at Tops for Shoes 2013-09-20 11.01.17

Headed to the best used bookstore ever 2013-09-20 13.23.03

Sitting out on that terrace drinking wine looking at the mountains. I don't need anything else 2013-09-20 17.45.14

Seriously 20130920_185401

Malaprop's! 2013-09-20 15.30.04

Realizing I go to all the same places every visit...yay for getting to see Tate! 2013-09-21 13.09.02

and all that fun results in a desperate grocery run upon return. Enormous props to Andrew for cleaning the entire house spic-n-span while I was gone! 2013-09-24 15.00.44

Happy Friday!

2013-09-08 15.47.33 Our poor kitty girl got spayed yesterday so she's feeling under the weather. I've also had a tough week. Between Reuben's ordeal with food poisoning, a major attack of chigger bites (OMG my ankles!!!), kitty's surgery, 90+ degree weather, & a random jammed finger, I've been a hot mess! Things are looking up today though...great temps outside, Friday, and we've actually had a stellar week at the studio.

Real quick...can we please talk about how insanely good Breaking Bad is right now?!?!? And how fantastic this Jimmy Fallon parody is?!?!?! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLykzf464sU9-uj2DvWN3k3S6k_EPDw9pN&v=duKL2dAJN6I&feature=player_embedded]

Camera Workout: Week 36

2013-09-05 16.12.01Trying to break in and flatten 8 Manduka PROs...not easy

The glory of a happy meal toy

2013-09-07 11.48.42 Night out at Basa to celebrate Andrew's new job (yay!). I had a lobster + crab bisque with citrus greek yogurt sauce that was maybe one of the best things I've ever eaten 2013-09-07 18.53.30 Giving kitty girl some love after a motorcycle ride 2013-09-08 15.47.16 Weekend 2013-09-08 15.49.31

Two days in the hospital, hooked up to IV fluids will make you feel sad: 2013-09-10 15.33.59

I know I blogged about her first cookbook way back when, but I hate to say it, I love this one too! Only one thing: she likes to "recommend" you buy the most expensive, fair-trade, organic, free range, blah blah blabbity blah version of every ingredient. I have used what I have and the recipes seem fine. Also, I've been cracking up at some of the rare "candid" photos of her and her children throughout the book. 2013-09-11 15.08.23 Zooming out a bit here. When will I use my kitchen table for anything other than a dumping ground for library books, purses, bags, mail, etc? 2013-09-11 15.09.06

Camera Workout: Week 35

2013-09-01 11.11.52 Kitty is still living large

Life of an elementary school librarian: getting super excited about new Captain Underpants, Big Nate, & Geronimo Stilton on clearance at Wal-Mart while you're buying toilet paper. 2013-09-01 13.24.06Sudden downpour2013-09-02 14.40.16 Used Labor Day to do that annoying, color-coordinated bookshelf thing 2013-09-02 12.13.08 Only B&W 2013-09-02 12.30.40 One of those times you get home from the grocery, look in the fridge and think: what the heck did I buy?!? 2013-09-02 16.48.08 This boy 2013-09-03 20.46.38

It's still in the high 80s/90s here!! BOO...BRING ON FALL!