I forgot to take photos

This post has no photos. Why? Because I forgot to take them. Today I had several local yoga instructors/yoginis out to the studio for a class and a late afternoon meal. We laughed, ate, drank wine and had a fabulous time.

Here's the real deal. When I'm socializing, I NEVER remember to take out the phone. 

I was too busy laughing, teaching yoga, hosting, and enjoying everyone's company. Part of me was upset after it was over because I didn't capture a single photo with my phone. WHAT!? Just because I didn't Instagram it, doesn't mean it wasn't great. 

Social media might be what brought a lot of us together, but when I get that rare moment to spend time with internet friends IRL, I like to be present.

Thank you to all who came...it means A LOT to have you take the time and energy to come to Corydon from Louisville. If you took photos, I'd love to see them! HA!

 I will see you all soon--much love,


Happy spring to all!

The world seems to be buzzing with activity, especially around these parts. Louisville is a host for the first round of NCAA men's basketball this weekend, the second race of triple crown is about to take off, and I'm looking at the next nine days off of work! Oh and don't even get me started about how lululemon oxmoor is having a markdown sale today! I'm not going, I'm not going, I'm going...

The to-do list is long for my spring break. In addition to painting the two upstairs bedrooms, I've got to get my head on straight in terms of the next three months. From April 1st on, the calendar is looking a little insane. So many great things to look forward to, but phew, it's going to be fast. 

Things I'm gearing up for include a full week of classes with Saraswathi Jois at Yoga East here in Louisville. (WHHHHHHHHHHHHA!?!?!?) A dream come true to say the least. The only thing that makes me nervous is that I have to be in Louisville ready to practice by 6:00am...

Teaching yoga for the local high school cheer squad. It was a blast last time, looking forward to doing it again.

Yin yoga teacher training in Asheville. I've wanted some official training in yin for awhile--really excited for this one.

There are some big changes coming for the studio. Most of my regular students are already aware of the upcoming shift, but I'll share more on that later.

So yeah....and that doesn't even get me to June, which includes two separate trips to Asheville!

Oh and most important, on top of all that, I think that I might have to finally breakdown and get a new pair of Chaco's! BAH!

Give me strength...and the abillity to cook and freeze meals this week.

Happy Spring all!