march 2015

Anyone think this month was one of the longest ever?

It feels like I did my February wrap-up over a year ago. There was SO MUCH SNOW. So much COLD. So much waiting....for spring...which is still not quite here...

Let's see...what do I have to offer:

1. The Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Pandora station. I know, but you'll be jamming.

2. New-to-me blogs/websites I've been loving include The First Mess and The New Potato. If you like fun, quick, and unique celebrity interviews, check out latter, but be prepared to lose an hour. Easy.

3. I made a ton of multicolored carrots from Trader Joe's. Those are ridiculously delicious.

4. We got around to painting upstairs. It was relatively painless. BUT STILL.

5. I have finally read Wallace Stegner and yep, he's amazing.

March 2014

2014-03-21_1395424658 Starting with massive snow storm and ending in NYC madness...March, you were great!

1. Don't wear fleece footie pajamas while walking down hardwood steps at 6:00am with a large cup of full coffee in will fall and learn that it's possible to lie in a puddle of self defeat contemplating life, covered in coffee while wearing fleece. And be incredibly sore for the next few days.

2. Pharrell Williams--you're awesome.

3. Kids these days still love high quality audiobooks and will listen to them with total attention.

4. Not only is headstand possible, but moving legs around in crazy positions while doing so might be too...EEK

5. Tom Collichio knows what he's doing....Craft was amazing.

6. Idina Menzel can sing like that IRL...and even louder.

7. Visiting with friends you haven't seen in a long while is good for the soul.

8. This song on repeat: [youtube]

9. UK vs. U of L brings out the true workings on people in this area.

10. Call the Midwife is about 100x better than Downton Abbey...sorry.

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What a great month!


Andrew started new job (and bonus...seems to really like it!), I got a raise + possible benefits at my day job (!!!!), and had great attendance at the studio (I love my students).  However, I have developed an addiction to  Lotsa Pasta frozen calzones that needs to be addressed and the weather was pretty poor (snow on my spring break!? BOO).


Unfortunately for Andrew, I have also been listening to the new Blake Shelton album on repeat which is truly deplorable. I think every song has the words "beer," "truck," "blue jeans," "sweet tea," "moonlight," "redneck," about 10 times...ahhh it's good, so so good. I have thrown this song in for good measure...equally annoying in a totally different way.


Also my library got about 1000x more fun when my shipment of new books arrived we have all 18 Elephant & Piggie books to read over and over again! Victory!



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Bring on Spring Playlist

here are a few songs I'm listening to this weekend, in celebration of it finally being March:

"Mind Your Manners" -- Chiddy Bang feat. Icona Pop [youtube=]

"Hurt Like Mine" -- The Black Keys [youtube=]

"Eet: Live in London" -- Regina Spektor [youtube=]

"Somebody That I Used to Know" -- Gotye feat. Kimbra [youtube=]

 "Deconstruction" -- Fanfarlo [youtube=]

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