Happy Friday Y'all!

IMG_2963 Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday.

Totally spaced on a Valentine's post for yesterday, so I suppose I'll put a pic up today. My idea of true love? Arriving in a Scandinavian country where a beer cost $20, long underwear is required, there is only 4 hours of daylight, and your apartment is 300 sq. ft and then...getting married. WHAT were we THINKING?!

Happy Friday--hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!

Things that defined my week: the horrifying realization that I have allergies, the Postal Service's first new song in over a decade, discovering this list...whoa, didn't realize so many great albums are coming out in 2013! Also, I don't think I could have made it through this week without homemade smoothies--recipes coming up soon!

Enjoy your weekend.

beautiful weather weekend

Saturday and Sunday both started out dark & gloomy, but cleared up into BEAUTIFUL days.

did a ton of yoga, watched basketball, and broke my cardinal rule of grocery shopping:

bc I eat it like it is my job, I have only bought Nutella on my birthday for the past few years...but WHATEVER, I just felt like it.

 lots of walks:

Bagel Dog didn't care much for the game:

and finished the weekend with a long country drive at sunset....one of my all-time favorites things to do...especially when a trip to Polly's makes it in.

this is why I live in Corydon:

after our drive, we got home and started watching Frozen Planet. Still on the fence regarding the Alec Baldwin narration...I have a hard separating him from Jack Donaghy...HA