you better be watching this

Are you watching Black Mirror on Netflix?

If you're not, GO NOW. It's one of most creative, well-written, well-acted, brilliant things I've watched.

Watch it now and tweet me what you think. It's all I can think about right now.

However, a caveat. Since every episode of this show is a stand alone story, I suggest starting with the first episode of season two called "Be Right Back." It's the best and the very first episode is so bonkers you might be scared to watch more. Also, the last episode is totally weak. Didn't like it at all.

There's a Christmas special starring Jon Hamm coming up...time to get stealth and find out how to watch it online!




All-Time Greatest: TV

10tv Entertainment Weekly has been extra fun lately. With its new 100 All-Time Greatest issue, they have put out some definitive, "All-Time Greatest" lists of books, movies, tv, music, and style. I love me a good top ten list! And of course whenever I see anyone else's lists, I feel inspired to make my own.

Here are my ten "all-time greatest" of television in order:

10. Friday Night Lights

9. Curb Your Enthusiasm 8. LOST 7.  Arrested Development 6. Freaks and Geeks 5. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

4. Breaking Bad

3. Sex and the City

2. Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends

1. Mad Men

Please note: This list has been made without having watched The Wire or The Sopranos. We are about to start the latter.

life is better (I guess) with these podcasts...

IMGP8139 Talk of the Nation, Fresh Air, The Diane Rehm Show, On Point, Q, Radiolab, Filmspotting, Two Gomers Run for Their Lives, Nerdist, Intelligence Squared and more.

Okay. So those are some podcasts that I truly enjoy almost every day. I learn a lot and I feel mentally stimulated.  And then there are these:

The Joy the Baker podcast

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour

Slate Culture Gabfest

Double X Gabfest

I don't like to say that I "hate-listen" to these shows, but I'm afraid it's kind of true. Every week I find myself simultaneously annoyed and amused. They almost always incite a rant that begins with something "OMG I can't believe these people!?!?!?!" So....WHY do I keep listening? I have lots of interest in the topics,, yet I often disagree so strongly with the hosts' opinions that I find myself wanting to pull my hair out. It's like being at a dinner party with no ability to interject and voice one's opinion!

I mean, c' endorsement of banana pudding: "the ultimate summer dessert concoction of bananas, pudding, Nilla wafers, and whipped cream" or an in-depth analysis of Nicki Minaj's judging technique on America Idol?!

However, it might not be so bad to listen to the viewpoints that differ from your own...I suppose it's good for me...

Do you "hate-listen" to podcasts/talk radio?!? Am I the only one?!

my gal pal round-up of living ladies to look up to

Happy Tuesday Y'all! I have Wednesday-Friday off, so it's my Friday. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

In addition, I have something to say about us ladies.

There was such a strong emphasis on the importance of "women" in this election. I put the word in quotations because I will never understand referring to 51% of the world's population as a special interest group. And, as a lady who does not find weddings particularly interesting, does not wear makeup,and  does not have babies, a lot of target marketing and media is lost on me.

Here's who I look to:

Tina Fey

Terry Gross

Claire Danes

Ellen Degeneres

Joan Didion

Joy the Baker For more sane lady talk, I also recommend:

The Hairpin Jezebel Slate's DoubleX SmartLadiesLoveStuff

I'll be back a bunch this week with some fun stuff - yay for a work break + Thanksgiving + my birthday + wedding anniversary!

source, source, sourcesource, source,  source, source

Happy Friiiiiiday! And some something...

How is it already Friday again...HOW?!?! Not that I'm complaining--I'm mostly just giggling in excitement. Potluck with my lovely yoga dears from OYTT tonight--it's been too long, can't wait to see you!

oh deeeeeeeear. I know I'm not going to get any relief until after November 6th, but NPR, PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU! Please cover something without somehow tying it back to the presidential election!?!?! PLEASE?!?!!?

In the past two weeks, I've managed to find a little something via podcast, but also have been on a bit of a Spotify binge in protest, here's what I've been listening to...

"What the 'Influencing Machine' teaches College Kids" Talk of the Nation -- September 17, 2012 Had to drive straight to the library and check out this book while listening to this discussion.

since when do I listen to Maroon 5? And like it?!?! [youtube=]

As usual Fresh Air is one of the only shows that keeps it up with great interviews lately: Andrew Rannells, W. Kamau Bell, and Michael Shannon

I'm going to try and go through the archives and catch up on the rest...will maybe throw out some more selections over the weekend.


Listen to This!

"Top 10 Films of All Time" Filmspotting One of my most standby podcasts...finally lay out their all-time top 10...very thorough as usual.

"First Listen: Gaby Moreno, 'Postales'"  NPR All Songs Considered  - August 19, 2012

"Bill Hader on Sketch Comedy, his love of Old Films" Fresh Air - August 23, 2012

"Unexpected Meetings" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - August 21, 2012

"Sidekicks, Holograms, and PCHH 101" NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - August 24, 2012 Worth listening to just for the discovery of this cover of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

Happy Friday! Listening & folding, breaking lots of bad, and those Dark Knights are rising!

Uhhhhhh so this is what it looked like outside last night. !!!

I have not edited or added any filter to these photos--it was like a horror movie out there!

Ready for the weekend! Excited to have Tate popping in for a quick visit today. Dark Knight Rises tonight, teaching tomorrow morning, finish  Breaking Bad (we will be able to watch new episode Sunday!) it okay to admit that I'm also kinda amped for the Bachelorette finale on Sunday evening? Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Folding laundry this weekend? Check these out!

"Innovation Stagnation: BRAVO's Andy Cohen" Q with Jian Gomeshi - July 16, 2012 An interview with the mastermind behind the Real Housewives? Yes.

"Aaron Sorkin: The Writer Behind the Newsroom" Fresh Air - July 16, 2012

"Jeff Faux: The Servant Economy" The Diane Rehm Show - July 17, 2012 Probably the most pessimistic viewpoint on the future of the American economy I've heard in a looooong time. Sadly, this guy makes a lot of sense...

"Dodged a Fairy Bullet" Joy the Baker podcast - July 19. 2012

Only four this week...NPR was a bit snoozerville this week.

The Burning House

I found The Burning House last year, forgot about it, then stumbled back across it recently. Such a cool idea! It's a tumblr that features submissions from people all over the world, photographing the items they would save if their house was burning.

Of course I had to make my own:

My list:

  • teddy bear I gave to my Grandmother at age three--she returned it right before she died seven years ago
  • framed origami heart out of The Beatles, "All You Need is Love." sheet music. Purchased at street fair in Notting Hill
  • Autographed, first edition copy of Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, The Virgin Suicides. My favorite book.
  • crab ashtray--once belonged to my Grandmother
  • a Baywatch Barbie tumbler--beloved shared keepsake of my aunt Lis and I
  • Frye Harness Boots -- olive green
  • yoga mat
  • iPad
  • whale paperweight --once belonged to my grandmother
  • journal containing lists, ideas, drawings, and moments I don't want to forget throughout the years

What would you save?

Listen to This!

This week I enjoyed...

"Is the Coconut Water Craze All It's Cracked up to Be? Morning Edition - June 18, 2012 Have been waiting for tired of this stuff!

"Inside Mexico's Drug Trade" On Point with Tom Ashbrook --June 19, 2012 Bonkers.

"The Bumper Sticker Debate" Two Gomers Run for Their Lives -- June 19, 2012 The Gomers are back--one of my favorite non-NPR podcasts for sure.

"Jeff Daniels: Ancoring the Cast of the 'Newsroom'" Fresh Air -- June 20, 2012 I always like Terry Gross' interviews with Jeff Daniels!

The Culture Gabfest: "Curb Appeal" Edition Slate Magazine -- June 20, 2012 Discussion including two of my favorite topics: songs of summer and HGTV's House Hunters!



Listen to this!

my five favorites of the week! It was a stellar week for life in general and audio listening....really hard to pick only five.

"'Call Me Maybe': Behind the Song of the Summer" All Things Considered --  June 9, 2012 Hilarious examination of the "weapons grade earworm" that is "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Also, a short interview where they mention this:


"Joan Rivers hates You, Herself, and Everything Else" Fresh Air with Terry Gross -- June 11, 2012

"Favorite Music of 2012 (So Far)" All Songs Considered -- June 12, 2012 Every year I look forward to both this show and the year end's discussion. I love the dynamic between the hosts and always discover a bunch of music!

My favorite discovery:


Also...some more heated debate over Carly Rae Jepsen.

"Great Summer Reads" On Point with Tom Ashbrook -- June 13, 2012

"Camp Awkward" Joy the Baker podcast with Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean -- June 14, 2012 OMG -- a verbal mention of this blog that you are like totally reading RIGHT NOW on one of my FAVORITE podcasts! hashtag omgdying.

I've been listening to lots of new music. At the beginning of every season, I make a new playlist on Spotify and just dump everything I like into it. Here's what I'm listening to for Summer 2012.

Christmas 2012...already looking a little movie crazy




This Christmas is going to be a movie-watching bonanza extravaganza.

Pretty excited about all of these, even if I have a hate-hate relationship with Baz Luhrmann movies).

Most excited for Les Miserables though--first trailer released today!

source  Ann Street Studio: you. are. awesome

5 Songs I'm dancing to right now...

I'm in a happy song mood lately and have been dancing around my house to these songs. Let me preface this with that two of these are extremely guilty pleasures...can you guess which ones?

"All I Want to Do" -- Sugarland


"Payphone" -- Maroon 5


"Hold On" -- Alabama Shakes


"What Makes You Beautiful" -- One Direction


"In for the Kill" (Skrillex remix) -- La Roux


Find this playlist on Spotify here.

Who watched The Bachelor last night?

Um, Is it wrong to already have a guilty pleasure for 2012 three days in?!?! Yikes, I need help.

My face was completely exhausted by the end of the night from all the crazy disgusted faces it was making...this show is CRAZY. What I find fascinating is how it takes itself so seriously, yet at the same time it is winks at the audience by exploiting complete crazyheads who are starved for media attention.

I need to get a grip and read a book. Damn.

Year End Lists: National Geographic Photos of 2011

I love December. Not just because of the holidays, but because December brings about one of my most favorite elements of pop culture: the end of year list. I have shared some my favorites and have some more to come soon, but I would much rather consume these lists than make them myself.

Today one of my favorites was published--the results of National Geographic's photography contest. Every year these boggle my mind.

Ron Mueck's creepy hyperrealism

I found Ron Mueck's unbelievable and admittedly creepy hyperrealistic sculptures a few years ago. My husband Andrew has been lucky enough to see Mueck's massive Millenium Boy in person:

I would give anything to be able to see one these massive, fiberglass people in the "flesh."

For more information, reviews, and photos of Mueck's other works:

The Brooklyn Museum

NYTimes Art Review

I was inspired to post Mueck after seeing the latest post by @pedrosalma on GoPantone, which features realistic sculpture from Carole A. Feuerman

Too many podcasts, too little time...

I've been addicted to podcasts for the past few years. It all started when I moved to Europe in 2008, did not have a car, and found myself reliant on public transportation and my own two feet. I was also working full-time as an Au Pair for an adorable little one who was not yet capable of conversation. With days full of lengthy walks and bus rides, I quickly realized that I should make the most of it. I started obsessively perusing iTunes. Three years later (with a lot of trial and error) I've emerged with a stable slate of programs and I cannot imagine my life without them!

From listening to these voices (I refer to them as my virtual imaginary friends) I have discovered more than I will ever have time to read, listen, watch, see, etc:

The Diane Rehm Show

2 hrs everyday of the most objective voice of reason on NPR.


Weekly film reviews from Adam Kempenaar and guests. Based out of Chicago--incredibly comprehensive and fun! Fair warning: for the serious movie buffs...they really know their stuff!

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour

By far the funniest, most reliable source of pop culture commentary on radio, tv, or elsewhere. Thanks to @nprmonkeysee@ghweldon @treygraham and @idislikestephen

Double X Gabfest at Slate Magazine

Ladies talking intelligently about ladies.

The Culture Gabfest at Slate Magazine

Beware: this takes me straight back to graduate school (University of Edinburgh, UK MSc. Modern Literature).  In other words, if you care passionately about issues that really have no effect on 99% of the population, this podcast is for you.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Hopefully this needs no explanation.

Two Gomers Run for Their Lives

One of my absolute favorites. Like they say, this podcast comes from "two regular guys:" @gomer1 and @gomer2. Full of relatable chatter on movies, tv, food, daily life, or yeah, and sometimes running.

And sadly, many more...just ask if you need more recommendations!