Poses we've got 7 left...


Ok. I'm going to be honest. I have really dislike this yearly, "pose of the week" challenge I gave myself. Why did I keep it up then? Because I'm super stubborn when it comes to goals that I give myself.

I just haven't enjoyed writing them at all. In fact, I'm not sure I like writing about yoga. For me, teaching and doing yoga is not something that is easily translated into words...especially ones you have to type out and properly punctuate.

So, we've got seven left. Do I follow through? Kind of. This is my last pose post of the year, we're getting all seven done today!


Wow. Maria Villella makes it looks effortless yeah?! I really love this YouTube channel-- 1 Percent Theory. Great high quality video.

While I did post about Surya Namaskara in general, I realize that I have yet to touch on the basic postures individually that make up Surya Namaskara A + B: UtkatasanaUrdhva Hastasana, Ardha UttanasanaUttanasana, High Plank, Urdhva Mukha SvanasanaVirabhadrasana I

Click each pose name for a detailed description.


Don't worry, there's a method to my madness as well. I'll be posting on it again, but on January 1st, I'll be teaching at a fun event hosted by 502 Power Yoga at the Kentucky Science Center. Various instructors from around the area will be leading the community in 108 Sun Salutations to kick off 2015, proceeds benefiting the Africa Yoga Project. 

So, we better know our Surya Namaskara right!?



Happy Thanksgiving!

10261305_1532908340288359_1728712633_nHappy Thanksgiving all!

Let me just say thank you to everyone reading this little blog. It's been a jam packed couple of months with all these challenges! I'm ready to go with the flow in December!

Our Thanksgiving is actually going until Sunday--Andrew's family on Saturday, my family on Sunday, and today is just the two of us at Proof on Main! So excited. I'll be making this cranberry sauce recipe yet again. It's just delicious.

Have a good one!


favorite thanksgiving dish


The traditional Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals ever. It's insanely hard for me to pick just one dish as a favorite because, in my opinion, it's the combination of everything together that makes it so wonderful.

However, dressing is by far at the top of my list. Bread, salt, and fat? Yes...

I about died the other day when I watched The Pioneer Woman make this panini with Thanksgiving leftovers...my dream come true

bucket list

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Well, I'm 30 today.

Wah wah...

I thought I'd take a minute to review my list of "things to do before I die" aka my Bucket List...even though I'm not a fan of that term.

I've kept a list in a notebook for awhile and I was pleased to find that when I got it out today, I've completed several. I thought I'd share (some) of my bucket list with the items accomplished crossed off. I feel very grateful for experiences I've had thus far...ready for more!

Travel to South America

Live in the mountains

Live at the ocean/beach

Finish a yoga 200hr teacher training

Finish a yoga 500hr teacher training (I've halfway there on this one!)

Be bilingual


Pay off student debt by age thirty

Live in New York City

Meet Terry Gross

Have a fireplace

Have a fancy bathtub

Go to graduate school

Live in a foreign county (Completed this x 3: Spain, Norway, Scotland

Own a house

Go to Mysore, India to practice ashtanga yoga...I might cross this off after April 2015--Saraswathi Jois is coming to Louisville and I've enrolled! INSANELY LUCKY to have her so close!

Have an English bulldog

Run a half-marathon

The list obviously goes on and on...but that's all I've got right now.

About to head out to The Exchange for birthday dinner. Already excited for their cocktails and creme brulee!

winter essentials

  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Winter. Apparently this one is going to be a doozy. I think "they" might be right...I'm on my first snow day today! We got a few inches last night and I'll be honest, I'm loving it.

I definitely have a list of things for every season. These are things that are just mandatory for winter.

red wine


I've been addicted to Apothic Red lately. My parents got me started on it. Hey, available at the Jay C in Corydon and is decent?! That's a yes. I am definitely more of a white wine person, but in the winter, even I'm drawn towards the reds.


2013-09-20 15.30.04

a super long coat

2014-11-17 10.41.41

The longer, the better. A few years ago I got one similar to this one which got snagged and feathers started leaking out....not a good look. I also was a little cold. So this year I upgraded to this one, which is CRAZY warm and durable and cute! However, it is LONG. I don't know if it's because I'm shorter than their ideal shopper or what, but this is thing is long, long, long.

hot chocolate and cookies




2014-11-01 15.11.57

yoga...it's pretty much an essential for every season....but if you need to get warm, just do some ashtanga....you'll heat up quick

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset



Since today's my first snow day off of work, I thought I would just give you everything I've done today. Full on winter mode over here on November 17th! Crazy!





Poses: 45/52: Inverted Compass or "Super Soldier"


This pose is CRAZY! Actually, it just looks kind of crazy. A new pose invented by breakdancer-yogi Lamonte Goode or better known on Instagram as @NightmareTales.

This guy is wild. I recommend following him just to let your jaw drop on a daily basis:




It's about 50x easier than it looks. Here's how to get in:


If you need a more in depth tutorial, Kathryn Budig has a great 90 min class towards it on Yogaglo. As she says, "it looks contorted." Which it does, but it's not really at all and is super fun!

how I brighten my days and if I could have any other job

10784913_322119364646433_1498224940_nI'm not going to sugar coat anything. I've fallen behind on blogging.

There is more dog hair on my floors right now than I thought possible. I just threw a pile of groceries on the counter and they need to go in the fridge. The sink and counter is full of dirty dishes. The dishwasher is empty thank god. I have to be at the studio in less than an hour. And I still have to write yesterday's and today's post.

Like I said at the beginning of this challenge. Participation in any form is fine. So I'm going to keep it super simple.This week I've had to rely on yoga, gummy bears, red wine, and my fleece onesie to brighten my days.

10808956_1499058647037104_1568033168_n As far as if I could have any other job? That's a tough one because I'm absurdly satisfied with the two I have. However, I'd have to agree with Laura and go travel writer...particularly for some fancy blog, website, or magazine that specializes in renting yurts like these in Big Sur.

1 photo

10616813_722401617839782_387539500_n Oops. Forgot to post yesterday.

Well, I can't really say I forgot...I just didn't. I had a wonderful weekend and yesterday was on a total roll "spring cleaning" the studio. Got out ladders, changed light bulbs, cleaned out drawers, etc. While cleaning, I found an official Olympic torch from the 2002 games in Salt Lake City...rolled up in a towel...

It has been there on the back counter for a few weeks and I figured it was something of Dad's...which it is, he's a making a case for it for a client. However, it was pretty funny to finally look in there and find it!

I'll be back later with today's theme--if I could live anywhere!

Poses: 44/52: Marichyasana B

2014-10-19_1413739812 Don't mind the bed head.

I love Marichyasana B. C and D? That's another story.

These poses are rarely seen in classes unless you're an Ashtangi. I'd never seen them before my first primary series class.

Have a look at A here. It's a little bit more accessible than B.

The difference here is that you need one leg in lotus....or tucked under you if lotus is not okay for your knees. Some days are better than others for me.

This pose literally is wringing your body out like a dirty rag. I don't consider it complete unless sweat is dripping off my forehead! HA!


tgif: my celebratory rituals

2014-11-02 15.38.10  

I hate that I get so excited by Friday. I know I have to work, I love my jobs...but it still feels great every single week. I know that Monday is coming and I don't dread it a bit, but it still feels great every single week.

Oddly enough, I go grocery shopping in Louisville to celebrate Fridays. Some people might think this is a crazy way to end the week, but I love it. If you've been reading this blog, you know I love to grocery shop. On Fridays I usually go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and load up on goodies for the weekend. If I have time, I also swing over to Lotsa Pasta. I love to get the itty bitty tapas size wedges of cheese, maybe some olives, and great crackers to be devoured when Andrew gets home.

Other rituals include listening to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, taking a full day off of yoga, and eating out. And wine...of course.

my favorite novel

2014-11-04 16.37.15 I know, weird right?

I love love love love The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. Of course I have a ton of other favorites that might seem more uplifting or inspirational...like Little Women or the Little House books. Or classics like The Catcher in the Rye. I love many many books, but I have a soft spot for Jeffrey Eugenides' debut novel.

I read it for the first time in high school. Loved it. Read it again when writing my undergrad thesis on his second book, Middlesex, for which I won an award for literary research. BOOM.

Then again about a trillion times when I used it as one of the novels in my graduate dissertation titled "Devastation on the Suburban Stage: Performativity and Surveillance in the novels of Richard Yates, Jeffrey Eugenides, and J.G. Ballard." No....I'm not joking, I did that.....ugh. However, I did get to exchange emails with Eugenides himself about my dissertation. Pretty rad stuff.

And then again when Andrew (aka the best husband ever) gave me this signed, first edition copy for Christmas. Have I ever mentioned he gives the best presents ever?!

2014-11-04 16.37.34 If you've read this book, you're probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I can't really explain why I love this book so much. I just do. Do I think it's the best written novel I've ever read? NO, that would be Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping...duh. But, it's just my favorite.


1 Photo



Woke up to a hard frost all over this morning. I couldn't be happier...maybe this will kill everything that has been making me sneeze uncontrollably since early September!?

Andrew is headed out of town for work until Tuesday...will be my first time alone in the new house...which is 120 years old...probably not a good idea to have watched scary movies last night. Ugh. At least I'll have the Bagel Boys to protect me. Yeah right...


November Goals

3ec5e7b4b6a4d454d1f19df4ded2a94a Ready to get this month going!

Since I failed on a few of my October goals, I need to get it in check for November. Make this somewhat simple...

1. Finish my blogging challenge. Ha!

2. Read some more. Yes, this was a goal last month too. I've realized that my goal of 52 books this year is probably not going to happen. I'm at 40 right now...we'll see what I can do...

3. Wear my new gold Snoozies as much as possible


4. Make as much soup as possible

5. Get my Christmas shopping done. This probably won't happen, but I'm trying to give myself a challenge in hopes of getting mostly done.

Loving seeing some of your posts already. Ridiculously impressed that Laura is already on her 47th book of the year. And looks like Aileen and I are on the same page with the shopping goal. Woohoo!

30 for 30

photo Last month's challenge was in celebration of this blog's third anniversary. It got me out of a blogging rut--it was so fun! This month has thirty days in it and I'm also turning 30. Let's do it again! November is also the month of NaBloPoMo, a derivation of the NaNoWriMo phenomenon....so we're on trend and it's good timing.

Only this time, I make the rules.

Participation can be through blogging, Twitter, Instagram, or even email! I would love to hear from you out there on one or all of these topics. If you feel like chatting directly through email, get in touch at: yepindeedblog@gmail.com.

Following me on Twitter and Instagram at @graylin_porter.

Use the hashtags #30for30 or #yepindeed. Or tag it to the wider event w/ #NaBloPoMo

Here's my challenge.

Day 1 // November goals Day 2 // 1 Photo: one photo & a post inspired by it Day 3 // The little ways you cope with Mondays... Day 4 // Favorite novel Day 5 // Three recipes you want to make right now Day 6 // Favorite Twitter accounts Day 7 // TGIF -- your celebratory rituals Day 8 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 9 //  1 Photo Day 10 // If you could live anywhere? Day 11 // Favorite Instagram accounts Day 12 // How you brighten your every day. Day 13 // If you could have any other job, what? Day 14 // Favorite blogs Day 15 // 1 Photo Day 16 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 17 // Your winter essentials Day 18 // Your choice of 3 famous (dead or living) dinner guests Day 19 // 1 Photo Day 20 // Favorite Pinterest accounts Day 21 // How synchronicity changes your life Day 22 // NO POST...It's my birthday! Day 23 // Favorite Thanksgiving dish and/or family recipe Day 24 // Free pass -- blog whatever! Day 25 // A completely frivolous, indulgent Christmas list Day 26 //  Favorite Thanksgiving family tradition Day 27 // Thanksgiving Day 28 // 1 fictional character you'd take with you Black Friday shopping Day 29 // 1 Photo Day 30 // Month in review

If this is anything like last month, it makes the month FLY by.