Happy Friday......Listen to This!

yay Friday! Great great first week of work--surprisingly low stress and fun!

Now for a weekend of nothing much. Closing ceremonies, music on the square, yoga, etc. Whatever happens, I'm pretty excited for the highs of low 80s....I'm so ready for fall I could scream.

"Battle of the Tech Titans" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - August 6, 2012 love your produts, but Apple: GET A LIFE.

"Dean Norris On Play Good in 'Breaking Bad'" Fresh Air - August 6, 2012 Yay Hank!

"A Blessing Disguised as a Scarf" Joy the Baker Podcast - August 8 2012 You might recognize a caller thirty two minutes into this episode...

"Quinn Cummings: A Year of Learning Dangerously" August 9, 2012 Not sure what to think about this hour on home-schooling...I was home-schooled until the 8th grade and I still find this a bit silly...

"Chris Rock on the Funny Business of Finding Success" Fresh Air - August 9, 2012 Chris Rock is one of my favorite celebrities right now...his presenting speech at the Oscars last year made me love him forever:


Happy Friday! For reals this time!


TGIF. This is how I feel..but unlike Michael Phelps' dear mom, IT IS FRIDAY and I am not mistaken. Poor lady...

Sorry I've been a little absent on here this week. I started my new job on Tuesday. So far, so good! I think it's going to work out perfectly with everything else I've got going on.

However, getting everything done everyday has been a little tough and blogging/tweeting has taken a little bit of a backseat. Not for long though!

I hope everyone had a great week. I'll be back later! Cheers y'all!

Happy Olympics/Friday!

Yeah so I have been a little busy the past two days...WITH OUR NEW DOGGY!!! On Wednesday we rescued this adorable basset/beagle from the shelter...he's about two years old and we have named him Reuben! He is extremely laid back and is getting along with Mr. Forrest quite well so far! Yay!

Off to Louisville to go shopping--will be back later today with more.

Happy Olympics!! Excited to have an opening ceremonies viewing party tonight with Kaylex & the 'rents.