September 2014

10665491_717505314996900_1696299217_n This month brought on beach vacations, crazy fever viruses, vanilla chai scones, American Horror Story: Coven binge sessions, and more. It was whirlwind!

1. Any and all Charles Shaw varietals taste 100x better on the beach

2. You can lose all faith or respect for one of your local news stations in one day. My coworkers know what I'm talking about on this one.

3. What you think is allergies can quickly turn into having a 101 degree for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. Blargh.

4. Ian McEwan is flawless. Read this book in two sittings. It's wonderful.

5. Burned through American Horror Story: Coven. Uhhhhhhh whoa. I really liked it...but, man. Not sure if I'm ready for the next's subject matter is making me uneasy already.

6. After AHS, we needed something light so started Veep on HBO. So funny right from the jump! So glad because I've heard it just gets better as it goes and there are three seasons. Woohoo!

7. After a trip to Bloomington, I've realized that I am completely out of touch with "what the kids are wearing these days." The amount of high-waisted shorts and crop tops had me reeling.

8. Taking a couple weeks off of my yoga practice proved to be kind of amazing. Feeling stronger already. I've got to remember that sometimes rest is best.

9. I've given my Pinterest account a bit of a makeover. I'm going to try to use it a bit differently and a bit more, using it as an extensive of this blog. I come across so many amazing things & don't always have the time to blog them all. I'll be pinning them from now on! Follow along here.

10. I finally broke down and got rid of the $19 smartphone. I'm now using something decent so my photos will be a little bit better...phew, now all those dog, yoga, and food pics will be in focus! Ha.

2014-09-06_1410042040 2014-09-07_1410115573 2014-09-13_1410651130 2014-09-17_1410967538 2014-09-21_1411314512 2014-09-24_1411586408 2014-09-26_1411766875 2014-09-07_1410090330 2014-09-08_1410208548 2014-09-12_1410559559 2014-09-13_1410620719 2014-09-13_1410625302 2014-09-14_1410722014 2014-09-18_1411042390 2014-09-20_1411228393 2014-09-21_1411322612 2014-09-22_1411389735 2014-09-23_1411501685 2014-09-27_1411847809 2014-09-27_1411859889 2014-09-02_1409687697 2014-09-04_1409860871 2014-09-06_1410046445 2014-09-07_1410107638 2014-09-08_1410191428 2014-09-08_1410209849 2014-09-09_1410284430 2014-09-10_1410384601 2014-09-10_1410390047 2014-09-11_1410468936 2014-09-12_1410482824 2014-09-13_1410645988 2014-09-14_1410731778 2014-09-16_1410884082 2014-09-18_1411071117 2014-09-18_1411072250 2014-09-19_1411145851 2014-09-23_1411509667 2014-09-27_1411838494 2014-09-28_1411915711 2014-09-28_1411917681 2014-09-28_1411933985 2014-09-05_1409951358 2014-09-06_1410038406 2014-09-07_1410107536 2014-09-15_1410791025 2014-09-21_1411327125

Alright now, let's do this. #pumpkin

I'll be in this tub when I'm sixty

IMG_20140915_191824 We've been in the  new house for about six weeks. Slowly but surely things are coming together. But more than anything, I just have to keep pinching myself. It feels so good to get photos up, little sentimental trinkets out, and rugs down. The only thing left that is truly bugging me is the light fixture over the dining table and luckily we've ordered a replacement that will be here eventually.

2014-09-19 13.46.35 While I was home sick this week, I took a lot of baths and spent a lot of time in the house. It was nice to look around and know that I'll (hopefully) never have to move again. Makes me a little weirded out knowing that, most likely, I'll be sitting in that tub, staring at that crazy wallpaper when I'm sixty something.

2014-09-20 11.40.24 The upstairs is obviously still empty and in need of some painting. I'm using the bigger of the two bedrooms for my yoga room and it is wonderful. Lots of wall space, away from the dogs. It works. And that crazy mural can actually be a useful gaze point when balancing! HA!

2014-09-20 11.58.31 2014-09-20 11.59.49

I'm so looking forward to our first fall and holiday season in this house. It will be cozy. I'm sure of it.

checking in

2014-08-10 10.51.48 Things are starting to get back to normal....sorta

Back to work, still maintaining a 5:30am yoga practice, made a grocery run to Louisville today. Phew! I'm ready to get settled. We still have all the pictures to hang...this weekend...I've decided where everything is going to go...pretty much, so it should go quick.

Here are a bunch of photos I've taken of the house. These are completely unedited, taken with the auto setting on the DSLR, and are most definitely in the "before" not "after" status! 2014-08-10 10.41.57 2014-08-10 10.42.04 2014-08-10 10.42.14 2014-08-10 10.42.22

2014-08-10 10.42.49 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.02 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.06 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.35 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.51 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.45.57 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.46.11 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.46.55 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.04 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.25 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.39 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.49.13 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.49.42 - Copy

2014-08-10 10.49.03 2014-08-10 10.50.04 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.50.53 - Copy

2014-08-10 10.53.48

2014-08-10 10.52.12 2014-08-10 10.52.14 2014-08-10 10.52.28 2014-08-10 10.52.52 2014-08-10 10.53.17 2014-08-10 10.53.29

So I'm in love with the crazy wallpaper in all the bathrooms, can't stand a lot of the light fixtures, and am eager to paint over that black mural in spare bedroom. But, all in good time. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement on here, twitter, and instagram. I love you guys! Thanks for reading.


a stream of consciousness, internet surfing blog post

2014-07-01 16.37.29 Waiting. Closing on Wednesday...waiting to move. Trying to busy myself with going to yoga classes and doing laundry while drinking beer. Just got back from eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas at local El Nop, now nursing a glass of Charles Shaw chardonnay....these are my thoughts:

Question: what's up with microbreweries putting everything in cans now? Is this the thing? Not sure if I approve...

Loving Bon Iver's new song for the Wish I Were Here soundtrack:


I just found photos of the Full House cast having fun at Dave Coulier's wedding while listening to that song: .

Also catching up on some blog reading...Can we please talk about how much I love the photography print by Gray Malin (no, not because we have the same weird first name) that hangs over the couch of Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere? I really love his, a lot.

While trying to ignore the sounds of firecrackers being set off outside the house, I'm now blasting this song:


While looking for some new house decor (seriously, I need to think of something else) on Pinterest, I just came across this photograph on my feed:

And then this? Say whaaaaa?!


Oh Pinterest....

And on that note, I've got to get up at 4:30am tomorrow to teach yoga....I KNOW.

I love how dedicated my students are...really, I do! HA!

See y'all




June 2014

2014-06-08_1402186848 1. Highs in the mid 70s and 80s almost all month. This summer was made for me!

2. Orange is the New Black season 2...pretty much dominated life for the week of June 6-14. Amazing. Can't believe we now have to wait another YEAR.

3. I made the homepage of Yahoo's Beauty section...BAH!

4. I actually went to a swimming pool and exposed my skin to sunlight! Crazy.

5. Had two fantastic weekends of training with David Keil at Asheville Yoga Center and Christina Sell at Yoga East. Learned a ton---love both their approaches to yoga, met a lot of great people, great fun.

6. Buying a house is tedious and kind of like running a marathon.

7. I painted a bunch! Woohoo for completing some resolutions.

8. Right now we're currently in deep with the show Fargo. It took me a few to get into it, but whoa, it's good. I'll have to tweet Joy the Baker about this whole deal.

9. Just like last summer, I am thrilled and surprised with the studio's attendance. We're been full almost every class! Especially at 5:00am on Fridays...those crazyheads, I love it! If you live local, here's a link to the schedule. Come join me, we yoga to tunes like this.

10. I'm completely checked out on the World Cup. For both 2006 and 2010, I was living in Europe and it was kind of impossible to avoid it. However, it seems like most people here are into it as well! I love to jump on bandwagons, but for some reason this one just isn't doing it for me.

June was great, but I'm ready for July because we'll be moving into our VERY OWN HOUSE. Eek. So excited, come on July!

2014-06-04_1401891204 2014-06-03_14018308892014-06-04_14019202142014-06-13_14026922172014-06-12_14026066392014-06-11_14024464872014-06-10_14024202342014-06-10_14024126182014-06-08_14022617432014-06-07_14021682982014-06-06_14020836552014-06-06_14020714232014-06-12_14025997652014-06-07_14021709602014-06-15_14028651602014-06-15_14028591042014-06-15_14028459352014-06-14_14027703662014-06-14_14027623162014-06-14_14027495132014-06-13_14026979682014-06-13_14026935922014-06-24_14035685342014-06-22_14034668462014-06-22_14033989942014-06-21_14033648792014-06-18_14031338242014-06-17_14030151742014-06-15_14028591042014-06-14_14027623162014-06-13_14026979682014-06-23_14035568082014-06-21_14033867192014-06-20_14032674482014-06-19_14032067112014-06-17_14029634272014-06-16_14029381532014-06-15_14028651602014-06-15_14028459352014-06-14_140277036620140621-220349-79429179.jpg2014-06-23_14035568082014-06-23_14035654912014-06-24_14035685342014-06-24_14036257212014-06-24_14036463562014-06-25_14037115432014-06-25_14037364062014-06-25_14037395812014-06-26_14037944002014-06-26_140381050310499294_247351592129408_2031139045_n

Camera Workout: Week 47

2013-11-23 14.41.40finally found a place for some empty Asheville and New Albany growlers french toast working 2013-11-24 08.52.53 Can't wait to put our ornaments on 2013-11-24 09.51.56 Art time 2013-11-24 16.09.20 bouncy balls > tennis balls for myofascial release 2013-11-24 09.22.23 Holiday time in the studio 2013-11-25 17.40.02 Oh to be Reuben 2013-11-25 22.11.33 Short on photos this week, but given the holiday, next week's should be big. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!



Happy Friday and what I learned in August

2013-08-04_1375645815 Oh let's see here...August. Back to library work and classes at the studio continue to, a ton! BUT. I can't really talk about anything other than the fact that I got headstand this month. That means that I've completed four out of five of my 2013 resolutions. Only nine more books to go to get that fifth one. Right on track!

Things I learned in August:

1. Going upside can be tolerable...still scares me, but I can do it.

2. I will watch Bravo again if you give me a show about late twenties/early thirties single foodie gals. So was a good run of being Bravo-free for a couple months...

3. It's possible to successfully give a Beagle-Corgi the Heimlich...I learned this the hard way when Bagel swallowed a rotten apple off the ground...terrifying.

4. Kindergartners and First Graders...28+ of them at a the each class...times nine classes

5. That I might have to wrap my brain around Jesse Pinkman dying on Breaking Bad. Haven't heard any spoilers or anything like that, but I can just feel it.

6. I actually do like one of Justin Timberlake's new songs. Whoops.

7. Weeks have started to go by QUICK.

2013-08-01_1375315742 2013-08-01_1375355991 2013-08-02_1375466491 2013-08-02_1375467280 2013-08-02_1375476135 2013-08-03_1375548151 2013-08-03_1375549416 2013-08-03_1375561766 2013-08-04_1375637172 2013-08-04_1375645488 2013-08-04_1375646840 2013-08-06_1375791821 2013-08-06_1375802074 2013-08-06_1375815544 2013-08-09_1376078212 2013-08-09_1376089969 2013-08-10_1376165054 2013-08-11_1376237418 2013-08-11_1376238477 2013-08-11_1376239924 2013-08-11_1376248534 2013-08-11_1376256093 2013-08-13_1376408852 2013-08-13_1376421042 2013-08-14_1376439072 2013-08-15_1376601721 2013-08-17_1376763612 2013-08-17_1376768003 2013-08-17_1376768359 2013-08-17_1376779226 2013-08-18_1376837081 2013-08-18_1376849905 2013-08-18_1376853992 2013-08-18_1376860666 2013-08-19_1376942317 2013-08-21_1377100309 2013-08-21_1377120618 2013-08-22_1377133433 2013-08-23_1377285127 2013-08-23_1377297455 2013-08-24_1377356643 2013-08-24_1377363352 2013-08-24_1377381851 2013-08-24_1377385661 2013-08-24_1377387063 2013-08-24_1377387291 2013-08-24_1377387632 2013-08-27_1377612267 2013-08-28_1377733804 2013-08-30_1377897384

Bring on September--can't wait for Fall! Hoping it's a good one. So far, my allergies/sinus issues are about a thousand times better this year which means I might actually be able to smell my Yankee Candle! (Thanks Kayla for a new fall one btw...the best season for them!)


Camera Workout: Week 33

2013-08-17 15.32.54 Back to my homemade skinnygirl margs...feels good.

Dapper...and in a food coma after a dinner date at Mussel + Burger Bar 2013-08-16 18.44.35

This is what a box of luxury looks like 2013-08-18 09.23.38

A new member of the extended family...a Honda Shadow 2013-08-17 16.11.54

Creek walk 2013-08-17 16.40.21

Nothing makes you feel like a bigger goober than ordering a 32 oz bottle of this crap off Amazon 2013-08-18 15.18.27

My favorite way to start anything 2013-08-18 15.34.26

So this is a true story of what happens when I want to watch Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love, but have to clean my kitchen. Two birds! Is anyone else watching this!?!? OMG. SO BAD...But pretty good... 2013-08-19 16.45.56 Winding down towards Friday...I'm always. Ha!

Camera Workout: Week 10

Photo Mar 04, 8 26 47 PMWe're finally getting our upstairs furnished. Great new coffee table/tv stand from Rellek, moved the couch up there. Now all we need is a big tv...I once said we'd never have more than one television...but, I was....wrong.

Bagel is ready for spring...he's stick of being cooped up inside.

Photo Jan 14, 8 29 32 PM How did it do this on Wednesday: Photo Mar 11, 9 19 50 PM And then I got to open windows over the weekend: Photo Mar 11, 9 57 44 PMPhoto Mar 11, 9 34 19 PM Yeah so I went to Sassy Fox on Friday and bought some stuff..including a sassy chevron cardigan...also, totally saw Jennifer Lawrence's mom in there consigning a ton of stuff! Amazing! Going back soon so I can maybe grab some of it! Photo Mar 11, 9 24 26 PM Sunny triangles on cabinets Photo Mar 04, 7 43 16 PM Had to say goodbye to this piece of Mom's in the studio a few weeks ago...big thanks to Eva! Photo Jan 14, 8 30 46 PM Investigating some constant ear flapping...I swear, it's always something with this guy. Photo Mar 11, 10 28 28 PM I cannot believe we are in double digits with weeks for this series! Phew! I'm still going, but phew I've got a long way to 52!

Camera Workout: Week 9

Photo Mar 03, 1 22 46 PMI do both of these things a lot, yoga, yoga, yoga.Photo Mar 03, 1 20 05 PMI will never ever learn how to fold a fitted sheet. Photo Jan 26, 10 03 40 PMThis commercial makes me grab the camera and snap a quick pic as I'm passing through the living room. Photo Mar 04, 7 41 27 PMMy semi-gag gift to Andrew for his $25 a bottle, it's dang well worth a try! We had Andrew's parents over for dinner on Friday and had a taste test. It would probably be ok if we hadn't had it in comparison with this.Photo Mar 03, 1 16 53 PMTrying to get ahead of the game by chopping up an entire cantaloupe for this week's work lunches Photo Mar 03, 1 23 35 PMStarted this show over the weekend. Obsessed. So good. Photo Mar 04, 8 23 51 PMAndrew's pretty amazing birthday present from Kaylex...trying to decide what to have with dinner.Photo Mar 04, 8 26 00 PMAbout to get down to business and do this blog post you're reading right now.  A reformatted computer that runs like lightning makes it a lot easier! Again, big thanks to Andrew for checking these things off the list his last week at home.Photo Mar 04, 8 25 21 PM

Camera Workout: Week 8

IMGP8044 This junk drawer has been bothering me for weeks...finally put an end to the madness. Photo Feb 25, 5 04 55 PM

Poor Reuben got a bath...after a couple hours he finally forgave me. Photo Feb 25, 5 07 06 PM

Also cleaned out magazines...I've discovered that I'm kind of a magazine hoarder. Photo Feb 25, 5 05 29 PM This is very true right now.  Celebrated with giant sushi dinner out with the fam on many fun things happening for everyone right now.Photo Feb 25, 5 04 23 PM

Smoothie making...again. Photo Feb 25, 5 03 54 PM I have a nasty habit of getting home from work and putting tennis shoes on to walk the dogs...without taking skinny jeans into account. I do not recommend this look. Photo Feb 25, 5 03 20 PM

Hope everyone out there is doing's almost March!??!?! WHA?!?!?

Camera Workout 2013: Week 1

Photo Jan 06, 7 28 44 AM The mudroom lives up to its name. Blech! Photo Jan 06, 7 29 34 AM

Repurposing 2012 calendar--new wall art for the kitchen! Photo Jan 06, 7 30 31 AM

Bananas that need to be cut up and frozen for smoothies asap. Photo Jan 06, 7 31 51 AM

This boy has a very, very strong attachment to the new couch. Photo Jan 06, 7 39 13 AM

Getting my upstairs painting corner organized Photo Jan 06, 7 42 15 AMPhoto Jan 06, 7 43 10 AM

Our kitchen with night lighting :: YELLOW. Photo Jan 06, 7 44 57 AM

Not a very exciting week to start this series. Back from Asheville and off for an entire week, it was mostly us around the house relaxing.

The Burning House

I found The Burning House last year, forgot about it, then stumbled back across it recently. Such a cool idea! It's a tumblr that features submissions from people all over the world, photographing the items they would save if their house was burning.

Of course I had to make my own:

My list:

  • teddy bear I gave to my Grandmother at age three--she returned it right before she died seven years ago
  • framed origami heart out of The Beatles, "All You Need is Love." sheet music. Purchased at street fair in Notting Hill
  • Autographed, first edition copy of Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, The Virgin Suicides. My favorite book.
  • crab ashtray--once belonged to my Grandmother
  • a Baywatch Barbie tumbler--beloved shared keepsake of my aunt Lis and I
  • Frye Harness Boots -- olive green
  • yoga mat
  • iPad
  • whale paperweight --once belonged to my grandmother
  • journal containing lists, ideas, drawings, and moments I don't want to forget throughout the years

What would you save?