life is better with...sylvan esso

[youtube] After listening to NPR's PCCH on Friday, I've been listening to this song all weekend.

I recommend listening to this one while cleaning your kitchen while drinking wine and eating this toffee from Trader Joe's. Also a great yoga track.

More photos on the weekend to come soon. I'm sorry for my sporadic blog posting...I'm going to try to shape it up this week.

Here's a link to Sylvan Esso on Spotify. Can't wait for their whole album on Tuesday. However, you can listen to the whole on NPR First Listen. It's pretty great....I love several of the songs...Like this one:


And this one:


this Happy Friday is better with...Bob Schneider's new album

I was so excited to hear a review of this new album from Austin based singer-songwriter Bob Schneider. For the brief year I worked in Austin, I checked him into the gym on a daily basis. I listened to his music then and liked it, but this album is on a whole other level. It's perfect cozy, fall listening. And he gets huge points with me for doing an acoustic cover of "Tomorrow" from Annie. Love it.

Listen to his album here on spotify.

Headed back to Asheville for a yoga workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center all weekend! Yeeeeee! Going to be audiobooking, Bob Schneidering, podcasting it up thanks to a new car stereo that arrived in the mail yesterday and Andrew got installed in under an hour!?! Woop!


thank goodness for those Gomers...

OMG. MAKE IT STOP. NPR---you are boring me silly. I cannot take anymore punditry, debating, and senseless political chatter. And of course there was all the Hurricane Sandy coverage, which I listened to interested, but wouldn't recommend for listening...

Thank god for the Gomers, who start a  new podcast season every Fall!

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