Erin Wasson + Fred Meylan = beeeyoootiful fashion photos

although I don't post about it much, I LOVE fashion photography. I couldn't help but share these photos of Erin Wasson from Elle France. I found them via one of my "favorites" : Design Love Fest.

Really love these photos from Fred Meylan.

most of my artwork originates from fashion photography such as this and I think these would make some fabulous new pieces!

a new running playlist

ok, so I've always run off and on, mostly outside (I HATE treadmills). When living in Edinburgh, I got really into it and ended up running my own half-marathon right before we moved. I tried to keep it up while living in Austin, but the heat was pretty much unbearable.

A hamstring strain has kept me from it since being back in Indiana, as well as simply not having enough hours in the day to get everything I want to do done!

IN SHORT: Excuses, excuses, excuses. Since the weather is so beautiful, I've decided to get back out there. Good music is a must when running, so here are five songs getting me motivated right now:

"Shake It Out" -- Florence + the Machine


"Best of My Love" -- The Emotions


"We Are Young" -- Fun. feat. Janelle Monae


"Under the Blacklight" -- Rilo Kiley


"Take a Minute" -- K'naan


this playlist on Spotify

craziness abounds...

holy crap...

things have been a little crazy this week. a major staff restructure was announced at work yesterday and several people lost their jobs.

It was a sad and awful and pretty much a crappy, crappy day.

I feel very lucky to still have a job and it looks like the new structure might even make my work more enjoyable...we shall see...

Anyways, will probably be back later today with something else.


Weekend in Asheville: Photo highlights

Road trip!

we had an amazing weekend in Asheville -- so beautiful down there!

Lots of retail therapy (a million thank yous to my auntie Lis -- finally got my Smart Wool booties!  Lots of eating & drinking at the best restaurants, basketball watching, visiting w/ friends, etc.

supplies for the 6 hour car trip

a porch made for sittin'

wine tasting at Asheville Wine Market

dinner at Tupelo Honey

the prettiest display of tank tops downtown at Virtue. wanted one in every color!

doing damage at Discount Shoes...a mecca located just outside of institution and a little slice of heaven. I had about ten pairs I could have bought, but limited myself to just one.

these gals have been friends since preschool -- amazing!

a great birthday card at Malaprop's.

a sculpture at New Morning Gallery that looked exactly like Mr. Forrest!

Lis getting her hula on

our favorite wind sculptures at Grovewood Gallery


Weekend was amazing because...

wow, this weekend was the best in a long while. the weather was BEAUTIFUL and we didn't do much of anything.

it was an amazing weekend because I...

attended a bookclub meeting full of excellent food, lovely ladies, & great discussion made cupcakes for a work event tomorrow...dropped an egg...was so pretty though!

had the windows open throughout the house while blasting Lykke Li

yoga'd for almost four hours

made kale pesto (over half of which I had to throw out...turns out there is such a thing as waaaay too much garlic)

got to break out some Chaco's

had Sunday birthday brunch with Andrew's family.

ate some excellent white lasagna, courtesy of @leahslag

updated to IOS 5.1...they say that the Instagram Android app is "coming soon" !!!! Does that mean I can stop taking terrible Instagram photos on my iPad...please???

Back to work tomorrow...


only a 3 day work week for this gal...heading to Asheville, NC for the weekend! Woop!

Happy Birthday(s)

Okay, so I'm totally three days late, but whatevs, it's fine. Andrew's birthday was on Sunday...we didn't do much...he's not too big on birthdays anyways. It's also Mr. Forrest's birthday sometime in the spring (I'm not sure when, I need to get birthday organized!).

He will be 8 years old!

We'll probably do something fun this weekend to celebrate, like maybe sofa bed shopping? Ha!

My girl Tate is visiting in a couple weeks and for once I don't want her to sleep on an air mattress!

Bring on Spring Playlist

here are a few songs I'm listening to this weekend, in celebration of it finally being March:

"Mind Your Manners" -- Chiddy Bang feat. Icona Pop [youtube=]

"Hurt Like Mine" -- The Black Keys [youtube=]

"Eet: Live in London" -- Regina Spektor [youtube=]

"Somebody That I Used to Know" -- Gotye feat. Kimbra [youtube=]

 "Deconstruction" -- Fanfarlo [youtube=]

on Spotify

feeling lucky on a Saturday morning

feeling pretty lucky this morning, sitting here drinking coffee and reading the news. The tornadoes that passed through yesterday missed Corydon, but devastated a few towns just north of us.

also feeling lucky to have two free days to get caught up on reading, cleaning, yoga, blogging, etc. will post later after Blog Brunch, with a new playlist.

Isn't this photo lovely? Found it this morning through various internet wanderings.


a little motivation...

So I don't usually get into those motivational posters that seem to pop up everywhere (ahem...Pinterest) lately. BUT...this one kinda got me yesterday:

This resonated with me in terms of blogging, yoga-ing, cleaning, reading, cooking, writing emails, working, laughing, dancing, ETC.

Consistency and self-discipline seems to be the key and sometimes it is easy to forget.

Thanks to Tracy at Shutterbean for reminding me with some nice typography!