Listen to This!

Sifting through the RNC/DNC hoopla on NPR has been quite exhausting...So much so that a couple segments from NPR Science Friday made it today!

"One Gomer Can't Understand What Bane is Saying" Two Gomers Run for Their Lives -- Aug 29, 2012

"Director Rian Johnson & more.." Q with Jian Gomeshi - September 6, 2012

"The Importance of Strange Science" Talk of the Nation Science Friday - September 7, 2012

"How Long is too Long?" NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour - September 7, 2012

"'Bachelorette' Sounds Dark Comedic Depths" Fresh Air -- September 7, 2012

I've been in a little bit of a podcast slump lately...due to the overwhelming deluge of political content (not that I am not interested, but I can only take so much). I've decided to bounce over to PRI International and listen to back episodes of the programming there--Rach: you totally inspired me, will let you know what I find!



A Ribbon of Nature


Have I mentioned how much I love North Carolina?

This incredible, five story tall structural ribbon of LCD screens was installed  this year at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Created by Plebian Design, it features twenty cycles of content with multiple soundtracks.

I love this. 

I'm thinking another trip to Asheville needs to include a hop over to Raleigh...