at least someone is putting tissues to good use

[youtube=] Yeah, so I was sick all home from work today...Coincidentally stumbled across this video on Colossal. Stop motion animation using tissues?!!? Brilliant. Unfortunately, I've gone through several boxes the past few days...and not because I was busy making awesome sculptures with them. Boo.

Video by Yuki Ariga via Nepia. 

Hoping to rest up today and turn it around.

he's baaaaaack

[youtube=] Remember Ron Mueck? If not, I first blogged about him right here. 

I am absolutely fascinated by this man and his art. What a simple idea: make incredibly realistic sculptures of human beings, but just ENORMOUS. !?!? And again, I'm still so jealous that Andrew has actually seen one in the flesh.

His new exhibition is in Paris at the Foundation Cartier. These photos are from Thomas Salva.

a little colossal collection


Do you read Colossal?!

It's by far my favorite art and design blog..completely love almost everything on there! I haven't been sharing cool finds for a little bit, so here's some selections from just the past few days??! This gives you an idea of the overwhelming amazing-ness that is posted over there.

Artists featured above: Thomas Quinn, Gregor Gaida, Christopher Boffoli, Mademoiselle Maurice, Ran Hwang.


The Burning House

I found The Burning House last year, forgot about it, then stumbled back across it recently. Such a cool idea! It's a tumblr that features submissions from people all over the world, photographing the items they would save if their house was burning.

Of course I had to make my own:

My list:

  • teddy bear I gave to my Grandmother at age three--she returned it right before she died seven years ago
  • framed origami heart out of The Beatles, "All You Need is Love." sheet music. Purchased at street fair in Notting Hill
  • Autographed, first edition copy of Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, The Virgin Suicides. My favorite book.
  • crab ashtray--once belonged to my Grandmother
  • a Baywatch Barbie tumbler--beloved shared keepsake of my aunt Lis and I
  • Frye Harness Boots -- olive green
  • yoga mat
  • iPad
  • whale paperweight --once belonged to my grandmother
  • journal containing lists, ideas, drawings, and moments I don't want to forget throughout the years

What would you save?

Garden Jewelry at the Artisan Center

What a fabulous weekend...starting with my Mom's art opening at The Artisan Center on Thursday.

She nailed it with her artist's statement:

Lots of fun was had...then a wonderful meal with all the out-of-towners at The Green Door on Friday. Saturday morning and afternoon was filled with a wonderful yoga workshop--the culminating project for my teacher training! I will miss the ladies at Orbis very much, but I know I will see them often. Can't wait to graduate Wednesday! Saturday evening was full of dancing and merriment.

Sunday was full of porch sittin' and yoga photo sessions:

A trip to Yew Dell Gardens

Mom and I recently took a trip out to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Crestwood. The weather was beyond wonderful and we couldn't resist the urge to drive with the windows down, grab iced caramel macchiatos, and tour a sculpture garden.

Ahhhhh so beautiful!

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog for putting up with my amateur photography. We got our Pentax a couple years ago and basically this blog has been a practice space for me...ha! I'm slowly but surely coming along, but nowhere near where I'd like to be.

Go check out Yew Dell Gardens--it is wonderful! Someone told me they went to a wedding there a few weeks ago--how amazing does that sound!?!?!?!



Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! This weekend also marks our one year anniversary of living back in Indiana! It has been fabulous!

these photos feature some of my Mom's  Garden Jewelry and her unbelievable garden (of which I hope to do a formal photo tour post soon...)

For all you local readers, starting June 22nd, The Artisan Center in downtown Corydon will be showing my Mom's work for a full month--go check it out!

So I also recently cleaned/organized my closet and thought I'd share one of my most favorite things.

The shirt is from my great-grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary party in 1979 and the bear belonged to my grandmother. I gave it to her when I was about 3 or 4, she kept it and gave it back to me right before she died.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

life is better with...probably the most adorable jewelry ever

Eggplant & Leek necklace!

Macaron rings!

 Avocado earrings!

And why wouldn't you want 1/12 scale version of this cake?!?

I'm absolutely dying over these adorable miniatures from Israeli artist Shay Aaron. I am always a sucker for anything miniature, but jewelry & food combined! I'm sold!

Pain Au Chocolat!

 Go check out his Etsy site!

I've got a thing for Crayons

I've always loved Crayons, but something lately has me loving them even more. It started several months ago when I found this amazing DIY art project on a great blog, Whatever:At the time I didn't have any large canvases on hand, so I had to make do with three little ones. I have these in my mud room, visible when you first walk in the back door. I love looking at them every time I get home:

Here is some more nifty crayon art: Carved Crayons by Pete Goldlust

Sculpted Crayons by Diem Chau large scale sculptures by Herb Williams Pointillism in portraiture by Christian Faur

I don't know about you, but I want to go color now.

Ron Mueck's creepy hyperrealism

I found Ron Mueck's unbelievable and admittedly creepy hyperrealistic sculptures a few years ago. My husband Andrew has been lucky enough to see Mueck's massive Millenium Boy in person:

I would give anything to be able to see one these massive, fiberglass people in the "flesh."

For more information, reviews, and photos of Mueck's other works:

The Brooklyn Museum

NYTimes Art Review

I was inspired to post Mueck after seeing the latest post by @pedrosalma on GoPantone, which features realistic sculpture from Carole A. Feuerman

Getting crafty

In September I heard the artist Judith Klausner  talk about her extreme crafting on PRI Public Radio International.

She was so humble and realistic about her work.  I was excited by her bold approach towards the urban farming/slow food movement, which the link above explains. She gets her point across with some pretty cleverwork:

See more of her work and read about her processes on her website:

I'm excited to see what she does next!