morning yoga classes this summer at the studio

Photo May 23, 5 53 18 AM Decided to do some cartwheels in the backyard the other night...just working towards that handstand goal any which way I can!

Three day weekend---looking forward to it. Only seven days of school left, then a couple days of working in the library, then seven weeks off. Ahhhh perfection.

During those seven weeks, there will be three additional classes going on at the studio: Tue + Thur mornings at 9:00am and Friday mornings at....wait for it....5:00am!

I have an awesome group of people that have been requesting a super early morning class for awhile and summer is perfect for me....because I don't have to drive anywhere to get there and I don't have to be anywhere afterwards! Ha!

I really love teaching in our little space and although I've already said it a bunch of times, I'm so thankful for the students!

For a full class schedule with descriptions, click here.



a new studio in town: 502 Power Yoga

a9LXuSHdhero_slider3I am so excited about this.

About eight years ago, as a college student in Asheville, North Carolina, I didn't have much money at all, but also was getting really interested in yoga. Enter the Dave Farmar Power yoga podcast. In addition to a couple studio classes and the YMCA (where I worked the front desk for years), this was how I became addicted to yoga. Dave Farmar taught in the power yoga style founded by Baron Baptiste.

Fast forward a few years to Stavanger, Norway...I was still sweating my butt off (in a 250 sq. ft. studio apartment) to Dave Farmar. I love this very active style of vinyasa yoga, but it took a backseat to Ashtanga once I found Bristo Yoga School in Edinburgh, UK.

Fast forward again to now, 2014 where local yoginis Sarah K. Smith and Cat Larimore are opening the first Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga studio in Louisville: 502 Power Yoga.

I've been twitter + yoga pals with Cat for a few years (still cannot believe we haven't met IRL...we will soon definitely!) and when I found out she was opening a studio, I was beyond thrilled.

"Louisville needs this and it will be fabulous."  

They are offering a pre-opening special: $25 for 40 days of unlimited classes. Amazing!

Located at 2210 Dundee Rd, right in the Historic Douglass Loop. Perfect.

Their website is already flawless with info on teacher training, an energy exchange program, and a great schedule. Of course most classes are while I'm teaching my own, but I am going to really try and make an effort to get to classes...I need human interaction when I practice for a change!

Find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Local yogis: use the hashtag #502py and you'll be featured on their community page!

If you want to get a sneak peek, head over to the Louisville lululemon showroom  Saturday morning January 25th + February 1st at 8:45am for free (yes, as in complimentary!) classes from the 502 Power gals. I wish I could go, but alas, I'll be teaching my own classes. 

I can't wait to get out there and power vinyasa again!