August 2014


Whoa. This month really took it out of me. It was crazy!

I apologize ahead of instagram photos this month are basically all house pictures. It still doesn't feel real. Andrew and I were saying to each other last night that it feels like we're house sitting or staying in a hotel. It just hasn't sunk in that this is our house.

1. I don't recommend moving during the first week back of work at a school, while your yoga studio is seeing a major boom in attendance. It brings about insane behavior.

2. If you do have to do this, it does help to blast this power anthem on the way to work.

3. We're all loving our official studio shirts. So fun! SO SOFT.

4. I ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies, mini drumsticks, and coconut chips this month. It was needed.

5. It seems that things are kind of falling apart around the world. If I'm being truly honest, August is always terrible. While tons of great things happened this month, every year it makes me lose it at some point. Not sure if it's the heat or the anticipation of fall or what, but every year I have a meltdown.

Well, I can only come up with five this month because I'm ready to MOVE ON. The first week of September brings this three day weekend and then next weekend we're headed to the beach for a few days. Much needed, can't wait.

2014-08-01_1406921622 2014-08-02_1406989347 2014-08-03_1407091852 2014-08-03_1407093402 2014-08-04_1407180752 2014-08-05_1407199413 2014-08-05_1407266610 2014-08-05_1407281506 2014-08-06_1407336244 2014-08-08_1407516071 2014-08-09_1407607911 2014-08-09_1407621710 2014-08-09_1407621922 2014-08-10_1407684160 2014-08-10_1407706611 2014-08-11_1407789378 2014-08-12_1407878480 2014-08-14_1407977151 2014-08-15_1408061261 2014-08-16_1408212880 2014-08-16_1408216942 2014-08-17_1408299304 2014-08-17_1408312230 2014-08-17_1408318783 2014-08-18_1408396976 2014-08-19_1408475288 2014-08-20_1408575462 2014-08-19_14084761362014-08-20_14085754622014-08-22_14087516382014-08-23_14088263272014-08-24_14089076722014-08-26_14090823782014-08-26_14090860992014-08-27_14091424982014-08-28_14091889232014-08-28_1409259861asgg

how I'm dealing with the heat this weekend


It's haaaaaaaaaawt this weekend.

How I'm beating the heat:

1. I'm making a ton of my homemade skinny girl margaritas...adding fresh herbs and cucumber for extra crispness.

2. Dipping into my stash of ice cold lavender towels for the studio. Nothing feels better.

3. Wearing tank tops that are extremely baggy with my favorite sports bra ever underneath. Can't believe my luck from last weekend when I found two brand new ones in my size at Sassy Fox. That place makes my life so much better.

4. Making spring rolls in a bowl...probably my favorite thing ever. Hope to post the recipe soon, but until then, this one is pretty dang close to what I do.

5. Having extremely short hair. It's pretty amazing in temps like these.


checking in

2014-08-10 10.51.48 Things are starting to get back to normal....sorta

Back to work, still maintaining a 5:30am yoga practice, made a grocery run to Louisville today. Phew! I'm ready to get settled. We still have all the pictures to hang...this weekend...I've decided where everything is going to go...pretty much, so it should go quick.

Here are a bunch of photos I've taken of the house. These are completely unedited, taken with the auto setting on the DSLR, and are most definitely in the "before" not "after" status! 2014-08-10 10.41.57 2014-08-10 10.42.04 2014-08-10 10.42.14 2014-08-10 10.42.22

2014-08-10 10.42.49 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.02 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.06 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.35 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.43.51 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.45.57 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.46.11 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.46.55 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.04 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.25 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.48.39 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.49.13 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.49.42 - Copy

2014-08-10 10.49.03 2014-08-10 10.50.04 - Copy 2014-08-10 10.50.53 - Copy

2014-08-10 10.53.48

2014-08-10 10.52.12 2014-08-10 10.52.14 2014-08-10 10.52.28 2014-08-10 10.52.52 2014-08-10 10.53.17 2014-08-10 10.53.29

So I'm in love with the crazy wallpaper in all the bathrooms, can't stand a lot of the light fixtures, and am eager to paint over that black mural in spare bedroom. But, all in good time. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement on here, twitter, and instagram. I love you guys! Thanks for reading.


oh the fair

IMG_4983 The county fair was in town last week. The fairgrounds is across the street from my parents' house, and now since we live on the same street, of course, across from our house.

Growing up, my brother and I worked all week at the fair. Great family friends of ours operated the largest local (and best IMO) concession stand...right under the grandstand. Best location ever! When they tired of doing it, it was passed on to our family. Funnily enough, selling cokes, cotton candy, hot dogs, and popcorn paid for our college! It was fun, but after several years some of us had had ENOUGH.

Needless to say, I hold a fair amount (see what I did there?!) of sentimentality towards this week full of tractor pulls, demo derbys, and country music.

Over the weekend, I went to the fair with Rachel and company. It was overcast and cool--totally weird for the fair! And with the smoke from the tractor pull billowing over top, it looks like we're in a war zone! It was fun and I got some adorable photos of the girls.

IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_4962 IMG_4965 IMG_4967 IMG_4968 IMG_4970 IMG_4971 IMG_4973 IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4977 IMG_4984


Oh and notice there is a new link on navigation menu: FAQs! I finally got it together and answered some questions that put this blog in context. Check it out!

GRP is 1!

10520337_294337867393421_1836202186_nMy nephew, Graham is one today! Cannot believe! Happy birthday happy boy!

You've probably read about Alex & Kayla (Kaylex) and Graham before on this blog, but those who don't know, Alex is my older brother and Kayla is his wife. Graham is about the sweetest baby ever. I still have never seen him cry full out crazy hard. It's insane! He's always smiling. I unfortunately can't make the trip to Cinci with Mom to see them today, but will hopefully get up there soon. Given that we'll be moving, I'm assuming I'll need to do an IKEA run! Ha!

Can't believe this kid's already one, it's sounds silly to type this, but seriously, where does the time go!?!


some real words about blogging + some summer items

2014-06-16 13.01.23Before I get to my list of summer items, a few words about blogging.

After chatting with my dear friend Lydia yesterday, I feel inspired to say a few things.

I love blogs...I love reading the super fancy, glossy ones like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Oh Joy! After discovering Jess Lively's blogging podcast and listening to all the back episodes on my last trip to Asheville, I almost let myself feel like I'm losing at this game. After listening to interview after interview of ladies my age talk about how they monetized their blog and are now living it up fancy style, I almost felt a little down.

Don't get me wrong, I love the podcast and will continue to listen. I have so much in common with these gals, it's like talking with friends. I've already learned so much from listening to these bloggers talk about how they work. But I am grateful because it made me realize something very important.

I've been blogging for almost three years.

Do I make money from this blog? No.

Do I have a custom website designed and hosted elsewhere? No.

I am still using with a standard theme with custom design that I barely make work. 

I started blogging because I was inspired to share things I like. Because I admired (and still do) bloggers like Joy the Baker, Shutterbean, and Allie Lehman.

I run a small business in a small town and this is a great way to stay in touch with students near and friends far away. I never intended to make money here. I never intended to get massive sponsorships and present my life as picture perfect. So I'm going to stop feeling bad about myself that I'm not. I wanted a digital scrapbook of my daily life and that's what I have, in addition to the many great friendships I've made and skills I've acquired.

I thank you for reading. Because I still use and their analytics are not the best, I'm not really sure how many people read. And you know what? I think I like it that way. I still love posting and will continue to do so until I find it's become a chore.

Ok. Rant over. Regarding summer, I share Katie's sentiments exactly (another amazing blogger btw. She's probably one of my favorite people on the internet...truly). This summer has been fantastic so far. No I am not receiving any money or free stuff for saying I love this's that simple, I just really like all this. Here ya go!


Franco Sarto Gia sandal in Chocolate. Crazy comfortable and that perfect combination of casual, but nice looking.

gia Thai Coconut Curry hummus from Roots Asheville, "The Microbrew of Hummus."  This stuff is insanely good. Kinda hard to get outside the Midwest and Southeast. Many stores in California do carry it though. Get it if you can.

IMGP1042 Gilligan & O'Malley lounge pants from Target. Yeah, you might not know this, but I kinda hate Target. (!!!!!!!!!!) Blasphemy I know. Sorry, but I think it's overpriced and not any better in quality than ahem...(cover your ears people)...Wal-Mart. However, every once in a while I go...usually when I need a new pair of sunglasses. I also found these lounge pants on sale.  I don't like wearing shorts inside at night while lounging around...weird? I don't know, I just get chilly with my legs exposed I guess. They're super soft and cool, perfect for summer.

2014-07-04 17.36.57

Prana Women's swimwear. This is the first summer in years I've regularly gone to the pool. I'm still not crazy about it, but the swimsuit I have this year makes it slightly more enjoyable. I actually don't hate this suit I got from Prana.with these bottoms...and that's truly saying something! landingPage_2

I did end up making Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. It's GOOD.

2014-06-06_1402083655 Deep Steep Rosemary Mint lotion. This is the first lotion I've bought in a long time. It smells so good! Like old school Aveda.

Deep Steep  Body Butter - Rosemary Mint



And then I have my top five songs of summer (so far). Keep in mind these are my favorite "songs of summer," not songs in general...thus, they are a little silly...

Boom Clap // Charlie XCX

[spotify id="spotify:track:63bniwRWWFGoasyhX2eQHJ" width="300" height="380" /]

Am I Wrong // Nico & Vinz

[spotify id="spotify:track:2wqaekenSQZm7hxQOYt8oE" width="300" height="380" /]

Rude // Magic!

[spotify id="spotify:track:3tCwjWLicbjsMCvXhN0WOE" width="300" height="380" /]

Don't // Ed Sheeran

[spotify id="spotify:track:1huvTbEYtgltjQRXzrNKGi" width="300" height="380" /]

She Get Me High // Luke Bryan

[spotify id="spotify:track:08zqxRvGo8zwPuTQZXp42S" width="300" height="380" /]

And there you go. If you've made down this far, I thank you again for reading. Hope you're summer is full of fun!





Starting July with a chop

After a year or two of going back and forth, Andrew and my Mom insisting I do so, I chopped my hair off...again. I had my hair short when Andrew and I got married, but having zero dollars while living in a country where haircuts were $150 at the cheapest salon (I'm not exaggerating, at the Norwegian equivalent of Supercuts, haircuts were $150), it looked a little crazy. Case in point: CIMG8142

I love not having to mess with hair. It's the best. After doing yoga this morning, I called up the salon, they had an appointment, I got in the car and it's cut. YAY!

Bring on July.

June 2014

2014-06-08_1402186848 1. Highs in the mid 70s and 80s almost all month. This summer was made for me!

2. Orange is the New Black season 2...pretty much dominated life for the week of June 6-14. Amazing. Can't believe we now have to wait another YEAR.

3. I made the homepage of Yahoo's Beauty section...BAH!

4. I actually went to a swimming pool and exposed my skin to sunlight! Crazy.

5. Had two fantastic weekends of training with David Keil at Asheville Yoga Center and Christina Sell at Yoga East. Learned a ton---love both their approaches to yoga, met a lot of great people, great fun.

6. Buying a house is tedious and kind of like running a marathon.

7. I painted a bunch! Woohoo for completing some resolutions.

8. Right now we're currently in deep with the show Fargo. It took me a few to get into it, but whoa, it's good. I'll have to tweet Joy the Baker about this whole deal.

9. Just like last summer, I am thrilled and surprised with the studio's attendance. We're been full almost every class! Especially at 5:00am on Fridays...those crazyheads, I love it! If you live local, here's a link to the schedule. Come join me, we yoga to tunes like this.

10. I'm completely checked out on the World Cup. For both 2006 and 2010, I was living in Europe and it was kind of impossible to avoid it. However, it seems like most people here are into it as well! I love to jump on bandwagons, but for some reason this one just isn't doing it for me.

June was great, but I'm ready for July because we'll be moving into our VERY OWN HOUSE. Eek. So excited, come on July!

2014-06-04_1401891204 2014-06-03_14018308892014-06-04_14019202142014-06-13_14026922172014-06-12_14026066392014-06-11_14024464872014-06-10_14024202342014-06-10_14024126182014-06-08_14022617432014-06-07_14021682982014-06-06_14020836552014-06-06_14020714232014-06-12_14025997652014-06-07_14021709602014-06-15_14028651602014-06-15_14028591042014-06-15_14028459352014-06-14_14027703662014-06-14_14027623162014-06-14_14027495132014-06-13_14026979682014-06-13_14026935922014-06-24_14035685342014-06-22_14034668462014-06-22_14033989942014-06-21_14033648792014-06-18_14031338242014-06-17_14030151742014-06-15_14028591042014-06-14_14027623162014-06-13_14026979682014-06-23_14035568082014-06-21_14033867192014-06-20_14032674482014-06-19_14032067112014-06-17_14029634272014-06-16_14029381532014-06-15_14028651602014-06-15_14028459352014-06-14_140277036620140621-220349-79429179.jpg2014-06-23_14035568082014-06-23_14035654912014-06-24_14035685342014-06-24_14036257212014-06-24_14036463562014-06-25_14037115432014-06-25_14037364062014-06-25_14037395812014-06-26_14037944002014-06-26_140381050310499294_247351592129408_2031139045_n

graduation celebration

unnamed Wow--haven't taken this great of a family photo in a long, long time! Fun.

My cousin Lucas graduated high school. WHAT?!?! I remember when he was BORN. On Saturday we celebrated and were able to enjoy some of the best weather I've ever experienced and a full out cajun shrimp boil.

I'm very lucky. We had a blast.

Photo Jun 09, 6 48 09 AMPhoto Jun 08, 9 00 06 PMPhoto Jun 08, 8 57 23 PM10450423_797211865971_8165264512875965055_n10414554_797211970761_6098872276273100060_n10390127_797211676351_4147254047779825784_n10300004_797211516671_9155554501250376557_n

IMG_20140607_161353Photo Jun 07, 8 48 34 PM2014-06-07 19.03.08

summer goals


Today's my first day of summer vacation from day job. I thought I'd share some of my summer goals with you. I'm so ready for summer--it's a lot of fun around these parts. Mom is off too and we're planning to live it up!

1. Clean up twitter, instagram, wordpress feeds. I need to get my followings IN CHECK. I need to be more organized, utilize lists and get it together.

2. Yoga like it's my job...oh wait, it is!

3. Make Bloody Marys every Sunday...Andrew's got a jug of vodka in the cabinet, infusing it with garlic and jalapeno. Look out!

4. Binge watch a new series...last summer it was Friday Night Lights, any suggestions for this summer? And OITNB doesn't count, that's a given y'all...and holy crap, it drops TODAY



5. Weekly pool dates with Mom. We have an amazing public pool not far from us that's in the middle of a state park. So lucky.

6.  Read. Duh

7. Make The Pioneer Woman's iced coffee...SIL Kayla tried it and said it's amazing. It's Pioneer Woman and she's perfect.

And for right now, that is all. Let's do it!