Happy Friday Y'all!

Yay. Not only is it Friday, but I had an excellent first week back--not sick and loving it. What's a better way to celebrate Friday than with an illustrated diary excerpt from Susan Sontag?! I love Susan Sontag and San Francisco illustrator Wendy MacNaughton nails it. Found it on brainpickings and I'm hoping it's the first of a series...

Macnaughton also did this:

LOVE. Love her. Check out her etsy, her website, and her blog. 

illustrations by Allen Say

I am lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by children's books in my new job. Children's book illustrations are probably on my top ten list of things I generally LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I love that I will get to consistently read new books and see many books that I have missed since being young enough to sit in a library and look for hours.

How beautiful are these illustrations from Allen Say's excellent picture book, Grandfather's Journey, Caldecott Medal winner for 1993.

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