Camera Workout: Week 37

2013-09-11 15.17.09Had to break out the long yoga pants to hide my chigger bites...ugh So jealous of Bagel's hip flexibility 2013-09-11 15.18.16

Failed attempt at a night photo of Bageldog 2013-09-11 21.02.16

This candle makes your house smell like fall exploded...and I love it 2013-09-13 17.39.58 These shoes are probably responsible for why the kids at school think I'm one of them... 2013-09-13 17.51.39

Oh and probably these red ones too. 2013-09-13 17.52.24

Biggie 2013-09-13 17.52.32New cork blocks in the legit 2013-09-14 09.15.58

I ate a decent amount of baked goods this week 2013-09-14 17.09.58

And a lot of trail mix 2013-09-14 17.10.14

Cool enough to wear boots out to dinner Saturday night! 2013-09-14 17.28.25

Cuties 2013-09-14 17.48.58

Andrew ordered these and set them up while he was off work...!??!!? That's true love. 2013-09-17 15.28.10

Streeeeeeeetch IMG_3924 Decided to end this week with getting poison ivy all over my face and neck!??!?! Only me....dang dogs... 2013-09-18 18.05.29Headed off to Asheville for a long weekend full of weddings, dinner out, and shopping! Weeeeeeee!