winter essentials

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Winter. Apparently this one is going to be a doozy. I think "they" might be right...I'm on my first snow day today! We got a few inches last night and I'll be honest, I'm loving it.

I definitely have a list of things for every season. These are things that are just mandatory for winter.

red wine


I've been addicted to Apothic Red lately. My parents got me started on it. Hey, available at the Jay C in Corydon and is decent?! That's a yes. I am definitely more of a white wine person, but in the winter, even I'm drawn towards the reds.


2013-09-20 15.30.04

a super long coat

2014-11-17 10.41.41

The longer, the better. A few years ago I got one similar to this one which got snagged and feathers started leaking out....not a good look. I also was a little cold. So this year I upgraded to this one, which is CRAZY warm and durable and cute! However, it is LONG. I don't know if it's because I'm shorter than their ideal shopper or what, but this is thing is long, long, long.

hot chocolate and cookies




2014-11-01 15.11.57's pretty much an essential for every season....but if you need to get warm, just do some'll heat up quick

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Since today's my first snow day off of work, I thought I would just give you everything I've done today. Full on winter mode over here on November 17th! Crazy!





jan 2014

IMG_20140129_185659 Things I learned this January:

1. IKEA can be even more fun than usual when you go on a weekday with a baby that never stops smiling.

2. I can fit twelve students in the studio...if we have to. So exciting! I am still so humbled by the number of people that have supported me in this little venture! Thanks all!

3. Kids are really funny and are noticeably less crazy after Christmas.

4. New Year's is great time to be in the yoga business---thank you to all the new students at the're awesome!

5. I can love snowy weather...if I'm working for a school...

6. ...but enough with the first real one in 10 years and it's -6 outside while I write this...yeah, that's right. BARF

7. Nothing makes your life brighter more than watching 2+ episodes of Parks & Recreation every night...working our way through season three now

8. We will go see Book of Mormon in Louisville on May 31st. Yessssssssss

9. I might have finally started making myself get up at 5am to do yoga a couple days a's hard.

10. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated...sorry.

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stuck inside (with) this sweater

IMG_20140125_072803 It snowed again yesterday. The entire month of January has been so cold and gross that I'm wishing for summer. I hate hot weather and I find myself wishing for it! I haven't worked a full week at school since we got back from break, which is deadly to my beloved "routine." I've had to cancel classes at the studio a couple of times, which I hate doing.

I've been living in my fleece footie pajamas or my beloved enormous army green sweater. This sweater has seen better needs to be retired, but I just can't, it's too big and baggy and good. I reached my breaking point on Friday when I realized that I was wearing the sweater underneath my fleece onesie...this has got to stop.

There are ways I've been making these snow days productive/lovely.

Christina Sell posted one of her Asana Junkies practice sessions in full on Youtube...Love this. She's a phenomenal teacher and I had the opportunity to work with her a little bit in Austin...can't wait for two of her weekend workshops this spring. This video is 2+ hours, so I doubt it will be of any interests to non-yogis! Ha!


Peanut butter cups! Making some more today since it's going to be -2 on Tuesday!!! BAH! Recipe here.

2014-01-21 14.21.52 We are burning through Parks & Recreation...currently in the third season. Love it so much


Reading yet another WWII book while wearing the exact same outfit as your six month old nephew....don't judge...that is my fleece onesie and I LOVE IT.   

Last night with the fam, we decided to put ourselves through the emotional train wreck that is In the Valley of Elah. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it and be prepared to have your heart ripped out and stomped's so good (!). Especially if you want to see a brief appearance by a young post Freaks & Geeks, pre-crazyhead James still my heart!

So, I sit here looking ahead to yet another day of cold. What's on my agenda? You guessed it: yoga, reading, cleaning, cooking, fam time. I apologize for the meandering nature of this post...I blame it on cabin fever.

I'll be back tomorrow with my pose post. I'm moving it to Monday mornings I think...will give me more time to get together on Sundays. I hope everyone reading is warm this weekend. Enjoy it!


Happy Friday the 13th Y'all!

January 13, 2012

don't forget your booties 'cuz it's coooold out there! We had about an inch of snow yesterday and everybody is freaking out. I need to put my car in the garage...

Also, the true consumer came out in me today as I woke up, poured myself some coffee, opened up twitter, and discovered that Louisville will be getting an Anthropologie in the near future. HOLY MACKEREL. I am in so much trouble...In honor of this glorious news, here's a photo of some measuring cups from Anthropologie that I have converted in votive holders...I LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE.

i'm so excited for a cozy three day weekend. Andrew has been out of town for work, so I think we are going to just hibernate--watch tv, cook, etc.  What are your plans?