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It's a crazy world. Things are volatile and people seem scared and reluctant to realize it. Just like every other human on this planet, I have no idea where things are headed and how we'll get there. I have a hard time understanding why I deserve my life when such horrible things are happening throughout our country and the world. Parents losing children to gun violence, terrorism, starvation, accidents, natural disasters and abuse. It overwhelms me. All I can do is try my best to be kind, do what is in my power to create change, and provide a loving environment that teaches my kids to do the same. I will continue to vote with my dollars, supporting organizations and people who are doing the hard work and you bet I'll be working hard to get candidates who support stronger gun laws elected come November. 

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Also, I do know that there are some little changes I've made in the past year or so that make me feel better on a daily basis.

About a year ago, I started charging my phone downstairs overnight. I read before bed and before when I would charge my phone on the nightstand, I was easily distracted. Simply leaving it downstairs on the charger has been a game changer. I read a ton more and sleep 100x better. I highly recommend this.

Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about a capsule wardrobe. I have no time for that whole thing. Basically, I've been getting rid of clothes at quite a pace and am aiming to have my whole wardrobe completely overhauled after the baby is born. I'm sure it's a sign of age, but I just can't be bothered anymore. I want simple, high-quality, easy clothes.

We cut the cable cord a long time ago, but just in the past year or two I really started limiting what I watch. I only watch shows that I think are genuinely worth my time. Shows I consider high quality, interesting, and give me something to think about or teach me something. The only trash I have left is Survivor, which holds major sentimental value and last night we watched it while reading almost the whole time! SO dumb. Maybe it's easier to list what I no longer watch: all HGTV, anything on Bravo (except Top Chef...duh), Nashville, Bachelor, etc.

There were several accounts (mostly on Instagram, all people I don't know IRL, or brands, stores, publications, etc) that I was following that irritated me. While I enjoyed maybe 50% of the content posted, the other half left me super annoyed. Unfollowing seems like such a "yeah duh" thing to do, but it didn't really occur to me until recently. HA! My feed is pretty much bare bones at this point -- all people, brands, places, and things I truly love.

I've been trying to stretch myself and bake actual bread that needs to rise. I've had success and failures, but plan to keep going with it. Baking does come easy to me like cooking, so has been a little frustrating, but learning something new feels good.

I hope you all have a good week. Much love.