Wonderful Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas weekend. Four major dinners/parties in three days...exhausting, but in a good way. Particularly tiring because I can't seem to shake this icky coughing crud.

In fact, I am writing this at 2:18 AM in the morning because I am all hopped on Mucinex-D...Many thanks to my aunt who supplied me with the last of her stash, but word to the wise: DO NOT take these in preparation for a night of restful sleep. After lying awake for a couple hours I decided to get up and Google "does Mucinex-D keep you awake?" only to  find a message board on which someone described it as an "intense stimulant, will keep you awake all night." HA!

Here are some photos from our Christmas weekend:

Me and my new easel and painting stool from Andrew's parents!

My parents' 21 year old dog Hannah...that's right I said 21...as in 21 years old, as in only 6 years younger than me.

presents in need of sorting:

This holiday was especially wonderful because for the first time in my adult life, I was able to sleep in my own bed in my own house on Christmas Eve--no travel! AMAZING.

Hope everyone had a good one!

Year End Lists: National Geographic Photos of 2011

I love December. Not just because of the holidays, but because December brings about one of my most favorite elements of pop culture: the end of year list. I have shared some my favorites and have some more to come soon, but I would much rather consume these lists than make them myself.

Today one of my favorites was published--the results of National Geographic's photography contest. Every year these boggle my mind.

My Not-so Grown-Up Christmas List

So I was driving home from work the other night...it was dark, raining, and I was listening to the Michael Buble (yep, don't judge...I'm his target demographic & proud) version of one of my favorite carols, "My Grown Up Christmas List."

I love the lyrics to that carol, which got me thinking of my own Christmas wish list...which made me realize that it is not so grown up. Remember the lunchbox?


Here are five of the most frivolous, unnecessary items I want right now:

1. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

2. Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot

3.  ROOT Candle - Ginger Patchouli

4.  Bench by Sticks ( By god, I will one day own a piece of this furniture)

Girls of the 90s...Not interested in growing up?

I have noticed a recent surge of strong nostalgia for girlhood of the early 1990s. Most likely this is because I was a young girl in the early 1990s, so it catches my eye, but still, it seems to be popping up everyhere, even NPR. Zooey Deschanel seems to be the ambassador of this movement with Hello Giggles as a home-base of sorts, exemplified in this interview with Conan O'Brien where Deschanel touches on the most unifying symbol of all: the American Girl Doll.

Is this fixation on nostalgia perpetuated by the arrested development of  Millennials?

I'll be the first to admit it--I'm totally and completely guilty. Um yeah, so this would be me on a girls trip to NYC, my sophomore year of college:

As a kid I was the proud owner of three American Girl Dolls, a strung-out addict of both Nickelodeon and Nick-at-Nite, and I may or may not have been to a Hanson concert...when I was nineteen (I jumped on this nostalgia train a little early I guess).

If you want to continue the reminiscing, watch Hanson explain the phenomena of 1990s music, start following @90sgirlproblem on Twitter, and check out Rookie Mag.

Love for Didion

I received a nice crisp, hardback copy of Joan Didion's new book, Blue Nights for my birthday. This is rare (lately I've been reading a lot of books on my iPad...I know...bad). But this I have in actual book form and I am so excited to start reading it this weekend. Unfortunately, I also have a few things to get finished for bookclubs, etc.

Will there ever be enough time to read everything you want?!?!?

I love me some Joan Didion. But I also love me some caricatures of Joan Didion, of which there are many:

Ahhh, I love her!

Elf on the Shelf when we're not looking...

So last Christmas was the first I heard of this Elf on the Shelf business. Apparently it has been a thing for awhile... I don't have children yet, but I am fairly confident that  I will never participate in it...it completely and totally weirds me out.

Anywho, I want to give a gigantic hug to Venita Norton and her Flickr page. She has captured the Elf on the Shelf in his true habitat. These photos make me LOL...hard.

Many thanks to @CHRISTINEinLOU for sharing this!

Norwegian hearts and flags

Okay, yesterday, for the first time ever, we bought outdoor Christmas lights...We also have a baby christmas tree and I decided to try and get some decorations up today...day 2 of being off of work with the most dreadful weather!!

In Norway, they decorate for Christmas with red hearts. While living in Stavanger, I was so thrilled with all the hearts that popped up everywhere:

Today I finished off our little baby christmas tree with some hearts of my own:

and a little more Norwegian spirit:

and somebody didn't feel like helping: