this year my life was better with...

photo if you regularly read this little blog, you probably know that I love to share things that I love.

this is a master list of some things that made 2012 probably one of my favorite years yet.

  • graduating from yoga teacher training at Orbis Yoga. I miss my yoginis very much. It was the best training. period. _MG_5733_MG_5639
  • leaving a  full-time desk job to teach yoga and library it up with lots of little ones. less secure, less money, and since I'm around lil' children all the time, I've been sick for months, but boy am I happier.
  • Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad
  • discovering
  • we rescued the wonderful Reuben Photo Aug 16, 8 28 50 PM
  • this wonderful PBS Special of Ellen Degeneres winning the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for humor
  • taking classes in the great little studio via YogaGlo 2012.
  • the soundtrack for Beasts of the Southern Wild from Benh Zeitlin & Dan Romer [spotify id="spotify:album:1k6n6ngcUH4xJxwCjQcuBd" width="300" height="380" /]
  • Grumpy Cat
  • these boys (and my 10+ year old chuck taylors) Photo Dec 21, 8 31 22 PM
  • discovered a new frizz fighter this year: EO Lavender & Coconut Nourishing Hair Cream
  • Spotify. This has been making my life better since 2009, but I'm sorry, it just gets more and more amazing every year.
  • that one day when I made puppy chow using cookie butter instead of peanut butter...don't do this. you'll be sorry  grateful.Photo Dec 07, 8 23 26 PM
  • multiple trips to Asheville. As a matter of fact, I may or may not have returned from there just last  night...
  • discovering the key to non dairy bliss: So Delicious Coconut Milk creamer
  • another year of great learning: thank you x 1000 NPR.
  •  These guys. Living across the street my parents has been fun, fun, fun, fun. Love it.IMGP5893
  • and, thanks to them I have the most perfect little space to teach yoga.
  • great friends and great family.
  • a wonderful little house.
  • and finally, we recently got the wonderful news that Kaylex (my big bro & sil) are expecting a wee one! First grand-baby on my side of the family and we. are. so. excited. Yay!6941e8ccbc0f11e19894123138140d8c_7

Obviously there are tons more little and big things that made 2012 great.

I had a great Christmas with multiple family celebrations and a great trip down to Asheville. So thankful to have another entire week off before heading back to work. Ready to hole in and read, yoga, etc. I am still putting the finishing touches on my resolutions list, will be back with those probably tomorrow. I'm thinking about switching things up on the blog here, will let you know what I have in mind.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and also a great year. Cheers,


at least 30 in 2012...


downloadI'm reporting in one my 2012 resolutions: to read at least thirty books in 2012. I barely made it with thirty exactly! Still working on two, but should be finished before the new year.

While I barely made it, I still didn't read as much as I'd like and this exact same resolution is going on my list for 2013, but with a little twist.

Having a great morning so far. Drinking coffee with holiday candles & christmas trees. So excited for tonight's Christmas with my parents, Andrew, and Kaylex (bro and sil). This will include lots of chicken pot pie, cocktails, and presents. However, I did get an early present from Andrew and my Dad yesterday morning:

Pull out shelves for the pantry! I'm ecstatic, they're perfect!

Happy Holidays all!

Favorite Watches of 2012

 Like this poster? Breaking Bad? Anyone? Typically, I have a somewhat irrational hatred for these "Keep Calm and..." posters, but this one made me smile.

My favorite television and movies of 2012. Of course please keep in mind that I have not seen Les Miserables yet (going with whole fam on Christmas Day! So excited!)

Life of Pi

Nashville (ABC)


Breaking Bad (AMC)

Girls (HBO) I seriously have a love-hate relationship with this show. Regardless of things I don't like about it, it is very well executed and does great things with music.

Mad Men (AMC)

Can you tell that I still think television is far better than movies these days?

source,source, source, source, source, source,

Happy Friday and Listen to This!

[youtube=] Ya wanna know how excited I am about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting this year's Golden Globes?!?!

OMG. So. Excited.

This week was a little busy and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed getting things ready for the holiday/finishing work.

I've heard some great podcasts lately. I am in reading/listening overload with all the Best of specials coming out. Such a great time of year to discover new music and books you missed out on!

The Year in Music, 2012 NPR All Songs Considered - December 5, 2012

Listener Picks: Your Favorite Albums of 2012 NPR All Songs Considered - December 12, 2012

Best Books of 2012 On Point with Tom Ashbrook - December 6, 2012

Where Yoga Gets Crazy On Point with Tom Ashbrook - December 12, 2012

The People Who Make Our Clothes and the Conditions they Face The Diane Rehm Show - December 11, 2012

Oh and totally for fun...I just wanted to share this style photo that appeared on my pinterest this week. Drooling, drooling, drooling. Gimme, gimme, gimme. All of it.


guest post: yoga, yoga, and more yoga

I am so excited to have a guest poster today! Carolyn Fallon writes a health and wellness blog and is passionate about...what else? Yoga! She's sharing her thoughts on the benefits of my most favorite thing here:

Yoga: A Life-Changing Practice

The American Yoga Association defines yoga as a practice dating back more than 5,000 years to ancient India. It revolves around postures to increase flexibility in the body and breathing and meditating exercises to exercise the mind.  Exercise, breathing and meditation work together to put pressure on the body’s glandular system and to improve overall health for people of all kinds.  

Today, there are more than 100 schools of yoga practices.  The most popular school is that of Hatha Yoga, which is based on physical movements or postures and on breathing exercises.  Another well-known school is Raja Yoga, which combines the postures and breathing exercises with meditation and study.  Tantra Yoga, another school, focuses on expanding all levels of consciousness.  

Physical Benefits The regular practice of yoga provides the practitioner with physical, mental and emotional benefits. Physically, yoga helps practitioners improve overall flexibility and balance. It can also help them increase strength and build muscle tone.  For those practitioners suffering from pain, yoga can aid with pain management and even preventing pain, particularly for back pain sufferers.  Another physical benefit of practicing yoga is better, deeper breathing since the breathing technique and exercises in yoga teach practitioners how to better use their lungs.  Due to it’s many physical benefits, and the fact that it greatly increases joint health at every age, Dr. Glen Axelrod of St. Joseph’s Hospital Center for Orthopedics explains that many professional sports teams are now using yoga as a regular part of team training.

Mental Benefits Mentally, yoga can also be very beneficial.  Yoga provides stress relief for practitioners since the practice demands that people are “in the moment” while completing their exercises, which leads them to momentarily forget the stressors and provides the mind with a calming, relaxing break.  Yoga also helps practitioners become more in-tune with their own bodies since they are required to be aware of their body as they adjust their exercises through the practice.  This allows practitioners to become more comfortable with their bodies, thus building self-confidence and helping them achieve better posture.  

Emotional Benefits Finally, a regular yoga practice also has emotional benefits since it can enhance a person’s understanding of life.  The internal well-being that yoga practitioners develop allows them to be calmer about every day situations, to have overall peace of mind, and to get to know themselves better.  Yoga practitioners tend to see the world differently – in a more positive way -- and to feel more harmony with the world around them.  

The physical, mental and emotional benefits that the practice of Yoga offers people can truly make an impact in the way they see, understand, and live their lives.  With so many types of yoga available, and the ability for anyone to participate, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t practicing it and reaping the abundance of benefits that it truly does offer.

Carolyn is a 20-something year old with a passion for life, fitness and overall well-being. She is an avid cycler, golfer and has known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor.

Check out Carolyn’s blog at

Happy Holidays from Printcopia!

Photo Dec 07, 8 19 55 PMI am so pleased to give a huge shout out to They contacted me to try out their photo to canvas printing and it was great! I have wanted to get one of our photos printed to canvas forever, so it kind of worked out perfectly.

I chose this photo of Andrew and I in the Highlands of Scotland. It was COLD.


The process of ordering this photo was ridiculously simple. And it arrived just a few days later.

Photo Dec 07, 8 20 41 PM

Photo Dec 07, 8 19 17 PM I need to actually hang it up now...

Photo Dec 07, 8 17 54 PM

A photo print would make  a wonderful holiday gift and given how quick and easy it is, the hardest part is choosing which photo!

Many thanks Printcopia! Happy Holidays!

my year in GIFs: not working, TV, dancing, & cookie butter edition

Summing up the year with some GIFs I've made. 2012 was good. Real are a couple highlights.

Having May, June, and July off, knowing I had found a job that wouldn't start until August:

Watching the entire series of Breaking Bad in six weeks:

Cookie butter:

Watching Homeland's much anticipated second season:

Every time I heard "Call Me Maybe"

watching Jef with 1 F win The Bachelorette after calling him as the winner on Episode 1.

Hoping to be back in a little bit with some more. Did you know the GIF turned 25? Check out this awesome animation to celebrate.


Happy Friday Y'all! November 30, 2012

Highlights of my week:

Liz and Dick, Christmas trees, portabello mushroom ravioli, Sassy Fox, not feeling sick anymore, and reading this book aloud at work.

Also some great podcast listens this week...which reminded me of the RIDICULOUS mistake I made of leaving this lady off of my list of lady role models:

WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!?! Dolly is one of my all-time favorite ladies..I love love love love her. Sorry Dolly...

Listen to this:

"After Decades of Dreaming, Dolly says 'Dream More'" Talk of the Nation - November 27, 2012

"Dolly Parton" On Point with Tom Ashbrook - November 28, 2012

"Slate Culture Gabfest" November 28, 2012

"What Changes When Women Lead" Talk of the Nation - November 29, 2012

"Flight takes on on Questions of Accountability" Fresh Air - November 29, 2012


Movies I'll Watch a Million Times

I'm in love with this series of audio clips from NPR featuring filmmakers, actors, actresses, writers, etc talking about those movies they will watch again and again.

Of course, I'll never pass up the opportunity to offer my two cents. This list is the official "You've Got Mail" memorial list:

When Harry Met Sally...                                 Anne of Green Gables    Speed                                                                     Only You   

And NO, of course I could never pick just one. I could barely narrow it down to these!

November 2012

2013-11-24_1385327441 These photos highlight the complete transition of weather and festivity within the past couple weeks. The Thanksgiving break was exactly what I needed...feeling tons better and ready to get my Christmas on!

Three things making me super happy right now: glögg (recipe to come!), Candy Cane Joe-Joes, and new clothes.

2012-11-02_1351851066 2012-11-03_1351966278 2012-11-03_1351976850 2012-11-04_1351995668 2012-11-04_1352038709 2012-11-04_1352052320 2012-11-04_1352057853 2012-11-04_1352073219 2012-11-05_1352154112 2012-11-07_1352248741 2012-11-07_1352248851 2012-11-07_1352263088 2012-11-08_1352338435 2012-11-09_1352490754 2012-11-10_1352579921 2012-11-11_1352642735 2012-11-11_1352646734 2012-11-11_1352656045 2012-11-11_1352677091 2012-11-11_1352677438 2012-11-12_1352722774 2012-11-13_1352766445 2012-11-13_1352837981 2012-11-15_1352995539 2012-11-15_1352995640 2012-11-15_1353010682 2012-11-15_1353019049 2012-11-16_1353094893 2012-11-16_1353103932 2012-11-17_1353184161 2012-11-17_1353188978 2012-11-18_1353203206 2012-11-18_1353253433 2012-11-18_1353255820 2012-11-18_1353260214 2012-11-18_1353264009 2012-11-20_1353443953 2012-11-21_1353530359 2012-11-21_1353530453 2012-11-21_1353531471 2012-11-22_1353591641 2012-11-22_1353610624 2012-11-23_1353629927 2012-11-23_1353680370 2012-11-23_1353681187 2012-11-23_1353695827 2012-11-23_1353708280 2012-11-23_1353713022 2012-11-24_1353779377 2012-11-24_1353781952 2012-11-25_1353848469 2012-11-25_1353854847 2012-11-25_1353867501 2012-11-26_1353895331 2012-11-26_1353970104 2012-11-26_1353973533 2012-11-27_1354048157 2012-11-29_1354220129 2012-11-29_1354226075 2012-11-30_1354310504

uhhhhh what?!?

uhhhhhhh......I've been married for 4 years today? That's insane. I know it sounds sappy, but I seem to be happier with the situation the  longer it goes on!


 Teaching this morning, putting up lights/christmas trees this afternoon, then headed to Thanksgiving #2 this evening.

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!

a great present

Oh man.

I love my husband very much, but omg I love him even more whenever he gives me presents. Andrew has an amazing, amazing ability to give me the most perfect, thoughtful gifts EVER. ALWAYS. This dates back to when we were dating in high school. He has always given me the best presents. I have received surprise purses, satin pajamas, an autographed first edition of my favorite novel, footie pajamas, my best kitchen tool, an iPad, and who knows what else.

This birthday was no different. When we were in Asheville back in September, we looked at these books together at Malaprop's and I drooled over them. Of course, they were a little pricey, we left and I forgot about them.


I opened my present a few days ago and not only did he order me the two basic volumes, but every. single. book. in. the. series. OMG. OMG. OMG. Overwhelmed doesn't even describe it.

These yoga anatomy books written by Ray Long and illustrated by Chris Macivor are amazing. So beautiful and written in simple language that is easy to understand. They are great.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving--I'm hoping to have a great one full of brisket and birthday, photos to come.

my gal pal round-up of living ladies to look up to

Happy Tuesday Y'all! I have Wednesday-Friday off, so it's my Friday. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

In addition, I have something to say about us ladies.

There was such a strong emphasis on the importance of "women" in this election. I put the word in quotations because I will never understand referring to 51% of the world's population as a special interest group. And, as a lady who does not find weddings particularly interesting, does not wear makeup,and  does not have babies, a lot of target marketing and media is lost on me.

Here's who I look to:

Tina Fey

Terry Gross

Claire Danes

Ellen Degeneres

Joan Didion

Joy the Baker For more sane lady talk, I also recommend:

The Hairpin Jezebel Slate's DoubleX SmartLadiesLoveStuff

I'll be back a bunch this week with some fun stuff - yay for a work break + Thanksgiving + my birthday + wedding anniversary!

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