photo 3 (1)2013 was pretty great. The studio kept growing, Andrew found a great job (despite a longer commute...thank god for Audible),  I made multiple trips to Asheville, completed all five of my resolutions, and I actually completed a weekly photo wrap up. Click here for snapshots of all 52 weeks of this year. Yeah I used my phone camera for most of the photos, but at least I did it! Other big highlights of the year: my brother had a baby! And he's about the sweetest thing ever!

We bought 8 acres of woods!

I can actually work on headstand now!

As I continue to keep this blog, I realize more and more it's for me as much as anyone else reading. And the more I realize that, the more readers I seem to acquire! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep it going, but right now, I still love sharing bits and pieces of my life and some of my favorite stuff.

My year in months can be seen through Instagram photos:

January February March April May June July August September October November December

2013 was a great year for new music...I always love looking back through my seasonal, dumping ground playlists:

Winter 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:0FhAUfoODuLOvgCQnytQen" width="300" height="380" /]

Spring 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:3GzrNCbb4PQbHKAwccdEPG" width="300" height="380" /]

Summer 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:3UNFlNa9ZKwXFBZTVek8xi" width="300" height="380" /]

Fall 2013:

[spotify id="spotify:user:graylinporter:playlist:0yeQWWy6dbrHwk4I8CsyHn" width="300" height="380" /]

With 2013 officially closed, it's time to get excited for all the excellent things ahead in 2014!

Possible vacations, a double dose of Christina Sell workshops, another new niece/nephew (Andrew's side this time), Winter Olympics, and I'm sure much more that I don't even expect.

Thank you so much for reading this blog!


2013-12-01_1385928549 Things I learned in December:

1. Even Carrie Underwood gets breathless singing Do-Re-Mi while trudging up and down unnecessary stairs

2. George Saunders has a twisted imagination...in the best way.

3. I still hate snow

4. It's not the best idea to read two 800+ page books at the same time

5. I became completely overwhelmed by the insane thoughtfulness from Andrew's parents and my parents at Christmas time this year. Their gifts were beyond my wildest. So good.

6. I really and truly love this time of year.

7. I might actually be making progress in backbends

8. I can still go to the movies and love something

9. Nothing makes me feel cozier than the Little Women score by Thomas Newman

10. Smiley babies make the best cuddle buddies...except for Bagel dogs of course 2013-12-01_1385927210 2013-12-01_1385939393 2013-12-02_1386014017 2013-12-06_1386362646 2013-12-06_1386362757 2013-12-06_1386362805 2013-12-07_1386430928 2013-12-07_1386432430 2013-12-07_1386441018 2013-12-08_1386463438 2013-12-08_1386513921 2013-12-09_1386595821 2013-12-09_1386608073 2013-12-09_1386618395 2013-12-10_1386689857 2013-12-12_1386886416 2013-12-12_1386886507 2013-12-14_1386984409 2013-12-14_1387038898 2013-12-14_1387056659 2013-12-15_1387126596 2013-12-15_1387128501 2013-12-15_1387129928 2013-12-15_1387149165 2013-12-17_1387316967 2013-12-19_1387414055 2013-12-19_1387478984 2013-12-20_1387506297 2013-12-20_1387571500 2013-12-21_1387596988 2013-12-21_1387649616 2013-12-22_1387733426 2013-12-22_1387739689 2013-12-22_1387744000 2013-12-22_1387748200 2013-12-22_1387756238 2013-12-23_1387820353 2013-12-24_1387851234 2013-12-24_1387898847 2013-12-24_1387924292 2013-12-25_1387982396 2013-12-25_1387985643 2013-12-25_1387989357 2013-12-26_1388083196 2013-12-27_1388173843 2013-12-27_1388176993 2013-12-28_1388254030 2013-12-28_1388262358 2013-12-28_1388270764 2013-12-29_1388334214 2013-12-31_1388502918 2013-12-31_1388520601


Camera Workout: Week 52!! 52!!

2013-12-25 10.30.54New camera lens surprise Christmas present from Andrew...can't wait until it gets here!

Andrew's parents completely overwhelmed me with a print from Katie Rodgers, a fashion illustrator I gushed about on this very blog! 2013-12-25 13.27.49

Yay yay yay 2013-12-25 08.39.53 Wrapping paper...fascinating. 2013-12-25 10.01.11 I spy Smartwools... 2013-12-25 10.02.44 I've got a long way to go 2013-12-25 10.14.11 Dad made us a kitchen table for Christmas. So MAJOR! 2013-12-25 13.16.51 SALAD 2013-12-25 14.27.26 Andrew decides to play with some funky filters on the Pentax...EYEBALL! 2013-12-25 14.09.34 At-home dry cleaning for a bajillion stuffed animals from work...living the dream 2013-12-27 15.58.29

We're a little worried about this guy...his back legs have been hurting him this week...afraid arthritis might be setting in... 2013-12-24 11.10.13

Well, I did it! I cannot believe I made it all 52 weeks. I'll be back tomorrow with my December wrap-up and a year wrap up! Busy time here on the blog!

Resolutions 2014

photo 2If you read this blog, you know I love resolutions. I explained why last year in this post. So, I'm doing it again...I completed all five in 2013, let's see if I got it in me for these five: 1. You know how you buy books and then they sit on shelves unread? In 2014, I will read all of those. I went through and rounded them up and was relieved there aren't too many: 2013-12-25 13.15.13 Because this is a really obtainable goal, I would also love to get at least 40 books read.

2. Keep a clean car. No more banana peels, scarves, books, fruit leather wrappers, dog hair (yeah right) and crusty coffee mugs. This is going to be HARD. Photo Jan 21, 7 23 01 PMI have also decided to extend this to my closet...as in, keep an organized and clean closet. I did a purge/reorganize yesterday so I'm starting from scratch...I'm willing to say that this will most likely NEVER happen, but I have to put it on here so I'm accountable.

3. Handstand...get comfortable kicking up to wall. Also, continue to work on getting headstand away from wall.

4. Paint. No specific goal except that I need to get my stuff out and paint more than I have in the past couple years. Also, this includes artwork using the iPad...I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities there.

5. Blog project: 52 Poses in 2014...stay tuned for more on this.

I'm also switching the blog up a bit just like I did last year. No more Camera Workout posts, but will still sprinkle about my "life is better with" posts along with monthly Instagram wrap-ups. However, I'm very excited about the new things I have planned for this little internet space. Do I dare try my hand at regularly sharing recipes?! By no means will this turn into another food blog (not needed in life), but I do cook a ton and usually make up my recipes...seems like a natural space to share them. And my new camera lens might make photographing easier for that kind of thing.

Also, stay tuned for the first post in my "52 Poses in 2014" series. This is going to be fun!

I thought I would a button of one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Melyssa, from The Nectar Collective. I love her idea for monthly, first Monday link-ups related to wishes for the year!

The Nectar Collective

Camera Workout: Week 51 and Happy Christmas!

IMGP9791 Andrew decided to have a photo session with our new favorite ornament...I kinda love it.

Mom's face...my face...my arm?!? What the heck...


That drool is real 2013-12-22 15.38.57 Was cleaning out old photos and found this...real, live documentation of what my bedroom looked like in high school...oh boy 2013-12-15 15.45.49

Bracelet bowl gets a freshening up too 2013-12-22 12.29.00 Andrew caught me headstanding...working on not using the wall...it's getting there!

IMGP9774 Dog mania again.

2013-12-22 15.38.07

One of our favorite Christmas decorations...a Purdue Santa...ha! IMGP9824 Finally, how could I not include a photo with baby Graham!? unnamed

Only one week left--lots more holiday snaps to come next week. Happy Christmas all! I need to jump off here now so I can walk across the street to the parents for PRESENT OPENING!





My 10 Songs of 2013

18262dd4e2101ec936b0387ff495755c2013 was another great year for music. There is so much I loved this year. I've narrowed it down to ten songs that I couldn't get enough of in 2013. I have played these over and over and over and still want to hear them again.

1. "Go Slow" Haim [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=a8IMFYaTKrQ]

2. "Follow Your Arrow" Kacey Musgraves [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hjHt5BJWBhA]

3. "Doin' It Right" Daft Punk [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gJhpOXnRILw]

4. "The Highway" Holly Williams [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48SgFyZl42g]

5. "Open" Rhye [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=VvaC-8FbtYg]

6. "Royals" Lorde [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WEM9akum9xE]

7. "When You Get to Asheville" Steve Martin & Edie Brickell [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4RzhTN9zW3w]

8. "I Wanna Go" Yuna http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Q7DRA0_ATUI

9. "Retrograde" James Blake [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4QSbuF0RF6k]

I've put all these into a spotify playlist...click here and enjoy.

Illustration at the top: Alessandro Gottardo

My internets...Google's 2013 and a favorite blog

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv-sY_z8MNs&w=640&h=390] I always enjoy Google's Zeitgeist video at the end of the year. This year is no exception.

Also, one of my favorite blogs, Be Up and Doing, from twitter gal pal Allie Lehman, had a brilliant idea for a post this week. She went back through her search history and the last 21 things she's googled...brave and so funny. Read the list here...my favorite is #9!

I love Allie's blog. She's relatively close in Columbus, Ohio and it's so fun to read a great blog that is based in the Midwest! She is also in her late twenties, married without kids, and has a dog..., so I can relate. Beautiful photos and creative posts. Love it.


39 books in 2013...maybe



I did it! I completed my initial goal of 30 books in 2013. While I did not get at least six read in the Jane Duncan series, I feel ecstatic I was able to exceed for goal by nine books....almost...

I am currently working on these three:   

I am determined to finish by December 31st...I know I can! I'm almost there on The Goldfinch...really enjoying that one! My Friend Annie should go quick quick, it's the massive tome that is Matterhorn that will take me a bit. Wish me luck!

Speaking of books, I have book club this afternoon where we will have our annual Christmas burning. I plan to burn one of my student loan bills...because that stuff is gone! I'm even more excited for tonight...Andrew and I are celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Milkwood...mmmmmm

Camera Workout: Week 49

2013-12-01 14.46.13Yep, still haven't cleaned that spice drawer.

This goat milk caramel from Looking Glass Creamery in Asheville is serious...and traditional. 2013-12-01 15.07.51 GLOGG! Made my first batch way too strong on the spice end...need to dial it back a bit 2013-12-01 15.08.20 Attempt at a bundled up photo. 2013-12-06 15.28.49 Cold...cold, cold, cold, cold 2013-12-06 15.39.26 Garage death trap 2013-12-07 13.27.38 A little crazy 2013-12-07 13.27.54 This guy is not a fan of the snow 2013-12-07 13.34.10 Andrew takes up the caramel making torch...in the guild now 2013-12-08 14.40.05 Big thanks to Mom for deep cleaning our sink during caramel making...Josh Groban carols facilitated this 2013-12-08 14.38.51 This book is massive and just as good as everyone says 2013-12-09 08.29.21

life is better with...ben istimur's instagram feed


These are Instagram photos. Yeah, I KNOW!

I follow a ton of different yogis and yoginis on Instagram...it has become quite a place for daily inspiration. However, Ben Istimur takes it to a whole other level. I am blown away by these. Just another example of how the internet and social media are constantly creating new spaces for artistic expression. I've had a hard time finding out any more on Istimur, but I'm going to keep looking. For now, enjoy his instagram feed, which has tons more of these beautiful photos.

Other yogis I love following on Instagram include:

Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank Two of my favorite yogaglo ladies--they have a great blend of yoga and personal photos. Great sense of humor and tons of dogs, so that makes me happy.

MacKenzie Miller Seattle based instructor. Crazy high quality video and photos--mostly handstand and inversion work.

Lamonte Tales Goode Insane. Breakdancer/yogi/I'm not sure...insane videos and photos. He invented the crazy pose, Super Soldier/Inverted Compass, which I've been working on lately. Looks crazy, but is actually somewhat accessible.

my favorite things

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Uw9EKB6OAqU I love this time of year on the internet...so many gift guides and best of lists. But also, I'm a big fan of Oprah's favorite things. Ahhhh....the audience reactions never get old...they're just the best. I always loved Oprah's favorite things show come Christmas and I'm so glad she still does it. Here's her 2013 list.

I decided I would do my own list this year. These are my favorite things...I love them and use them pretty much every single day.


1. Smartwool socks Can you ever have enough of these? I love the colors and whenever I put them on, I immediately feel better about everything. Also, they are really wonderful for sliding on hardwood yoga studio floors

2. Glass water bottle by Life Factory Easy to keep clean, water tastes better, and it's pretty!

3. Spotify Do you really need me to say more than I already have about this service? Don't waste any time, just go and subscribe

4.Davines Hair Oi/Oil A little bit of a splurge, but it lasts forever so it's really not that bad. Smells crazy good and makes your hair feel wonderful

5. Smartwool Beignet Booties Again, another splurge, this time a major one. I was able to find these on clearance last year, but oh my I think they might be worth the full price. Warmest ever and they are durable enough to be worn out and about..slipper shoes...done and done.

6. Manduka eKO mat Yes of course I still love love love my Manduka Pro...but this purchase was an experiment that worked out pretty well. I keep it in my little yoga room here at the house (for when I'm too lazy to walk across the yard to the studio...shhh I know that sounds crazy!) and it is really nice. It gives a great spring/support and is very anti-grip. I also love the colors they have for this mat. 

7. Apple TV Best little box ever. Who needs cable when you've got Netflix,HBO, iTunes, and the internet? Speaking of, we started Orphan Black last night...whoa, crazypants. photo 2

8. Silpat Most of the time I see people using this for baking cookies, but I love it for anything roasted in the oven. Nothing sticks or burns and it's a dream to clean.

9. American Apparel long legwarmer These babies are super warm and very long. Great for under boots too.

10.YogaGlo Again, like Spotify, do I need to say anymore?

11. White truffle oil I don't cook with any butter, milk, or cream so my soups can sometimes lack richness.  A few drops of white truffle oil and you're good to go. Also, amazing with popcorn. Basically, it's a luxurious ingredient that is used in very small amounts...it lasts awhile. I use this brand....but I'm getting a little nervous because the bottle is almost empty and Andrew isn't planning any more trips to Australia anytime soon that's for sure...Ha!

12. Keen Bern Baby Bern boots Tall leather boots that feel snazzy enough to be stylish, but are durable and feel like tennis shoes? Yes.

13. Hugo & Debra Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner I tried this for the first time recently and I doubt I'll ever go back. I often don't see a lot of difference in hair depending upon the shampoo and conditioner, but this was kind of crazy. However, they did just discontinue the shampoo I'm using...boo. The orange + vanilla volumizing conditioner smells like orange danish rolls and it's still available though so I'm good.

photo 3

14. Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand Blender Yeah of course I want a Vitamix. But I'm not ready to drop $400+ on a blender...especially when I'm the only one around the house that drinks smoothies. My solution? I simply put all my frozen smoothie ingredients in the tall measuring cup that comes with this hand blender & microwave for 39 seconds (why 39? Don't ask, I don't know either). Blends everything to perfect smoothie consistency and then the clean up takes less than 10 seconds. Also, you can't beat this thing for pureed soups.

15. Woodwick candles Remember back in April 2013 when I bought this candle in Tabac? Yeah, it still has about 1/4 left!!?!?!?! It's STILL GOING?!?!?! They last a lifetime and that annoying crackling sound gets less annoying as the months go by that it's still burning strong.

16. JBL Flip bluetooth speaker Super light, holds a decent charge, great sound quality, and connects to iPad & smartphone through Bluetooth. Makes DJing around the house even easier.

17. Familia Camarena Tequila Reposado My favorite tequila and maybe my favorite liquor. Ridiculously reasonably priced at just $15.99. Makes the best homemade Skinnygirl margaritas. Here's my recipe.

18. Better Homes and Gardens Flip-Tite Storage containers My Mom converted me to these. Yeah I still use my glass jars, but these are unbelievable. Creative sizes and the lids keep everything fresh, fresh, fresh.

19. PageKeeper I've been using this since I started reading chapter books when I was kid. I can remember my grandmother and mom buying up all of the stock at Hawley-Cooke (awwwww....remember Hawley-Cooke Kentuckiana natives!?!?) for stocking stuffers. I forgot about them for a long, long time until we found them again at a general store in Austin. And yes, I did buy up all their stock. The flat metal rectangle clamps onto the back of your book and the wire hooks on to the page that you're reading. As you turn the page, it automatically moves the wire...doesn't matter if you abruptly toss the book aside, you'll know where to start again.

20. Miele Onyx canister vacuum Yes, this is a major item. Big splurge, but not really. I know I've said this before, but I'm serious: MY DOGS SHED. It's unreal...no one really believes me until they see it, then they look at me with a sad and confused "how do you deal with this?!?" face. When we decided to buy a "real" vacuum, I knew I wanted a Miele. I first used one when I lived with Lis and then again when living in Norway. They are amazing...blowing Dysons out of the water in my opinion. I cannot recommend this product enough if you're willing to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.


happy friday

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xKLE9p9vit4] A snow day for me! Woop! Already almost 9:30am and I'm still in my PJs...how to spend this unexpected day of NOTHING?! Really glad I made a Meijer run yesterday--they have a Scandinavian aisle and I picked up some mint chocolate wafer cookies and other various supplies. Given that everything outside is covered in a thin sheet of solid ice, I doubt I'll make it out today.

Oh and this holiday medley from Taystee and Crazy Eyes made me happy...love them and can't wait for OITNB season 2...

Camera Workout: Week 48

2013-11-24 09.23.23a little yoga inspiration in the mudroom cranberries are so pretty! 2013-11-27 15.33.39 Lis brought me this calendar and I think I died and went to heaven 2013-11-28 09.00.01 Kerrygold butter showing itself 2013-11-28 11.18.41 Again, Kerrygold on display 2013-11-28 11.18.10 That's Thanksgiving 2013-11-28 13.26.24 Made a dent in this while trimming the tree 2013-11-28 12.15.17 Love the bathroom at Frankfort Avenue Carmichael's 2013-11-29 10.22.56

Just Creations - Louisville 2013-11-29 10.45.22 That's a crazy wall at Butchertown Market 2013-11-29 11.49.29

Just wear your husband's Under Armour and trim a tree...you'll feel better about life 2013-11-29 15.37.44

My collection of Hallmark house ornaments...have them all and would kill for them...posting on them soon 2013-11-29 18.32.45 Whoa lots of photos...Hope your holiday was great....and that you're listening to One Direction right this second, which I might have chair-danced to while posting this...

life is better with...stickygrams

I have been in love with Stickygram for a long time. Do I love them so so much? Yes. Do I want a ton more? Yes. IMGP9760 For Instagram addicts, they are fabulous! So easy...Since I now have two giant magnetic strips of metal hanging in my kitchen, they fit in perfect around here. IMGP9754 And as a reader you can get $4 off a set of nine, or $10 off a case! Just type in promo code: FRIEND28QT. Free shipping all the way from London! These guys are too clever.

november for 2013

2013-11-07_1383852023 Things I learned in November: 1. It's easy to get things in perspective...just read City of Thieves and Matterhorn back to back...things could always be worse...you could be in besieged Leningrad or the Vietnam War 2. New light fixtures can transform a space 3. Davines This is a Sea Salt spray for hair...omg...instant fabulousness 4. Months go by really fast now 5. Beta Love by Ra Ra Riot 6. Andrew and I don't have any shows right now other than Top Chef and Survivor...this is not right 7. 40 minutes of yin yoga every night can work wonders... #gamechanger 8. I really do love Butchertown Market 9. My Christmas ornaments are pretty much my most prized possessions. 10. Yuna is winning out over Christmas music

2013-11-01_1383342509 2013-11-02_1383404075 2013-11-02_1383407956 2013-11-02_1383418750 2013-11-02_1383420912 2013-11-02_1383423965 2013-11-02_1383426658 2013-11-03_1383486787 2013-11-03_1383508828 2013-11-03_1383516275 2013-11-03_1383516351 2013-11-08_1383873667 2013-11-08_1383879816 2013-11-08_1383944764 2013-11-10_1384095355 2013-11-10_1384101753 2013-11-10_1384104318 2013-11-10_1384110377 2013-11-10_1384113147 2013-11-10_1384113304 2013-11-12_1384293071 2013-11-14_1384436759 2013-11-16_1384633796 2013-11-16_1384634505 2013-11-16_1384642880 2013-11-17_1384705451 2013-11-17_1384705967 2013-11-17_1384718261 2013-11-18_1384809259 2013-11-19_1384904734 2013-11-20_1384976977 2013-11-23_1385167688 2013-11-23_1385234802 2013-11-23_1385235784 2013-11-24_1385306203 2013-11-24_1385327441 2013-11-24_1385332391 2013-11-25_1385414910 2013-11-25_1385418340 2013-11-25_1385419309 2013-11-26_1385435557 2013-11-27_1385558643 2013-11-27_1385558745 2013-11-27_1385562352 2013-11-27_1385563552 2013-11-27_1385573183 2013-11-27_1385584465 2013-11-28_1385645986 2013-11-28_1385655579 2013-11-28_1385655829 2013-11-28_1385659406 2013-11-28_1385659573 2013-11-28_1385664882 2013-11-28_1385666295 2013-11-28_1385666878 2013-11-28_1385667039 2013-11-29_1385735447 2013-11-29_1385738748 2013-11-29_1385743978 2013-11-29_1385746459 2013-11-29_1385752295 2013-11-29_1385758069 2013-11-29_1385768037 2013-11-30_1385770192 2013-11-30_1385773352



2013-11-28 11.18.41 Well I'm so exhausted I can barely type this...we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family today. My parents hosted across the street...couldn't get any better. Food was phenomenal, tables were beautiful with my great grandmother's china on one, my grandmother's on the other.

Andrew's passed out with the dogs on the couch, I'm staring blankly watching Harry Potter movies (with commercials!?!) on ABC Family...I think this is a sign that I need to go to bed. Family still in town for a couple days and we have another Tgives to attend on Saturday! All I know is that I'm headed downstairs to do some seriously needed yin yoga and then it's sleepy time.

Feeling grateful for pretty everything right now...life is really good, I can't complain. Many thanks to you for reading.